Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Video game minute.

 So over the weekend, I downloaded Pokemon go to see what is all about. So I never went out an walked, I just sat around and caught a few. I started working on trying to build them up and evolve them. No remember, this is the first Pokemon game I have ever played and I don't know what all to do. So the little information I got, I feel like it's working out okay. I got a couple rats, worms and birds. I upgraded the rat and the work. Now it's hard trying to catch those ones to get more stuff to upgrade them more. I was mad cause I upgraded a bird then I caught one that was higher then mine, what the hell? So I finally got to a stop thing and I was hoping for more balls, but that didn't happen, I got three balls. Mine keeps not wanting to connect and mine freaked out when I caught something and it disappeared, damn. I know it's a new game, but damn. 

 I have been playing more Red Dead and I'm having fun. I even got an hour in last night. I'm still not very far, but I'm making good progress. I'm still mad about losing all my other game progress. I am still waiting for 7 Days To Die to be at Redbox. I found another game that looks pretty cool it's called Recore for the Xbox One. It's supposed to have ever changing environments due to the changing weather and sand storms. I think it's definitely a rent and maybe a buy. All this boils down to a lot of new games coming out for a lot of time consumption. Well that's what I got for now, till next time.  

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