Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Midweek update.

 So on Monday, I told you I played a mission on Battlefield Hardline. I have two missions left and it be will be done. So that means I have finished 6 games. I have beaten, Call Of Duty Black Ops on 6/11/15, Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 on 6/14/15, Battlefield 3 on 6/16/15, Battlefield 4 on 6/23/15, Medal Of Honor Warfighter on 6/27/15 and Army Of Two The 40th Day on 6/27/15. I have four games left on my 10 games of summer list. I want to finish Battlefield Hardline and The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past. That would mean I have two more games to add to the list. I think I might choose Grand Theft Auto 3 for one of them. I have always wanted to beat that game. I came really close to beating it, but I couldn't even tell you where I left off. I keep on thinking that I had more games that I beat, but the games like The Legend Of Zelda and The Minish Cap were finished before I found the 10 games for summer post on June 3rd. I want to stick to the post as much as I can and I need to come up with the 10th game. I'll have to think on it for a little bit. The summer officially ends according to, on September 23rd. I need to get some stuff going. I haven't been motivated enough to play A Link To The Past in a couple of weeks now. Battlefield Hardline isn't a bad game, but it's not the best game. It's hard to want to finish it, because of the missions are becoming more of the same.

 TV shows I'm watching. I have been liking The Zoo. It's been done before, but I like the mysteries it has in it. Last night's episode had some crazy animal experiments going on. Bats taking out an airplane and dogs practice killing on tourists. No spoilers. I'm looking forward to the next episodes. Under The Dome has been weird. It has drawn me back in enough to finish the season, so far. Marg Helgenberger, is an interesting twist. I don't condone spoilers so I won't be getting in depth with episode reviews or anything like that. Anything I do write about has been already seen. August, is supposed to have Fear The Walking Dead come out. I am really excited for that, I need to watch The Walking Dead as well. Big Brother is moving along for me. It's take a little bit, but I know now the people I like. I don't have any picks for the winners yet, but we'll see how the summer plays out. The Supergirl show might be something to check out, but I don't know. As I was typing this, it looks like Supergirl won't even be coming out till October. I probably won't even remember it by then.

 Movies I'm watching. I had to re do Star Wars so I still need to finish episode VI. I finished episodes IV and V. I had to re do Blade Trinity, I had the extended cut, but not the theatrical. I started watching Batman Begins again. I finished the Resident Evil series again. I still can't wait for Resident Evil 6. I want to see how they're even going to start the movie. Resident Evil Retribution, showed the white house as a battleground with humans trying to hold the line with flying bat type things and waves upon waves of zombies, it will be interesting. I finished Aladdin the Disney cartoon. It actually held up well. I started watching Planet Hulk again. I screen grabbed a few shots of the Hulk for future tattoo ideas.

 Computer stuff. So I have been keeping up with RetroPie and they released RetroPie 3.0 beta 4. I downloaded it and actually wrote it to an sd card. I'm trying to get myself pumped up to actually work with my Raspberry Pi. I really, really have been wanting to work on it. This is my opportunity to do so. I was mad that I haven't found anything for my Raspberry Pi projects at garage sales or the Junk In The Trunk show. I need a lot of little odds and ends parts. Even if I can't complete a project because of not having the Pi or hard drive or whatever, I can still try and get the fitting of everything done now. I have numerous Raspberry Pi projects I want to do. So I want to build my PiD1, a pi inside of a PS1 shell. It would have a pi 2 with the PS1 ROMs on a external portable hard drive. I want to use usb adapters with PS2 or PS1 controllers. I want to build Pitendo, a pi inside a NES shell that plays NES, Game Boy and Game Boy Color games only. It would use USB NES controllers and maybe a USB stick inside an old cartridge for the ROMs inside the old cartridge slot. I want to build PiSnes, it would be a pi inside a SNES shell that would play only SNES  and Game Boy Advance games, using a USB SNES controller with a USB stick inside an old cartridge. Next I want to build a PiCube using a pi 2 inside a GameCube shell that would play all ROMs it could. The ROMs would be stored on a hard drive either in the Game Boy Player or in the inside with the Pi. I would want to use all USB controllers, but the respective ones like SNES, NES, Genesis and GameCube. I want the controller ports to be USB ports. I know that is a lot, but the projects are the fun part and the games would be the icing. And after adding it all up, you might be spending less for an original working system, but that's not as fun.

 I was talking to one of my tenants about Windows 10. My Hp mini has windows 8.1 with Bing on it and it is eligible for the Windows 10 upgrade. He said I should go for it, worst case, I don't like 10 or whatever wipe it and re install 8.1 and be done. That sir, is a damn good idea. Now of course it comes down to time for all of these projects I want to do.

 Random internet pictures:

Batman voice: IT'S TIME TO PLOW THE FIELDS! Ha ha.

I think I would roll this.

You know how true this is!? I actually wrote some stories because of how inspired I was with movies I have watched. I love this quote.

 Get inspired and try something new. Try something you never have done before. The end result might surprise you. Sometimes a project isn't for the finishing, it's for the doing. Well that's it for now, till next time.

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