Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend review for 3/14 - 15/15.

 It's Monday, you know what that means, it's the weekend review. Let's begin then, Friday night we got A Little Bit Of Heaven with Kate Hidson. It actually turned out to be a good movie. Melissa liked it as well. It had a pretty good story and ending. Its definitely worth a rent. 

 Saturday, we had a lot of house work planned if the weather cooperated. Well, the weather didn't, so we got a nice relax Saturday. We had t get emissions done, but we got some Ajs Burgers for lunch when we got home. We played some Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. Man that game is starting to get hard. We watched some shows and we watched The Bling Ring on Amazon. I actually thought it would have been better. It had Emma Watson in it, but it was kinda slow and it showed bored, drug using teenagers from California, stuck on celebrity's. After that we watched some more shows and we headed upstairs. We watched Hours with Paul Walker. It was actually a really good movie. It was really different and made you think about what you would do in the same situation. It was about him being stuck at a hospital during hurricane Katrina. I won't go into too many details, but it is definitely worth watching. 

 Sunday, the weather was still bad so we couldn't do anything outside. We started conquering spring cleaning. Mirrors, showers and all that. After we destroyed soap scum and dirty mirrors we relaxed. We watched some shows. We tried the new show The Returned. It was really weird. I'll keep watching it to figure out the story more, but it's weird. It has Mary Elizabeth Winstead amongst a couple other known actors. She played John McCains daughter in Die Hard 4 and she played Mary Todd Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. So on Comcast, you can watch the next weeks episode early. Speaking of Comcast, we just received a notice saying they doubled our internet speed. So I did a speed test and yeah it was doubled. While we were watching Amazon Prime, we noticed that the stream speed was like 45 megs. That's pretty impressive for us and our house. I am very happy with that.

 I was going to post this on Friday, but my day got away from me so here it is now. On the midweek update I told you I came up with a brilliant idea for RetroPie 2.6 and my new usb Snes controller just playing Nintendo emulators up to GBA. So I got 30 minutes and I setup up the Snes controller. I ran out of time to move over the ROMs to try them but hopefully it worked. Well, this process of setting up a controller is one of the worst I have ever had with Retropie. I followed videos, posts, old write and anything and everything else I could find. I think I got the Snes controller setup but I won't know for sure. I lost count of how many times I tried sudo ./retropie_setup and all sorts of combos of that. The video I watched (which I'm grateful for) even that was different then what I was seeing. In the video is said: sudo ./ When I got to the command line and typed ls all I got was RetroPie-Setup and RetroPie. And remember, everything is case sensitive. So on Saturday, I got a few minutes and I setup the Raspberry Pi and fired up Retropie. Waiting with baited breath and Emulation Station menu finished loading. I had already gotten some ROMs copied over, I tried some Snes action and... nothing, they controller config did not work. I got gpSP to play amazingly well with it though. I lugged the Snes usb into my laptop and it was up and running withing seconds. I tried a Snes emulator, configured the controller and it was playing flawlessly, so I know it has to do with RetroPie. Oh well, I will keep trying. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

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