Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Midweek update.

 After my long Sunday night, I did some research about missing movies in Xbmc. I found an add on that finds the missing movies. So Monday night I added it and started it. It found like 20 plus movies that wasn't in the movie section. Okay, cool, now how do I add those movies to the movie section? I guess more research is needed. 

 On Sunday I also tried the rom collection browser with no luck at all. Last night after doing research, I tried it again. It worked. I got my nes, snes roms and the emulator setup. Yay me. Okay, next inlet it scrape the data, get impatient and cancel it. I will just try the games that it did scrape. Go to the list, see the nice artwork and pick a game. I click it and nothing happens. So try this again on the whole list and nothing works or plays. Great, another wasted night of no progress. This is getting really old. If I didn't have extra time to kill now, I would scrap this whole bullshit. And even if I built my PidOne or bought an Ouya, the same thing would happen. It's not like it would magically fix all these problems. It won't fix bad movie scrapers, meta data being wrong and missing movies. So what the hell am supposed to do?

 So I recently got done watching the Resident Evil series. I noticed some interesting things. First, what's going to happen to all of the clones of Milla Jovich? You know there's more than what they showed in the movie. In the fifth movie Retribution, why couldn't they save a clone of Michelle Rodriguez? So Milla Jovich got hit in the rib cage and her heart stopped. Luther got hit in the rib cage, his heart stopped and he dies. They couldn't have saved him? But Milla is okay? Oh well. 

 Video games
That's a no go cause the rom collection browser not working. I also have been so busy trying to make this Xbmc game room PC work to do anything else. 

I have found a new to me song: 2 Chainz - Where Ya Been? featuring Cap 1. I love the line where it says, I bought a new crib just to fuck you in. Ha ha. 

Bill Nighy as Viktor in Underworld.

The Legend Of Zelda, it's a classic. I would take this and the Bentley in a minute.

 Lil' Bub makes me laugh. I look forward to seeing the pictures everyday. I send them to Melissa, but she doesn't feel the same way. Any break from the monotony of life is welcome. Till next time. 

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