Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Midweek update.

 Well I'm kinda feeling better than last Wednesday which is good. On the weekend review I talked about a couple different OS's that I tried on my Raspberry Pi. I haven't done much with them since then. I need to try PiPlay more and see if I can get the GBA Bios in the correct spot and see if I can get PS1 emulation working. Lakka seems interesting, but I can't get the Bios in the correct spots either. I wish there was a way to have the creators automatically point the emulators to a single Bios folder, without having to use the command line. I have been using my actual PS3 controller instead of my Logitech PS3 controller. Lakka and PiPlay seem to like the DS3 more than the Logitech. On some of the OS's, I can't even get the Logitech to respond to button presses. Just more stuff to add to the list of things to figure out for me. So Tuesday night, I tried the new RetroePi 2.4.2 image. It seems like it is better and a lot of the setup seems simpler, but I can't program the hot buttons. I still can't find where to place the GBA Bios either. There is a lot more emulators available now also. I saw three different SNES and  two different Genesis emulators. I have to see what one I like better. So I tried configuring the hot keys, I saved the config file and my keyboard stopped working. I think I'm going to retry 2.3 and see happens.

 Video games: so I have played The Grinch a little more and finished Whoville, now I'm on to the Whoforrest. The beehives and bug sprayers around the trees (?) are really annoying. I need to get back the Minnish Cap. Well technically I need to get back to my whole backlog of games. Ha ha. I think I need to make an actual list, then I can play a few here and there and try to make a dent in it. The bad thing is, I can't really remember all the games I need to play. Ha ha. 

 Movies I've been watching, I finished The Expendables. I finished episode five and six of The Land Of The Giants, I still love this show. Now I need disc two to show up from Netflix so I can binge watch it.

 I really don't have any music.

 Random internet pictures,

I don't like the gold, but the style and gun is cool.

This will be interesting. I have been waiting for Bates Motel to come back.

 Well that's what I got for now, till next time.

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