Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Midweek update.

 Wednesday, damn busy Wednesday. This post should have been written and posted already, but alas it hasn't. These last few weeks at work have been busier than normal. I'm glad there is stuff to do, but I do miss the slower times I had. Anyways, this isn't the midweek bitch fest, this is the midweek update. Video games, I have been playing a lot more of A Link To The Past then I have Link's Awakening. So in A Link To The Past, I went back to the Pond Of Happiness, raised my bombs and arrows to 50 each. I got the Magic Cape.

  I got the Mad Batter to drop my magic by half.

 That's about as far as I got for now. As I'm playing this, I actually miss playing The Minish Cap. The sounds, background music and the animations are all amazing. I should have played these in order, but I was just so mad at my saves and ROM being screwed up, that I needed a break from ALTTP.I am not looking forward to having to beat Mothula again. I used my golden bee last time and I'm going to do it again, but it was a damn hard boss. I post updates later.

 Movies I'm watching. So I finished Batman with Michael Keaton. I need to start Batman Returns. I started watching Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior. It still is a damn good movie. I'm still working on Star Wars Episode 3.

 Computer stuff, I don't have a lot of computer stuff I'm working on. I used the Hp stream mini to watch 50 Shades Of Grey over the weekend, but that's really it. I didn't have the same buffering and stuttering problems as I did before, so I'm thinking it was the Windows updates and modem. I like the Raspberry Pi because it doesn't have an underlying OS to cause issues like that. The Ouya doesn't have as many issues as Windows (Issues as not being bad, but meaning updates and background processes.) , but it does have background running applications. The Hp stream mini is the fastest out of the bunch and that's why go to it the most. I need to pull the Raspberry Pi out and start using it again for streaming. I also need to pull out the Raspberry Pi and put RetroPie 3.0 BETA 2 on it. My to do list is getting pretty big. Ha ha. All in due time. I have really been thinking about my Raspberry Pi game console projects. I really, really need to find some parts this summer to start at least some of the beginnings of these projects. Like if I could find some USB extension cables, I could start running them through the PS1 case. Or if I found a power supply, I could start running it for the power switch, stuff like that is what I need to do. My to do list just got that much bigger now. Ha ha.

 I have no music, let's get into random internet pictures.

 Well that's what I got for now, till next time.

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