Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekend review for 1/14 - 15/16.

 Friday night, still feeling like shit. I stopped by McDonalds for dinner and got Hotel Transylvania 2 for our movie. We had our food and watched our movie and we went to bed. 

 Saturday was a very busy day. I had to get my car ready to be borrowed by Melissa's mom. It has been sitting for almost four months and I knew the battery was going to be problems. So I pushed the car out of the garage next to the Jeep to jump start it. I got everything disconnected and cables hooked up. The battery was a no go. I had to put everything back together on the Jeep and lock up the car. We ran up to Oriellys to get a new battery, but it was time for my dentist appointment. So we drove there and it was time for my permanent crowns. Well I guess there was millimeters edge under one corner of the back one so they couldn't use it. So the front one got adjusted and fitted. The front one worked perfectly. They had no choice to use the back one as a temporary so they could order a new one. They adjusted the tooth and sat the crown. I was given shots in my gums for the numbing. After it was all over we ran home and I finished working on the car. I had to remember how to remove and install a battery. I got it all hooked up and everything put back in its place. The car fired right up. Now it was time to take to Les Schwab to fix the broken shock. We dropped it off and went home. We finally got to relax a little. We watched some shows and we were both trying to recover. After awhile they called and said the car was ready. We headed down there to pay and then we left. I headed to Ajs to pick up some dinner for later. We watched some more shows. Saturday night we streamed a movie and went to bed. 

 Sunday was the playoffs game with the Seahawks and the Panthers. I was trying to hurry up and clean so I could watch the game. The Panthers scored a touchdown and an extra point in 2 and a half minutes. Damn!! By halftime the Panthers were up 31 to zero. Damn!! It was an interesting game. The Seahawks did come back, but couldn't pull it off. So the Seahawks are out of super bowl running. Next up was the Broncos and the Steelers. I was rooting for the Steelers and they lost. Damn. So now I'm going to root for the Panthers against the Broncos. Sunday night we watched some more shows and we relaxed. Till next time. 

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