Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Weekend review for 2/13, 14, 15/16.

 Friday night, I stopped by Albertsons to get a flower and some cake and cheesecake. Thy didn't have any of the cheesecakes so I just got the cake. I got home and it was time for our three day weekend. Melissa got Wendy's for dinner, we ate and we watched some shows. We headed to bed after awhile. 

 Saturday, we got up and we got ready to go see Deadpool in the movie theaters. We got there early and the theater was t even open yet. We finally got inside and we got our breakfast. We got the Cinnabon bites, a soda and a water for Melissa. We've never had breakfast at the theater, but it worked out really good. So the movie, I thought it was really dan good. It made us both laugh and there was plenty of action. Now what's weird, they changed his origin story. According to the comics and the movies, Deadpool was an experiment. He got infused with all sorts of different mutants powers. He got infused with adamantium, healing, regeneration, Cyclops' laser sight and a bunch of other stuff. He still had cancer, but his new healing fought off new cancer cells, but not his old cancer cells. This movie, he get injected with something and they removed his oxygen to bring out the mutant gene. It was still a good movie, but I like the old origin better. They had Colossus in it, that was cool. Bottoms line is I'm buying it the day it comes out and I want the special edition. I even told Melissa, that I will buy a Deadpool shirt. After the movie, we headed up to Cristianos for lunch. We had some really good pasta, fried ravioli and some amazing garlic bread. After that we went to the new frozen yogurt place. I tried the cheesecake flavor, Melissa got s swirl and a whole bunch of toppings. We headed home to relax. We watched some shows. 

 Sunday, was our other Saturday so we got up and did nothing. We watched some shows and we played some Lego  Jurassic World. Sunday night we ordered Papa Johns heart pizza. It was on flat bread and we didn't like it too much. We streamed a movie and we went to bed. 

 Monday, we got up and got ready to go. We headed up to Target to do some shopping. We met with some friends and we stared walking the store. I was trying to find some World Of Nintendo figures. They had a few, but not the ones I wanted. I went to the video game section and they still had The Last Of Us for $20 so I grabbed it. I also got Lego Avengers for the Wii U, a new Amiibo and some Amiibo cards. After Target, we headed over to Payless Shoes to get some sneakers for Melissa and our neice. We decided to treat ourself to lunch so we went to Jack In The Box. We ordered and of course when we got home Melissa's order was fucked up. I played some Last Of Us and then we watched some shows. We watched The Grammys  and then Melissa headed to bed. I watched some Diesel Brothers and headed to bed. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time. 

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