Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekend review for 5/23 - 24/15.

 Friday night, we watched the Jimi Hendrix movie, Jimi All Is By My Side, with Andre "3000" Benjamin as Jimi Hendrix. It wasn't a bad movie, but it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I don't know if Andre did a good job on his voice, but his look was pretty good. I was hoping to see maybe the Woodstock performance or something, but there was none of that. And I didn't know that Jimi Hendrix beat up his girlfriend, that was really weird.

 Saturday, we went and played bingo. We try to go at least once a year. We have fun and enjoy ourselves. Melissa and I, were so close a couple times to winning. You have to not go there thinking you'll win cause you won't. Melissa did get a bingo, but they called invalid and we were confused by it. Oh well, better luck next time. After bingo, we headed down to Winco for grocery shopping. Melissa got a coupon for a free drink for Starbucks, so we stopped there and got a s'mores frap and a white mocha and headed into Winco. For being Memorial Day weekend, it wasn't very crowded. We finished hopping and we headed home. After we put away all the groceries, we decided we wanted to watch some movies. I fired up the Hp mini and started doing the updates for it. I think that's what caused the problems last time. We streamed Fifty Shades Of Grey.

 Now I have told you before, I do not like people torturing people and calling it fun or play. Yes, there is certain things that can include whips or being tied up, that can be sexual or whatever you want to call it. So hearing about this movie before hand, I didn't want to see it. I don't want some asshole beating up some girl for kicks. I don't want to see American Psycho part 3. I flat out asked Melissa, if this had any at all type of beating or torture in it. She said no, so I took her word for it and we watched it. I love the typical Seattle scenes, gray, raining and no color. This is the biggest farce about Seattle. Yes we do have gray days and rain, but it's not as dramatic as movies make it look like. So I didn't know what to expect for this movie because, all I had heard about was this controlling guy making some girl sign a contract and then beating her up. I did not like the guy they picked for Christen Grey. He wasn't horrible, but I felt it could have been better. The girl that played Anna, was alright and she did sell her part well, only in the beginning. Towards the end of the movie her believability dropped and her character kind seemed forced. The ladies face looks like she hadn't slept in days and her bags under her eyes were really bad and noticeable and it didn't fit what her character was going through at the time. So the dominate parts, the tying up, chains and the whips actually weren't the torture like I thought it would be, which is good. What I did not like was the belt part. They didn't show contact on her ass or show welts and it wasn't really emphasized, meaning, he wasn't full blown hauling back and beating her. As someone who had a belt used on them as a child, I don't know how anyone would willingly want this done to them. The contract aside, punishment like this I don't like.

 The love story that was forming was a unique perspective on it. I love, love itself. I love seeing it and when it is performed well and believable it is amazing. I was having a hard time watching the movie as they were trying to stay in character or trying to be in love. A lot of it seemed forced, but when they let go and actually had fun filming, it was really good. I hated how the guy playing Christen would have a firm, definitive tone when it wasn't needed. We watched the extended cut and the montage at the end gave a really cool look at the complicated love story unfolding. I will have to see the other two movies only if there is no more belt scenes or harder play room scenes. The original picks for these characters were Emma Watson as Anna and Charlie Hunnam as Christen. I would have hated to see Emma and Charlie demean them self in these roles. In my opinion, they wouldn't have fit the characters either. So all in all it was a good movie and I hope the next movies are as good.

 Sunday, we had our house chores to do. We knocked out some shows and we finished the Billboard Music Awards. The Kanye performance wasn't even a performance. The smoke and fireworks were totally crazy and uncalled for. Half of his "performance" was silenced and you couldn't see him more than half the time. We watched the Lifetime movie, Kidnapped The Hannah Anderson Story. The girl Jessica Amlee that played Hannah reminds me of a cross between Chloe Grace Moretz and Helena Bonham Carter. The movie wasn't too bad, but I think there is stuff that did happen and they didn't talk about it. The guy who kidnapped her, was psycho and would say stuff like, you're my girl and I have a crush on you. You don't say stuff like that just for the fun of it. I do feel bad for that family and it sounds like the real girl didn't have any input or say into this movie. After the movie we headed upstairs and went to bed. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

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