Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend review for 7/11 - 12/15.

Friday night, we made some pizza for dinner and we watched Big Brother. We had to wake up early on Saturday so we went upstairs a little early. We watched maybe a half hour of Big Brother After Dark and then we went to bed.

 Saturday was our Junk In The Trunk, Rodz On 3rd and our niece's birthday party. We headed out to the Junk In The Trunk and we walked around. We didn't find anything, but we did have to skim pretty quickly. We didn't have time to check out the car show, but that's okay anyways. Normally, we wouldn't have to rush too much for a birthday party, but Melissa was the even coordinator. She was in charge of all the decorations, cupcakes, punch and burger fixings. She had been gathering supplies for weeks for this. She has been trying to get this going and working on another event for Heather's Lungs. So next weekend, we have another birthday party to go and the palooza for Heather on Sunday. Melissa has been working feverishly on all of this. I couldn't even imagine, having to do all this. Back to Saturday, we got the our niece's house and got to work. Melissa started making the punch as I was helping with tablecloths and decorations. Our nephew was hanging the banners and setting up cupcake boxes.

 We were finally done setting up everything and waiting for the birthday girl to show up. My nephew was like we need to go play Smash Bros'. I said sure, we headed downstairs and fired up the Wii. I hate Smash Bros' and I don't do very well at all. A lot of the time, I accidentally kill myself by falling off the ledge. Anyways, we played some rounds and I was doing alright. I did get some KO's, which was amazing. Well cut to another round, I don't know how it happened. I actually won a round. My nephews probably let me win, but I'm celebrating anyways.

 The birthday girl got home with her friends and wanted so play Smash Bros' so the nephews and I let them play. I was on victory high and wanted to stop playing before I came back to reality. The mom wanted something from the store, so my nephew and I went. After the store, it was time to eat. We had some slider burgers, baked beans, salad and cupcakes. I actually didn't end up having a cupcake, but the burgers were amazing. See, they were sliders, so having six of them isn't as bad as it sounds. Ha ha, I know I probably shouldn't have had so many. After awhile, it was time for presents. She opened her stuff, she got a new DSLR Nikon camera. It's a beginners one, but it is 22 mega pixels. I know it's really not about mega pixels, but damn. After we hung out for a little bit, we headed home.

 We got home and we had to start working on some raffle baskets for the Palooza. After what seemed like an eternity, we were done. We got 16 baskets done and like 19 items so far for the raffle. We had some left over pizza and we watched some shows. We headed upstairs and watched a movie.

 Sunday, we had our normal house stuff to do. Heather stopped by to see the amazing raffle baskets we made the night before. Her and her husband were very impressed. Which is really good, these will be raffled off to raise money to help pay her medical bills. We sat and talked for awhile. After they left it was time to get back to work, house work that is. I finished the house work and we watched some shows. So the fair is coming up and we are submitting pictures for it like Melissa did last year. These are my submissions for it.

 I do not have any type of hopes up or anything, but I am so very excited to do something like this. I am not a person to do this type of thing. I like people seeing my pictures and enjoying them. I don't feel like my pictures are professional by any means. My pictures are very good to me though. I don't just take pictures to take pictures. I take pictures for that moment, for that enjoyment I saw in the scene I am capturing. If someone at the fair, saw my picture and got a moment of enjoyment out it, then I did what I wanted to do. It's amazing to see my digital pictures printed out.

 I had to go the bathroom and noticed the toilet paper need to be refilled. I went and grabbed the pack from the pantry and started filling it up. All of a sudden, I heard a clank noise. I looked in the bag and it was Melissa's rings!!!! I told you that we lost something. We have been searching for seven days straight! I was almost for sure that they were gone for good. My heart lit up and I was excited to have them back. We watched some more shows and Melissa started an amazing manicotti. We both started filling and stuffing them. Dinner turned out so damn good. After dinner we watched some more shows and Melissa went to bed. I turned on Battlefield Hardline, I played a mission and then turned it off. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

No bonds will ever be as strong as these.

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