Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Midweek update.

 Well, not much has been going on. I really haven't touched the game room computer since Sunday night. I have been doing research on different, server options and I just can't decide what I really want to do. I want a nas type device, but I don't know if I want a big noisy ass computer on 24/7. In OpenELEC, I can see the drive on my office pc and move files back and forth. I have done this numerous times, so do I build a non used Xbmc computer, but use it as a server? I don't know?

 Video games:
I actually played a couple of missions in GTAV. I think it's just me, but those missions are getting really hard to do. I played the mission where you take Trevor and kill all of the motorcycle guys. I got killed repeatedly and had to restart the mission over 20 times.  I'm stuck on the mission with Trevor where you have to go back to the same trailer park and plant the sticky bombs and kill five guys with a head shot. I'm always spotted by the same guy and get killed. I'll just keep working at it.

I don't have any new music, so I will start highlighting some old classics and favorites.
First up is Tool - Enema. Side note, I don't know how to do that A type thing at the beginning of Enema. It seems fitting that this song is talking about the end of the world and flooding and you better learn how to swim.

 Next up is Korn - Another Brick In The Wall.

These are random pictures I find for our enjoyment.

I know the celebrity's are actually donating, but it's funny that they're still doing this challenge.

Verne Troyer is funny as hell and when i saw this I couldn't stop laughing at it.
These random what are you questionnaires kill time and are entertaining. 

The truth shall set you free!

 Well that's what I got for this update. Enjoy the pictures and music, till next time

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