Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas weekend review 2015.

 So where to begin? I had a four day weekend and it was amazing. Wednesday morning, we had Christmas with our little cutie pie niece. She loved everything and actually kind got overwhelmed by her stuff. It was so cute. She would take her time and pull back one strip of paper at a time. We got her a princess time car and it was all over after that. She got in, gangster leaned and just chilled while she watched Frozen. It was so damn cute. After all the fun I had to get ready for work. After work Melissa and I went to Walmart for a few things. It turned into a long night and we were both hangry by the end of it. We finally got to eat dinner and then we headed to bed.

 Thursday, we had some breakfast and we headed out. We stopped by and got some medicine, coffee and gas. After that we headed out to Monroe. We took a wrong turn and it added like 30 minutes to our drive time. We finally got to our nephews house. We got a tour and we say and talked for awhile. It was good seeing how good they were doing. After a couple hours, we headed in down the road. We went over to Melissa's brothers house. Melissa's car had a check engine light come on so we checked it out with a code reader when we got to her brothers house. We cleared the code and that was that. We talked for awhile and opened presents. I got a GameStop gift card and some other stuff. I'm exited cause I have no clue what game in going to buy. I want COD BO3, but I don't know if I can wait till we go to GameStop. We played a new game called Pie Face. The premise is you have to spin a wheel and however many numbers you get, you have to turn the lever and hope to not get whip cream in your face.

 Melissa and I, actually never got creamed. Ha ha. After that we headed on down the road and we picked up Melissa's mom. Then we headed to our other nephews house. I got lost a couple times and started to get angry, but we found it. We headed in and we got to eat some good food and just talk for awhile. We got to open more presents. We all just sat and talked about old times. It was a pretty good time. It was time for us to leave. We dropped off Melissa's mom at her house and then we headed home. Melissa had thrown in a toast before we left and now it had been in the crock pot a little too long. We were bummed about dinner. We headed upstairs to go to bed. 

 Friday morning, we slept in and then went downstairs. We made some coffee and then we opened some presents. We had some Christmas breakfast and then we relaxed. We got some amazing presents. I could see Melissa really liked what I got her I got some new Wii U games so we played some Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival. It was a lot of fun. The. We tried Yoshi's Woolly World. That was a lot of fun too. It reminded me of Little Big Planet. We watched some shows and we had some amazing open face baked roast sandwiches. 

 Saturday, we woke up and we had Melissa's mom come over to the house. We got super excited for more presents and good times. We all had some coffee and then we got to open presents. We opened the stockings first. I got some more Amiibos, some food gift cards and some cash. Melissa got some cash and some gift cards as well. I got some sweet graphic t shirts and I got Star Wars Battlefront. I hooked up my brand new Xbox One! and started doing all the updates and setting up. I couldn't even believe that I had got one and that it was sitting in my living room right now! Before I knew it, we had to leave for the Golden Corral buffet. We got there and there was no line and we started enjoying our food. After we all had our fill, it was time to leave and head home. When I got home, I disconnected the Xbox 360 and started routing the wiring for the Xbox One. I got all the cords and power packs setup and hid. I had to move my heavy ass entertainment center. I got everything back in order and I got to play some Battlefront. After awhile, we watched some shows and we relaxed and went to bed. 

 Sunday, we had to do some cleanup and had to get everything ready for our Christmas party. After awhile, all of our friends came over and we started chowing down on some food and treats. We had the football game going and it was all around fun. We got to open some presents and relax. Sunday night, people were headed out and we had some cleanup to do. We both had to work the next day so we cleaned all the party stuff up. After we were done cleaning, we watched some shows and we relaxed. I hope your Christmas was good, I know mine was. Till next time. 

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