Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend review for 6/13 - 14/15.

 Friday night, we both had long days and were really tired. We turned on a documentary about the Titanic. We got maybe a quarter of the way through and we feel asleep.

 Saturday was our movie date. Our insurance company got Jurassic World movie tickets for us because we're amazing customers. So we got up, got ready, left the house and we got to the theater. We got our tickets, popcorn, drink and we headed into the room. We did have to sit through 45 minutes of Allstate commercials, but it was worth it. The movie just came out on Friday so yeah, it was definitely worth it. The movie was amazing. They brought back an original cast member. They brought back some original movie set stuff. Chris Pratt, did really good in the movie. The only thing I didn't like was the high heels in the whole damn movie. When you see it, it's like, really? Ha ha. It was a really damn good movie. It is definitely a buy. After the movie, we headed over to get an oil change for Melissa's car. I ran into a old high school friend. It was weird, but it was good to see them. You can see how they have been living their life and how it has affected them. Well they said we didn't need an oil change because we were still good.

 We headed over to Target and I was on a hunt for the World Of Nintendo figures I told you about. Well that was no luck, they had a few, but not what I was looking for. I'm not going to buy stuff I don't want because of it being a collection. After Target, we headed over to Costco. We walked past the amazing TVs again. Man I would love to get one. We walked past the Fitbits and Melissa really wanted one, but she didn't like the pack they had. I glanced at the Blu-ray and DVD movies, but $10 for a Blu-ray seemed steep to me. We got our stuff and we decided to have lunch at the cafeteria there. After lunch, we headed back to Target to get Melissa her Fitbit. They had a sale going on, so the Fitbit itself and three spare bands for less then Costco, that works for me. After Target, we headed over to Cold Stone and waited in line for like an hour, (Not really, but it was close.) We finally got to order and we headed home. We picked up our reserved Redbox and went home. At home, I set up Melissa's Fitbit and downloaded the app and she was up and running, (Not literally running, but the Fitbit was up and running.) we were messing around with the settings and having fun.

 After we had dinner, we threw in the movie. We got Project Almanac, we both had seen the previews and thought it looked amazing. It was about these kids making a time machine and having fun. At first you're like, man this would be fun as hell. Then towards the middle and end you're like, this is not fun anymore. I really didn't like the end sentence, I loved the movie, but the sentence killed it for me. Do they mean they're gonna try it again? Who knows? It's not a buy right now, but when it's cheaper, I think I will buy it. How many times have you though about going back and winning the lottery or changing something that happened? This movie goes into specific details abut that, even Melissa got into the movie. There was a lot of science and math in it, but they explained a lot of it. I do recommend seeing though.After the movie we headed upstairs and turned on the Titanic movie again, it put us both to sleep again.

 Sunday, Melissa had a Tupperware party to go to. I had to mow the lawn and some other house stuff to do. After that, I popped in Call Of Duty Black Ops II. I played a few missions and then Melissa got home. We watched some shows and made dinner. We watched a few more shows and Melissa went to bed. I turned on Black Ops II again and I beat the game! I beat the campaign. I'll get more into it Wednesday, but I love how you can "rewind" and play a mission again to choose a different outcome. Well that's what I got for now, till next time.

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