Thursday, November 12, 2015

Week 9.

 So I think I finally kicked whatever I had. I'm feeling better. I got some keys cut for work and I have been trying them. It was kinda funny and I should have expected it. One of my keys didn't work, it was like dejavu all over again. Now I have to go back to the lock place and have them fix or replace the key. We had to get our cars detailed for the higher ups. At first we're like, cool getting paid to sit here, but after awhile it's like man I don't want to be here. So I have been noticing the car has been looking more dirtier than normal. It's like the wax or whatever they used actually attracts the mud and dirt. So half the car is covered in dried on mud and dirt, the other part is clean and shiny. We have also been having rainy weather, so I can't take it to the carwash either. First world problems right. Things are getting a little easier and what's expected of me is becoming more clearer. Now we have to work on other people working on being safe and thinking about safety. It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't get it that they need to think of others too. Well that was week nine, till next time. 

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