Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend review for 11/1 - 2/14.

 Friday night, was Halloween. We wanted to have a spook-tacular dinner, so we made spider pizza and monster pumpkin donuts.

 The pizza and donuts were amazing. After our amazing dinner, we popped in Smiley. We rearranged out Netflix queue, to have a horror movie month for just Halloween, that has now turned into months. Smiley was a new take on the old urban legend about Bloody Mary. (I will not be providing any links what so ever, for said urban legend.) Smiley, has chatroulette and a psycho killer. What really annoys me, is jump scares. Yeah I do jump, but that should not be the only way for you to get scares. If you've seen enough horror movies, you know when to expect certain things. I guess that's why they do jump scares, but it shouldn't be your only go to. Smiley was alright, it took things in a modern way, but got really slow towards the middle. The main girl character, I swear was bi-polar. She would be over extremely happy, then crazy scared the next, but not when it was needed. The library guy character was somewhat believable, but was very odd. This movie definitely is not a buy, or a rent again.

 Saturday, we had to take down my favorite holiday's decorations, so we can decorate for Thanksgiving. 

 We finally got our first cornucopia. We actually don't have that Thanksgiving decorations. My Dollar shave club order showed up.

 While we were trying to decorate, I turned on my PS3 and tried to stream so local network movies. What a cluster fuck that was. This "new" Comcast modem we got totally sucks. What I didn't get into with that Comcast story was, I had to drive down to Comcast, wait in fucking line, drive home, call the crappy customer service number, wait for them to understand what I was saying and then set it up. The first modem/router we got from Comcast actually was pretty good, but now, I really think I'm going to have them bridge theirs and use my old wifi router, even if it's slow. Wifi is horrible, ethernet is horrible. How in the fuck can an ethernet wired connection suck? This is local network and my movie was actually stuttering and pausing. It was acting like it was buffering, but you can't buffer when it's local. So after I unscrewed the coaxial cable, unplugged the modem and reset it, it was okay, but I was still pissed I even have to do this. Saturday night, after we decorated, we had a movie night. We watched Good People with James Franco and Kate Hudson. The movie wasn't to bad, but lots of parts weren't believable, which kills it for me in a reality based movie. We headed upstairs and we turned on Netflix and we watched Uganda Be Kidding Me with Chelsea Handler. I shouldn't have even written that, let alone linked it. All around dumb, slow and she changed her voice pitch from Chelsea Lately, which was really weird.

 Sunday, we did our normal house stuff. I had to mow the lawn. Why in the hell do you have to mow your lawn in November? I found out Sunday that Wayne Static, aka Wayne Wells  passed away on Saturday either from an overdose or something else. I love Static-X and his voice was very distinct and he will be missed. Sunday night I watched Z Nation and went to bed. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

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