Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Midweek update.

 Wednesday, Wednesday. Time for the midweek update. Alright let's get into it. I got my copy of Interstellar yesterday and I ordered it Sunday afternoon. Whoa, how is this possible you ask? Amazon Prime, that's how. Melissa treated both of us for our birthday month to Amazon Prime. It has been amazing. So my Interstellar came with an IMAX film cell.

I was like okay what is this? I opened it up and literally, they took an IMAX copy of the movie, found a scene and cut it out.

 If you look it up on Instagram, you'll see all these sweet film cells. How fucking cool! I have gotten a cell before, but it definitely was not an IMAX film cell. I'm still amazed and I really hope they keep doing something like this. Well I guess this can lead into movies I'm watching. I cannot wait to watch Interstellar again. This was an amazing movie and it put me in awe at the movie theater. I wish they could have added 45 more minutes to the movie cause it was that good. I wanted to see Mathew McConaughey's ship land on Anne Hathaway's planet. Let me set in my opinion the perfect ending scene. Anne Hathaway is tending to the garden. The Sun is slowly setting. Anne looks towards the sun and sees Mathew's ship slowly descending to the planet. A tear slowly rolls down Anne's face. She stands up and runs towards Mathew's ship. End scene. Oh my god that would have been even more epic. If you haven't bought Interstellar, go out and buy it immediately.

 Other movies I'm watching. So I just finished The Chronicles Of Riddick trilogy. I have heard some people say bad things about the movies and I don't get it. I love Vin Diesel and I love the Riddick movies. I kinda wish Jack/Kyra would have survived, so you could see a happily ever after fighting off mercs as they came to pick them up for the bounty. Bonnie and Clyde. I finished the Transformers anthology. Still love those movies and I want to see Mark Wahlberg come back for movie five. It's not a movie, but I finished watching the National Geographic movie Killing Jesus. It said it was written by Bill O'Rielly. To me it was not a bad movie, but there was things that I felt like they left out. I have been watching other shows and documentaries and they have shown different things. I'm not any kind of expert on any of this, but I feel like this should be as accurate as possible. I'm going to try the A.D. show coming up soon too. I'm going to re watch Noah with Russel Crowe. I'm going to re watch the Resident Evil series.

 Video games, so I have been playing The Legend Of Zelda The Minish Cap and I finally took a screen shot during a boss battle.

 You know how hard that is to do? So you had to shoot arrows in his eyes, avoid the spray stuff, shrink to Minnish size, run inside his head, dig through dirt and then cut a pillar. all this was three or four different times. Really!? Damn! I know this is an older game, but this is still kinda hard. I need to get back to playing Battlefield Hardline and enter my pre order codes I got for it. That's what i got for video games.

 Computer stuff, so I still have yet to mess with the Raspbery Pi in awhile. I want to see if they release a new image. As I was typing this, I headed over to the PetRockBlock and checked it out. Low and behold, they have RetroPie 3.0 beta. I'm trying that out as soon as I can. Other computer news, I told you on the weekend review, that I got the Hp Stream Mini. So I had been wanting a mini computer. Well, I had save a little bit and my birthday came up and I decided to say fuck it and buy it. I bought the Hp Stream Mini and I got a 4 gig memory stick for it. It has a 32 gig ssd, a dual core processor, 6 gigs of ram and lots more. I have been slowly learning Windows 8.1 and installing some programs like Xbmc Kodi. I want to install some emulators and play my ROMs on it. I have seen people running at full speed, GameCube games. That's what got me excited. So now I just need the time to install and configure all of these emulators. Kodi was an interesting install. I actually had to install 4 or 5 different versions because there was some bugs or something. I finally got Gotham 13.1 to install and work correctly so I'm sticking to it. The Hp has gig ethernet so streaming is silky smooth butter. I can start a stream, click an hour into the movie and there's no lag or jitters. I love my Raspberry Pi for Kodi and it does amazing, but the Hp is the smoothest computer or device I have ever used for Kodi. The Hp starting up and logging in takes seconds. One big thing that I don't like, is in order to use OneDrive, you have to use your Microsoft account as the user account on the Hp. I don't want to have to type in my password when I login, so now I can't use a service I use on other devices with no issues, it makes no sense. Another interesting thing is, the computer won't install Windows updates unless you restart the computer. If the updates already downloaded, they won't install while it's shutting down. One last thing, I like the tiles of Windows 8. I like the start button, why can;t we pick what one we want to use? I would actually prefer live tiles for what I use the computer for. Those three things aren't really bad, but it's me getting used to the new OS. I will have more on the Hp as I get time to use it and I will post pictures of it.

 Music, I don't have music this time. Random internet pictures.

 That's what I got for now, till next time.

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