Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend review for 4/18 - 19/15.

 So we got a surprise on Friday, Melissa's mom called and ordered pizza for us. So when I got home we had some amazing Papa Johns pizza for dinner. We watched a show, headed upstairs and watched some crazy documentary on Netflix. I told you a little bit ago about this movie watched and it was actually really disturbing to me. Well this documentary had some of the same elements as the movie. People were doing some movies and some of the actors were tied up and bound. I didn't like that type of stuff. To me, it seems like legal torture. I don't like seeing people in that type of situation.

 Saturday, we woke up early and headed out to do some errands. We had planned on going to see the tulips, but Melissa was not feeling well at all, so we stayed local. We headed down to a yard sale we saw posted. We didn't end getting anything from there, but we there was a guitar player playing Let It Go with a young girl singing it for the crowd. We headed down some back way and we stopped at another sale. We didn't see much, but we snagged a cheese slicer. After our major score from the sales, we headed down to Fred Meyers. We went to the shoe section so I could get some boots for work. After that, I headed over to Starbucks to get some coffee and Melissa went off looking at everything. I went over and tried to find a tie for work and they were $35! Really!? Damn, no thank you. I hate wearing ties as it is, but I'm not spending $35 on something that will get ruined in a few months. After Fred Meyer, we headed over to McDonald's an grabbed some lunch. We headed home and ate. After we ate, we headed outside to do some yard work. Melissa started power washing the patio while I planted some flowers. How weird does that sound? Ha ha. After the yard work, we headed inside and watched some shows. Saturday night, we headed upstairs and we started watching Guardians Of The Galaxy off of the Hp Stream. It worked really, really well, I'm very happy with the results of it.

 Sunday, we had more yard work to do. I had to mow the lawn and power edge the sidewalks. I hate all yard work and I want to go on strike. Melissa, started washing our cars. After finishing my stuff, I went over and half ass helped finish washing the car. After we were done outside, we finally got to go inside and recoup. I started going through some emails and Sony was having a Spring sale. I had seen something about this a little while ago, but never really payed it much mind. Well three words caught my eye, Grand Theft Auto Sale. Okay, okay, it was four words, but it got me logged into the PSN Store and seeing what the deal was. So digital versions of GTA III, Liberty City Stories, Vice City, Vice City Stories and San Andreas amongst more were more than 75% off. I'm talking they were $2.50, that's way too good of a deal to pass up. So I got GTA III, San Andreas, Vice City, Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories. They had China Town Wars, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories for Vita/PSP also. All together I spent $14, on five games. So less than $3 per game, that's a sweet deal. And I do have these for my PS2, but my PS2 was giving me problems and I never got to get Vice City Stories or Liberty City Stories cause they originally were for the PSP. I did tell you about me buying San Andreas on the Xbox. I am okay with having multiple copies of the game. It's just so much better to play these classics on my PS3 though. I played a couple missions of Liberty City Stories and GTA III. I'll blog more about that later, maybe even have pictures. That's what I got, till next time.

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