Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Midweek update.

 It's Wednesday, it's time for the midweek update. Let's get into some computer action. So I saw this PS1/PS2 USB adapter on Amazon for like $5 shipped. It had good reviews and it works for pc as well as PS3. I thought why not give it a shot, worst case it doesn't work for either or one over the other, no real loss. So after the couple weeks ship time, it arrived.

 Well I plugged into my office computer and it started finding drivers immediately. I plugged in my trusty blue PS2 controller and it worked. I fired up a Snes emulator, configured the controller and played a game, sweet! I closed the Snes and opened Ppsspp and it was configured again. Holy shit, I'm on a roll. I exited Ppsspp and opened the Ps emulator and it didn't work for r3 or l3? What the hell? I looked at the controller and I remembered that the oem PS2 controller has a button called analog, I pushed the analog button and what do you know, l3 and r3 worked. I can't remember if that happened when you played PS1 games on the PS2 also? It's been too long. Next I'm want to try it on the Hp Mini and the Raspberry Pi. If it works on the Raspberry Pi, I'm gonna get a couple more adapters and use them for my eventual Pid1 build. I haven't done much on the Raspberry Pi, I told you last time about the RetroPie 3.0 beta 2 image. I have yet to put ROMs on the beta 1 image, I have configured my controllers for two different builds. I need some time to work on any of that stuff.

 I guess what part of my problem is, when I do have an opportunity to buy something for a project, I can't figure out what to get. I can't figure out what project to continue on? So I want to eventually build a Raspberry Pi 2 inside a PS1 shell and have it run only PS1 games, use only PS1/2 controllers and run the ROMs from a portable hard drive. I want the original power button work and the controllers routed through the original locations. I want the hdmi and ethernet ran out of the back and a cooling fan on the processor heat sink. That's a lot to want and do for a project. The other project I have going is, a Raspberry Pi 2 inside a GameCube shell, have it run all games for all systems from a portable hard drive. I want to use the stock power supply from the GameCube, use the power led, use the controller ports as usb ports and be able to use all usb based controllers. I want the power, hdmi and ethernet ran out of the back. I want to use a Game Boy Player shell also. That's another tall order of a project. I want my Raspberry Pi B+ I have now, as a Nintendo only system that plays all Nintendo under N64. I don't know if I want it inside a 3d printed Nintendo case or an actual Nintendo case. I want to use all Nintendo usb based controllers. Like my Snes usb controller and a Nes usb controller. The Nes  would be for Nes, Game Boy and Game Boy Color and the Snes would be for Snes and Game Boy Advance. It would all be sweet and look pretty amazing on my shelf. So again, what do I work on first?

 Video games I'm playing, I downloaded the Fast and Furious Forza pack for free. It's actually kinda cool. I'm stuck on one part and it's cause I suck at gaming. I have not touched Battlefield Hardline in awhile. I have been playing through The Legend Of Zelda The Minish Cap. It's getting tougher, I read where something is supposed to be and it's not there. I fused Kinstones with certain characters and something else happens then what was said. I'm still having fun playing, but it kinda gets old. I want to start replaying A Link To The Past, but I can't figure out what system I want to play it on. Snes or GBA? I was playing the Snes version before my save file got corrupted, but I don't know what one to play. I should only focus on one game at a time also.

 Movies I'm watching, I finished watching The Chronicles Of Narnia Prince Caspian, now I'm watching The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. I am still trying to finish Pinocchio. I started the Resident Evil series again. I still want to make the T1 virus vial.

 This section is gonna be kind short this week, I have no music or pictures. Well I think this gonna have to be good for now, till next time.

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