Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week 11.

 Monday my tooth hurt so damn bad we had to make an emergency appointment at this new dentist to see what was going on. They did the X-rays and found that I have some cavties and I need two root canals. They made an appointment for Wednesday. I got a prescription for some pain medication and antibiotic. Hopefully this helps with the pain. Tuesday I was at one of our buildings and the power kept blinking. We have a generator, but still. So low and behold, the power went out and the generator did not kick on. We have rooms full of people. We have to start kicking out the people and lock down the building. My house is without power and Melissa is home alone. I'm stuck at work, this is not good. So I have to help all these people out. We have to pack up all the important refrigerated stuff and take to another building before it goes bad. This is a cluster fuck. I finally get to go home and I have to stop by to get some ice. I get home I'm freaked out, Melissa's freaked out and we eat some pbnj for dinner and try to go to bed. We didn't really sleep and our power was still out. We woke up to no cell service and a text from my boss saying I was still needing to come in. Our power came on at like 7:30 ish and cell service came back on. I headed off to work. I was literally sitting in a parking lot watching the power crew fix the power lines. So finally they fixed the power lines and power was restored. The generator guy showed up and fixed the generator. I had to leave at 4 for my dentist appointment. I was so damn freaked out. I hate feeling trapped. So they numbed me a lot and I really didn't feel anything. It took almost 3 hours. At one point I almost fell asleep. After my appointment I went home and tried to just calm down. We had some soup and we went to bed. In the morning I actually felt better. Still swollen, but not too bad. 

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