Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Midweek update.

 It's Wednesday, it's time for the midweek update. Video games, on the weekend review, I was talking about playing and beating Advanced Warfare. I had to play each level a couple times because I was messing up, getting killed or whatever. You know what screwed me up the most? The button layout, I couldn't find x because I thought it was on the bottom. I was mixing up b with a. This was on the Xbox 360 controller too. I have been playing a lot of GBA ROMs using the Wii classic controller so that screwed me up even more. I finished a couple more episodes on Battlefield Hardline. That damn game is getting harder and harder for me. I am no good at sneaking around and hiding in shadows. Trying to arrest people, eh, too much work. I'm just trying to find the evidence when I can and not die repeatedly. I will be glad when I finish this game. I heard Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 (For some weird reason, is not working for me.) is coming out. I'll have to get it, but knowing my luck, the "futuristic" stuff will be in that too. Exo suits are cool to a point, I'll wait and see what the game play looks like, but more than likely I'll buy it anyways. Well I looked on YouTube and found on of the Black Ops 3 trailers. Well it definitely looks like exo suits and gadgets galore. I guess I better get used to it.

 I got a little farther in A Link To The Past. I got the Bombos Medallion and I got the Hookshot.

  I defeated the Swamp Palace boss, Aarghus.

 It looks like the next dungeon boss is Mothula. I am not looking forward to that. The First time I played Mothula, I died too many times to count. I have my golden bee, but damn. I haven't played any Links Awakening in awhile. I have actually been thinking about starting The Minish Cap again. I loved it that much. I have been wanting to get this Link figure too. I know they have Minish Cap figures, but they're key chains. As I am spouting stuff I have been wanting, here are a few pictures of the amazingly incredible, beautiful Orange Spice, Japan only GameCube that I so desperately want. I want the Game Boy Player too.

 I want it so bad, but I refuse to spend $60 plus on import fees and shipping. I'll get one eventually. You know, I really think I would just take the Orange spice case off of the GameCube and put it on one of my American GameCubes. In the same breath, I want all Japanese so I can get Japanese Zelda GameCube and Game Boy Advance games. If I ever get one, I'll have to soul search. Cause I still want to get a Japanese N64 too. Could you even imagine getting The Minish Cap in Japanese? That would be amazing.

 Movies I'm watching, I finished watching Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior. It's a good movie. I started Batman Returns. I forgot how much I like these movies. I'm still working on Star Wars Episode 3. I started Die Hard 4 Live Free Or Die Hard. I wanted to watch Mad Max 3 Beyond Thunderdome, but the subtitles got stretched out on my Nook, so I have to try and re do the movie. I started Sekirei season 1 again. I started the Resident Evil series again. I don't know how soon the next movie will come out, but I will be ready with the plot details. I wanted to start Harry Potter again, but it was not too long ago since I watched it and I want it to stay magical. After the whole fiasco on Saturday, I'm gonna have to re watch San Andreas. I know there is small details I missed, well movies are done for now.

 Computer stuff, so ever since I did the updates for the Hp mini, it has been working like a dream again. The only thing I wish I could is, delete the recovery partition, so I could have more storage space. I do love that the mini has a built in sd card reader slot though. I could get a 64 gig sd card and be good. So I checked petrockblog and I'm still okay for not using the Raspberry Pi in awhile, they are still on version 3.0 beta 2. I guess instead of playing Battlefield every night, I should switch it up.

 Music, so ever since I watched the Curt Cobain documentary, Montage Of Heck, I have had a new appreciation of Nirvana music. Dumb is one of my favorites, so have a listen.

 Random internet pictures. Alright so before I get into the pictures, let me explain some things. I have been told by numerous people that I have resting bitch face. The photos below are funny and even though they are geared toward females using them, it made me laugh seeing them.

This actually happens quite often.

 Well that was the fun, till next time.

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