Friday, February 6, 2015

End of the week update to the midweek update.

 That title is confusing, but also correct. On my midweek update, I told you I wanted to try RetroPie image 2.3 again. Well Wednesday night I did, it took some time, but I got my DS3 configured after not exaggerating 5 configs. I had three sets of buttons mapped out and I had to delete them. I programmed my hot buttons and they would not work. I went back to the controller config file and found my start and select were actually buttons 3 and 4 instead of 8 and 9. So I guess my Logitech PS3 controller is different than my PS3's oem DS3? Weird, whatever. So now it's time to make the Bios file for the GBA gpsp emulator work. After having 7 websites open, all saying different things, I placed the GBA Bios into the Bios folder that was only visible by FTP not Windows Network (In 2.4.2, Roms and BIOS are visible by Windows Network.) I disconnected FTP and tried SSH-ing into move the Bios file. Would not work at all. After scouring all my 7 open websites, I find that you can only move the Bios file in the command line of the Pi itself not SSH. Now after reading the said 7 websites, I figured out the command and I moved the Bios file!! Success! I sudo rebooted and launched GBA and... The game loaded, I could push the start button, but nothing else worked. I couldn't use the config file from the main system, you have to somehow launch gpsp from the command line and configure the controller there. I still have yet to figure out how to do that. So to recap, I configured the controller for all of Emulation Station, but not GBA or Genesis. I moved the bios file for GBA, I can play some games, but not others. I am still working at it. I haven't even tried PiMame, PiPlay, Lakka or this other one I found that I can't remember the name of and I still need to retry RetroPie 2.4.2.

 I guess this endeavor is more of a proof of concept then anything else. I have my old consoles, a tablet with emulators, my Ouya console that plays all my ROMs and computers that can run emulators. I am still having fun doing this, but Wednesday night kinda got to me. I have to do and redo the same thing multiple times because of whatever reason. All of these guides (Which I appreciate because they do and have helped me) say the same thing in multiple ways. I have a lot of trial and error. When you do the same commands a couple times, you start picking it up, but with me, it's not happening. I have configured controllers numerous times, but now every time I do, it pops up with a blank file that I have to X out of, then it pops up with a skeleton version of the configs. I have never seen this until Wednesday night. All of the different SSH, FTP, Samba and Windows network things throws me off. Each version of the OS, things are moved and rearranged. There's multiple posts on how to do things, but a lot of the times they don't match what's going on or they don't make sense or they are case sensitive and you don't figure that out until your 15th time pasting the command from a website over SSH. I know it sounds like I'm complaining and I am, but I'm not trashing what all these people have done to teach people like me how to do what they do. I just want simpler file structures, easier to understand commands and complete instructions on how to do it. Simply saying you have to run gpsp from the text line doesn't help when a person like me doesn't know how to run gpsp from the command line. End rant. All of the stuff I know has taken a long time, even years to accomplish. I know this is going to take time, effort and patience to accomplish. If it was that easy, everyone would do it. I just want to turn on whatever I'm working on and have it work. I want Melissa to be able to plug in the Pi, plug in the controller and play games. Till next time.

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