Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend review for 1/23 - 24/16.

 Friday night we had some McDonalds for dinner and the order got messed up. I hate when that happens. You look forward to what you ordered and then it's wrong. So after dinner we watched some shows and we went to bed. 

 Saturday, we had some errands to run to finish getting the car ready for Melissa's mom to use. I had to go get a car wash and an oil change. So after that, I met Melissa at her moms house. We showed her the car and got to get comfortable with it. After that it was time for amazing PF Changs for lunch. We ordered the lettuce wraps, 2 orders of Mongolian beef, white rice, sweet and sour chicken and some pork chow mein. The food was amazing. We all ate way too much, but it was worth it. After we had our full, it was time for some better than Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. It was so amazing. I asked how much a full cake was and they said it would be $70. Well you know what, I honestly would consider doing that. Ha ha. After lunch Melissa's mom went home and Melissa and I went to go see The 5th Wave with Chlöe Grace Moretz. It wasn't a bad movie, but it needed a little more. Like the premise is "waves" of alien invasion. They explained them okay, but I wanted more explanation of them. It could have lead to a sequel too, but it left too many plot holes. I'm glad we got an amazing date together though. We got home and Melissa made some awesome egg muffins for dinner. We watched some shows then headed upstairs and watched Chelsea Handler on Netflix. It wasn't too bad, it was kinda slow and I guess it's a series. 

 Sunday we had hella shit to do. We have Melissa's mom coming over on Friday to help Melissa with her dental appointment and our house was clean, but it needed to cleaned more. Like the shower and all that. So we cleaned all the sinks, counters, showers and mirrors. Then we did our regular house work. It was a crazy ass day. After that we had some lunch. Melissa made some nuggets, Mac and cheese and some cottage cheese. Damn, I was getting spoiled this weekend. Ha ha. I watched the games and I was very disappointed in the Bronco Patriot game. The Broncos won by two points. The Panther and Cardinal game was crazy. It was 54 to 18 Panthers. So Super Bowl 50 is Broncos against Panthers. It's going to be a crazy game. Till next time. 

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