Friday, April 10, 2015

End of the week midweek update.

 So clearly I missed Wednesday. I had so much going on and no sleep and what felt like a cement filled nasal passages that Wednesday could just go away. Well here's what's been going on, I started to try and work on my Hp Mini. I installed some emulators and tried playing some ROMs. I tried Dolphin with Super Mario Sunshine. I saw a video of it being played on line and it was pretty much flawless. Cut tome trying to play it, the frame rates were ridiculous. I was barely getting 10 fps, that's not playable. I tried connecting my Wii remote and Classic controller up through bluetooth, that's not happening either. It connected to Windows just fine after some perusing through Google. Dolphin would not connect to the controller. My go to Logitech PS3 usb controller worked fine, but I wanted as close to GameCube as possible. I tried a few others, Ppsspp actually worked pretty well. It wasn't full speed, but it was okay. I tried some Snes and my usb Snes controller worked perfectly, the emulator did not. It was all a bunch of hit and miss, that was way too much time devoted for failing results of my first test. I am not giving up, but next time I reuse to devote that much time and effort.

 My Raspberry Pi, so last time I told you that the Petrockblog released a new RetroPie image. So I downloaded it and wrote it to my sd card. Holy jeez is it different! I have been asking (To myself) for a way to configure the controller inside of Emulation Station or at least an easier way to go about. Done, they came through with that. They explained what Emulators use the configuration file of the controller. If that made sense? You still have to FileZilla in and put your ROMs and Bios, but if the controller config works, no command line programming. I have to try any of my ROMs or Bios, but I was able to set up two different builds, one for Nintendo ROMs and one for everything. As I was typing this, I headed over to Petrockblog and they have image 3.0 beta 2 up and going already. I want to try Beta 1 first, but I am downloading Beta 2.

 Movies I'm watching, I finished watching The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian just showed up from Netflix, so I'm going to watch that really soon. Allegedly, they are making The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Silver Chair. Which in movie chronology, would be part four. I'll see it if it comes out. I read they're making a live action Pinocchio, which would be interesting.

 I don't have any music, here's some random internet pictures.

See, everyone makes homemade video game items.

My homemade Golden Bee from A Link To The Past.

This is a dream truck for me.

 Well that's what I got, till next time.

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