Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Midweek update.

 On the weekend review I hit on the surround sound out of my digital movies. Now I will get into the trchnical details. So I was said before I wanted to have the file size small, but have all the surround audio on them. So it's looking like the file size is about 1.8 to 2 gigs per file with subtitles and surround sound. Some movies don't have DTS for instance, so that will make the file size smaller. I still can't get subtitles to play while I'm streaming from my computer with xbmc to my ps3. I'm at a loss. I will keep trying though.

 I tried encoding a couple movie files with DTS pass through and Dolby digital pass through selected and my ps3 wouldn't read the file. I did some research and Handbrake even says that won't work because of the container. So I'm going to stick to ac3 pass through. It works good enough for what my application is. 

 The throw away computer was up and running. The only problem was I couldn't get to the desktop on Xbmcubuntu to add a second hard drive. Xbmcubuntu, acts like it is a stand alone device. So it only would access one drive and the media on that drive. Which is really cool, but I'm not sure if that's what I want for my application. I downloaded Openelec and in going to try that out and see how that goes. It says it's an auto updating small foot print OS with a desktop environment, but the core is based on Xbmc. I can't wait to try that out. 

 I'm still up in the air about the 500 gig computer. I don't know of I want to sacrifice that working computer for a bigger hard drive for testing out different Xbmc builds. Obviously I need room to store files and 160 gigs isn't big enough so I'm at a crossroads. I'm not going to remove my new internal hard drive I bought recently, to put into this Xbmc test box. I can't risk losing data off of it. I will update the progress of the Openelec build soon.

I'm still waiting to hear some new.

These pictures aren't really inspirational, so I will just post some pictures that I like.

Alice In Wonderland / The Matrix mash up. 

 Well, that's what I got this week so till next time. 

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