Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week 11.

 Monday my tooth hurt so damn bad we had to make an emergency appointment at this new dentist to see what was going on. They did the X-rays and found that I have some cavties and I need two root canals. They made an appointment for Wednesday. I got a prescription for some pain medication and antibiotic. Hopefully this helps with the pain. Tuesday I was at one of our buildings and the power kept blinking. We have a generator, but still. So low and behold, the power went out and the generator did not kick on. We have rooms full of people. We have to start kicking out the people and lock down the building. My house is without power and Melissa is home alone. I'm stuck at work, this is not good. So I have to help all these people out. We have to pack up all the important refrigerated stuff and take to another building before it goes bad. This is a cluster fuck. I finally get to go home and I have to stop by to get some ice. I get home I'm freaked out, Melissa's freaked out and we eat some pbnj for dinner and try to go to bed. We didn't really sleep and our power was still out. We woke up to no cell service and a text from my boss saying I was still needing to come in. Our power came on at like 7:30 ish and cell service came back on. I headed off to work. I was literally sitting in a parking lot watching the power crew fix the power lines. So finally they fixed the power lines and power was restored. The generator guy showed up and fixed the generator. I had to leave at 4 for my dentist appointment. I was so damn freaked out. I hate feeling trapped. So they numbed me a lot and I really didn't feel anything. It took almost 3 hours. At one point I almost fell asleep. After my appointment I went home and tried to just calm down. We had some soup and we went to bed. In the morning I actually felt better. Still swollen, but not too bad. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend review for 11/21 - 22/15.

 So on Monday I had my first dentist appointment and they said I needed a bunch of work done which I figured I did. They said wednesday they had an opening for me for my root canal. I got there wednesday and I was nervous as hell. So I missed some hours on Monday so I had to make those up then Tuesday the power went out so it was all sorts of fucked up. Back to Wednesday, I'm super stressed, tired and frazzled. They start the procedure and I'm trying not to freak out. I wanted to jump up and run a couple of times. But I kept telling myself I can't deal with this pain anymore. It got so bad I had to have warm water because it hurt so bad to drink. I gagged a couple times and it seemed like
It was taking like eight hours. After two hours and forty five minutes I was done. My tongue, jaw and cheek were numb and I was still in anxiety mode. It was crazy as hell. I only felt two shots, but it didn't really feel like a shot, it felt like a shock like from static or something. So I'm glad that was over and surprisingly I didn't feel too much pain at all. So still making up hours and dealing win the aftermath of the power outage, I had my second hepatitis b shot on Friday. I know I was sick last time, but I was not excited for it or my blood pressure. Well my blood pressure was actually really good for me and the shot went faster then last time and I did not flinch either. So Friday night, Melissa made some burritos and we just relaxed. We watched some shows and went to bed. 

 Saturday morning, we ran a few errands. I got some new boots for work and a few other things. After our errands we went and picked up our friend and headed to the Cinnabare for The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2. It was pretty good. I didn't like the ending though. I thought it should have been different. After the movie we headed to Dicks Drive In for some food. Since my teeth weren't bothering me, I could finally get a cold milkshake and enjoy it. It was so damn good too. We dropped off our friend and we relaxed and watched some shows. We streamed a movie and went to bed. 

 Sunday we had our normal house stuff to do. Since all summer our weekends were thrown off, I actually had to mow the lawn for the last time before winter. That was not any kind of fun. After all the chores, we relaxed and played the ds for a couple hours. We watched some shows and cuddled up with blankets. I still cannot believe that Thursday is thanksgiving! This month has flown by so damn fast. Till next time. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 10.

 So I have been feeling better. It's just every once in awhile I'll cough or something, but it's not bad. So now my tooth has been hurting. It has a crack in it and a piece missing. It feels like it went to the root. So I finally feel better then my tooth starts hurting, whatever. So we got medical, dental and vision when I started this new job. Well I guess now is the time to start working on our problems. My wisdom teeth are bad too. Melissa is in the same boat. Melissa found what sounds like an amazing dentist and made us both appointments for the same day. That works for me. Hopefully they can find all the problems we have. I think I have a crack in another tooth aswell. So if they end up pulling this tooth maybe later I can think of getting an implant? They are very expensive though. So what does all this have to do with my job? Everything. So there was some miscommunication and it affected us all. I think they're still getting used to me being a part of the team because they're not really telling me much. It just gets frustrating when I'm all the way south and they ask me to drive all the way north. I understand it's their gas and their vehicle, but we still need to be efficient about it. And another situation was happening at one place then close to that place, another situation. One of the other guys couldn't leave the first location so I stopped by on my way there. Of course the situation is already over. One of the receptionist was able to calm the person down and leave the place. That's amazing and I told her she did a good job, but that's our job and they shouldn't have to do that kind of stuff. I know I'm still new and learning stuff, but these instances are eye openers. So I decided to call the other guys myself and figure out what's going on. It shows initiative and that I'm a team player. My hope anyways.

Weekend review for 11/14 - 15/15.

 Friday night, I rented Terminator Genisys and The Gallows from Redbox. Melissa didn't want to watch Terminator and I didn't want to watch Gallows so we had our own movie night. Melissa ordered Pizza Hut for dinner. So it was an awesome pizza movie night. The pizza was amazing. She got a pepperoni and garlic crust pizza and she also got a chicken and white sauce with ranch crust. Both totally amazing, we had t had pizza from Pizza Hut like that in awhile. She also ordered one of the cookie trays. So after an amazing dinner, Melissa headed upstairs and started watching The Gallows. She said it was a jump scare type scary movie. Terminator was actually way better than I thought it would be and it pains me to say it, Arnold did a really good job and actually made the movie better. I have nothing against Arnold, but I felt like they didn't necessarily need him to make the movie, but again, he did a good job. After our movies we went to sleep.

 Saturday morning, we got up and we relaxed for a little bit. I went to Walmart to return the movies and picked up a few things. After I got back, we organized and wrapped a few Christmas presents. After a few long hours we basically were like we have to be done. We watched a few shows. We got a coupon in the mail from Comcast for a credit for an on demand movie. We chose to watch Paper Towns. It's from the same guy that made Perks of Being A Wallflower and few others so it should be good. The movie was good, but I didn't like the ending. We went upstairs after that and we watched San Andreas. I do like San Andreas and The Rock is becoming a better actor in my opinion. Instead of just being an emotionless ripped guy, he is working on his emotions and I think it's working. We watched a show after the movie. 

 Sunday, we did our normal house chores and it was baking day. I found a recipe for some peanut butter cookies with Hershey's kisses on them. This was my first time making them so we were kinda nervous. I took my time and tried not to mess up.

 Melissa decided to try some Butterfinger crumbles she found. I think they turned out really good. We found a couple things we will change next time, but all in all, they were really good. The crumbles were really good too. We watched some shows and we played some ds. For dinner we made manicotti, it was amazing. Before we knew it the night was over and it was time for bed. I think it was a good weekend and it wine by too fast. Till next time. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Week 9.

 So I think I finally kicked whatever I had. I'm feeling better. I got some keys cut for work and I have been trying them. It was kinda funny and I should have expected it. One of my keys didn't work, it was like dejavu all over again. Now I have to go back to the lock place and have them fix or replace the key. We had to get our cars detailed for the higher ups. At first we're like, cool getting paid to sit here, but after awhile it's like man I don't want to be here. So I have been noticing the car has been looking more dirtier than normal. It's like the wax or whatever they used actually attracts the mud and dirt. So half the car is covered in dried on mud and dirt, the other part is clean and shiny. We have also been having rainy weather, so I can't take it to the carwash either. First world problems right. Things are getting a little easier and what's expected of me is becoming more clearer. Now we have to work on other people working on being safe and thinking about safety. It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't get it that they need to think of others too. Well that was week nine, till next time. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Weekend review for 11/7 - 8/15.

 Friday night, after work we headed to Costco for some Christmas shopping. We got some good deals and we got dinner from the cafe. After we got home, we are and we watched a show. We watched Inside Out. It was a really good movie. I would actually buy it. The story was good. It reminded me of an old tv show called Herman's Head. We headed to bed after the movie.

 Saturday, we had our niece over for the day. In the morning we started organizing some bags from last night. Melissa pulled out the sweet moose mug ornament from Christmas Vacation. It got snagged on something and it fell and shattered. We got the glass cleaned up with the vacuum. I emptied the canister in the garbage and decided to take out the garbage. Well broken glass and hands don't mix. Part of the glass sliced the fat part of my hand under my thumb. Instant blood. I ran upstairs to get a band aid and to clean it out. Melissa got woozy and I was trying to get the blood to stop. I finally got a band aid on it and it was okay for now. And Friday, I was helping load some boxes and got a box cut on my finger. Really! After that, we took showers and got ready. We packed he car and we headed to IHOP. We ordered some fun pancake for our niece and I got a ham and cheese omelette and Melissa got a New York cheesecake pancakes. The food was amazing. Our niece did so good and no fits of any kind. After we ate, we headed to pick up Melissa's mom. We got her and we headed to a bazaar. We walked around for a little bit, but didn't really find anything to buy. After the bazaar it was time to ha d over our niece and go to Spuds. I told you about Spuds before for Melissa's moms birthday. It was actually a lot better this time then the last time. After that we headed back to Melissa's moms house and we hung out and talked for awhile. We headed home, but we stopped by Bartels and Walmart for some more Christmas shopping. We finally got home and we relaxed. We bought a sub from Subway and we ate. We streamed a movie and went to bed. 

 Sunday, we had our normal house stuff to do. I also had a project list of presents to build for some kids on our list. 

 After building the toys we got to relax for a little bit. Our weekend flew by, it seems like it went so damn fast. Then I heard the Gunnar Hansen the guy who played Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies died. 

 I always loved the movies and it is sad he died. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Week eight.

 I'm feeling better than I have in the last couple weeks. It's weird getting back in the swing of things after you've felt like you're out of it. So yesterday I had some guy harass a worker, but I was only told after it had happened. Then I had a drunk guy that got denied service so I had to escort them out, luckily with no incident. This job is making me look at everyone completely different now. I'm not saying I never saw anything like this, but it's really an eye opener. I feel like everyone is trying to get over on one thing or another. If shit ever went bad, these are the assholes you'll have to deal with. Yay, that makes me excited. That was a sidetrack rant. I'm getting more used to all the different buildings and the people. I need to learn more about specific locations, but that will come later. I'm still getting used to the "team". Sometimes it doesn't feel like we are, but other times it does. I mean, they are still getting used to me too. Sometimes I feel like all this should be in place now, but some of this takes up to years. I still can't believe it's been eight weeks already. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekend review for 10/31 - 11/1/15.

 Friday was one of the busiest days at this new job I have had in a long time. I was exhausted, so after work I had to run some errands and pick up dinner. Melissa was out grocery shopping. We actually times it well enough that we were home at pretty much the same time. I helped Melissa unload her car and we both put away groceries. After all that I started cooking some amazing pizza and bread sticks. We both chowed down on dinner and it was movie time. I rented Pixels from Redbox. We went upstairs and we watched the movie. The movie was actually better than I had thought it would be. There's been a couple Adam Sandler movies that haven't been very good. There was some really funny parts in it. We were both so tired, that we went to bed right after the movie.

 Saturday, was Halloween, we went to a couple stores and we got home and started getting everything ready for the Halloween party we were throwing. We got the chips and dips ready. We got the punch brewing. We got to relax for a little bit before our first guest arrived. Our niece loved the Halloween basket we made her. She was running around playing with the light sticks and toys. After a little bit we got some more visitors. It was Halloween on Animal Crossing too so I had to go trick or treating. I didn't do the furniture, but I did do the masks. I got the ghost, monster and something else. I started getting doubles of the masks so it was time to be done. We had Hocus Pocus playing in the background and we are just laughing my and bullshitting. It was a lot of fun. More fun then I thought it would be. We need to start doing that more often. 

 After Hocus Pocus, I popped in Piranha and then The Purge. Everybody started getting into The Purge and funny enough, someone actually was wearing a Purge mask trick or treating! That was crazy. After awhile, everyone started to leave and it was time for Melissa and I to clean up a little before bed. I don't even know what we watched, but after that we went to bed. 

 Sunday, was our normal house chores to do but, we had to take down Halloween and put up Thanksgiving decorations. Hours later we were done and trying to relax. 

 We watched some shows for a little bit and the. Before we knew it, it was time for bed. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.