Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend review for 3/19 - 20/16.

 So Friday, after work and battling traffic, I had a dentist appointment to go to. That was so amazing to do after a long busy as hell week. So my filling I had done two weeks prior either broke or cracked and it exposed my root. The dentist had to redo the filling all over again. So I got the dentist done and went home. So mouth and face was numb so I couldn't eat for awhile. It finally was going away so we had some dinner. After dinner, we watched some shows and we went to bed. 

 Saturday, we woke up and we had some coffee and breakfast. After that I got to play some Tomb Raider while Melissa played Animal Crossing on the ds. We headed out and went grocery shopping. After shopping we went to McDonald's for lunch. We got to sit inside and it was actually nice and relaxing. After lunch we headed over to the movie theater to watch 10 Cloverfield Lane. So I read an article and JJ Abrams, said it was loosely based off of Cloverfield. The previews looked pretty good so we were excited. We got in the theater and found our seats. So the movie was good and Hohn Goodman is an amazing actor he played his part very well. The movie leaves you hanging for a more complete ending, but not was worth seeing. After the movie, we finished grocery shopping. We got home and I started mowing the lawn. After the lawn I setup a trial of Hulu so we could watch Party Down South. What nobody tells you is, some shows take you to the shows website to watch them. Meaning we signed up for nothing cause we couldn't watch the show anyways. So I quickly canceled the trial because they didn't have any shows or movies we wanted to watch. We watched some other shows and we went upstairs and we streamed some movies. 

 Sunday, we had some breakfast and I built a new cart for our neice. I got to play some Tomb Raider and we watched more shows. Sunday night, we made some manicotti and it was amazing. We watched some more shows and we headed to bed. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time. 

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