Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Midweek update.

 Video games, on Saturday I played Medal Of Honor Warfighter and Army Of Two The 40th Day. Those were games 6 and 7 I finished for my 10 games for summer list. So looked back on my game list and I finished The Minish Cap on 5/6/15. That was before the 10 games for summer was even a thing. So I need 3 more games to finish for summer, more than likely that will include, A Link To The Past with 2 missions left to do. Battlefield Hardline with 3 missions left to do. I  need to find 1 more. I keep on thinking that there is a deadline looming to do this, there is no deadline coming up. The only "deadline" is the end of summer. I was picking games that had only a few missions left to do. I think I need to pick 1 game that needs a lot more time to play and finish. I'll have to think on that one. Melissa and I don't get very much time to dedicate to play games on the weekend. That means I probably won't be adding any games that we have played.I haven't touched any games since Saturday. Everything has been extremely hectic lately.

 Movies I'm watching, I finished watching Terminator 1. I need to start watching Terminator 2 next. I finished Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil Apocalypse. I am going to start watching Resident Evil Extinction. I read a rumor that they're making Resident Evil The Final Chapter, but I follow Milla Jovovich on Instagram and she basically just gave birth a few months ago. I highly doubt that there will be any Resident Evil movies this year. If I'm wrong I will be happy, but sad that it might be the last movie. Or it might be the last movie with Milla Jovovich, who knows how long these actors are going to be willing to play these characters. Look at Christian Bale and being Batman. I added Blade II to the list. I'm watching The One with Jet Li, I love multiverse and parallel worlds. That stuff fascinates me, so having a kick ass movie with that as the premise, yes please. I'm still watching Star Wars episode IV. I know I'm forgetting some movies, but that's okay. side note, I love letting people watch movies that I watch. I let a friend borrow Gravity and Interstellar. He watched Gravity first and loved it. He is more technical than me and he saw the science holes, but he loved it as a whole like me. Now I can't for him to watch Interstellar and see what he says.

 Computer stuff, on Saturday we streamed a movie with Hp mini. I have noticed a correlation between Windows updates and streaming. We had some stuttering and buffering issues and then after the updates were downloaded, it was smooth again. I really, really need to work on the Raspberry Pi again. I think I might have lost the little programming I did know.

 We're basically going through a heatwave and it has been in the upper 80's for awhile and now this week, it has been low 90's.  I know there are places that are hotter, but we're just not used tot his kind of weather. We finally said fuck it and tried buying an air conditioner. The first one we bought originally said it was for 300 square feet. The one that showed up was for 200 square feet. We hooked up anyways thinking it would at least be cooler air. Wrong, it was nothing more than a loud fan. I felt so damn bad for Melissa, I sit at work with ac until it cuts off at 4:30 5 ish, but I get relief. Even if I'm dripping sweat, I can use ac in my car and then at work. Melissa doesn't have shit, we were desperate to try something. So we now have to return this one and I ordered a new one yesterday. It should work out price wise. The refund from the old one pays for the new one and maybe a tiny difference. Anyways, we ordered a 10,000 confirmed btu one for the actual 300 square feet. The problem we have is the downstairs is really open and right near the living room, the stairs are there. I don't have high hopes for this one turning downstairs to ice, but I'm hoping it will cool down at least 10 degrees. That's not asking too much. so now for our bedroom, we have been suffering at night too, because it's not cooling down. It's staying at 70 degrees until like 4 in the morning. We found a 5000 btu window unit and I hooked it up last night. It did cool our room, it was not ice cold by any means. I'm hoping that tonight if it has enough cool down time before Melissa goes to bed, it will be good. Now we just have to wait on the shipping for the new unit. And speaking of shipping, the old one was supposed to be delivered on Monday, but it wasn't delivered until Tuesday.

 Well that's what I got for now, till next time.

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