Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday midweek update.

 I guess I should just start posting this on Friday's since I have been to buys to finish and post this on Wednesday's, ha ha. Wednesday, Wednesday, it has been a long week already. There is still no word on the supervisor for my building. One of our graveyard shift workers has issues. I had to work 12 hours last night because of said graveyard worker. Hey I'll take the money and it was a whole hell of a lot easier then waking up early, to be to work by 10 am. I really, truly hope this transition gets easier. Anyways lets see, I have been playing more A Link To The Past, then I have Links Awakening. I got to the Dark Palace, beat Helmasaur King, got the Magic Hammer and got the crystal to speak to one of the maidens.

 I keep on forgetting how involved and hard this game is. Even when I need to look at a walk through on some parts, damn. It actually makes me appreciate The Minish Cap more because, it was a very impressive game, good graphics, good soundtrack and really good game play. Yes I know, Minish Cap came later after A Link To The Past, I like how it progressed. It's weird, I have games I need to finish that are "A" titles, but I always go back to earlier games because I like them so much. Eventually I will start tackling my backlog, but for now I'm happy with Zelda games. 

 Computer stuff, so I told you over the weekend we used the Hp mini to try and stream some movies. I even tried my Ouya and it was even having some issues. So I feel like it's the modem, ethernet and maybe the service. I have been truly wanting to get back to tinkering with the Raspberry Pi, but I have been so busy and tired. I have big dreams and goals for the Pi and I won't stop until they're accomplished.

 Movies I'm watching, I decided to skip ahead with Die Hard and watch and finish Die Hard 5 A Good Day To Die Hard. It was still actually a good movie. This was more over the top compared to the others, but it was fun and why not? I have heard Furious Seven is extremely over the top. I can't wait to buy it for my collection. I'm still working on Star Wars episode 3. Man, Yoda is a bad as in the prequels. For being 400 years old? He sure knows how to move and fight. I finished Mad Max and now I'm working on Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior. I also have Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome on queue. I cannot wait till I can see Mad Max Fury Road. I can't think of any other movies at the time.

 Music, just picture listening to a bunch of Korn back to back. That's what I did today.

 Random internet pictures:

Wolverine taking out Apocalypse.

No too bad. I forgot why I took this though. Ha ha.
Jimmy Jhons, ha ah.

My amazing wife Melissa got me some treats.

 Till next time.

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