Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Video game minute.

So I though this might happen. So last week I started this video game minute hoping unwound have something to write about. Well my schedule at work changed so now I don't have my time at night to play any games. I'm gonna have to carve out some hours on the weekends now, which is fine, but we get busy on the weekends. And when am I going to get time for my Raspberry Pi or Ouya? No clue, but I'll figure it out. So Raspberry Pi just released a new version. It has a quad core processor with 1.2 per core, built in wifi and Bluetooth and its 64bit, but can still run 32bit with according to them, 50 percent more speed then Raspberry Pi 2. That's impressive, the only thing that has really changed is the power requirements. Now it's 2.5 amps out, but it's still $35 bucks! Damn!! So people were running PS1 games on the 2, just imagine what they might be able to on 3. 

 So my birthday is this weekend and I had an idea on what game I want to buy. I really think Far Cry Primal sounds and looks like fun. So I'm gonna get for the Xbox One and I was thinking about getting the iOS lightning jump drive. It hooks up to all things iOS and then to your computer with USB so you can transfer pictures and videos. Right now I'm using different things to backup our phones and it's a pain in the ass. I just hope it works out. So here's to hoping for a more intuitive video game minute next week. Till next time. 

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