Saturday, September 12, 2015

It is official.

 On Friday, I called my boss and quit. I said my last is Saturday and I'm dropping all my uniforms off and that's it. He said next Saturday? I said no, tomorrow. He said okay. I explained to him that I could not pass this up any longer. And I needed to go to a training thing on Sunday so I need it off and Monday I start work. I don't have a a training thing on Sunday, but I do need the day off. So after officially 12 years at my job, it's over. 

 I came into work today, not really wanting to at all. I get a call asking if ill work a double today. I say no, that's not happening. They say well stay for four hours then. I say no, that's not happening. I say have the person come in early and I'll train them for a few hours, then at five, I'm gone. They say we'll work on it. Oh and on top of it, I got a trainee spring on me today. I mean info get it, but this is actually a courtesy to you, not me. I don't need to worry about what this place thinks anymore and I won't be wasting anymore of my time on this. So this whole morning, I have this doichebag asshole, trying to tell me that this amazing job "doesn't need to pick the top caliber, because they're a small company". I say they actually can pick whoever they want and who knows how many people they had apply. I'm trying to talk to basically a kid who lives at home with mommy and who doesn't have a girlfriend or wife. Okay dude, when you get to where I need to be, let's talk, otherwise shut the fuck up. And this is just another reason why I am leaving this toxic, bullshit, not caring company. They treat their employees like shit, so in turn those employees treat other people like shit. They don't care if someone's lays all the time or calls off until someone complains. Then they turn around and treat people who actually want to work, like absolute shit. How does that make sense? They don't want people with a brain, they want a warm body, any body in a chair for the shift. How does that make sense? Yes I am bitter. Yes I am pissed. Yes it did leave a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not completely bad nothing this company, but this is all ridiculous. This job wasn't all bad, but there was more bad then good. That's why when I look back, there will be more bad then good memories. 

 People always wonder why other people are pissed off all the time. It's cause they get treated like shit, trying to live. This old company has a huge turnover rate, why? Because they don't look for quality, they look for anything. Yes I know that sounds bad for myself even, but I have worked my ass off to be where I'm at now. 12 years! 12 years, I have put up with all kinds of shit because I needed to make a living for my family. And that's my job to do that, but I don't need to not be appreciated. Even when I would work extra hours or come in early for a shift, I never got a thanks. How fucked up is that? Then they want to hold shit over your head, even when you just busted your ass for them. That's wrong, that's not right. Looking to the future, it already looks better. These new people, already seem way better. The emails and voicemails are already better. I'm sad to see parts of this chapter closed, but oh, am I so ready to see the new one open. 

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