Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Weekend review for 7/2, 3 - 4/16.

 Three day weekend has come to a conclusion. Friday I got to leave work from a closer location so I wasn't stuck in holiday travel traffic. Friday night we watched some shows and we went to bed. 

 Saturday, we woke up and had some breakfast. After that, we got Melissa's car ready for an oil change and emissions. Her car has been sitting for awhile now. I hooked up the battery and it started right up. We moved the other car out of the way and we were on our way. We got to the oil change and we had forgotten the coupon for it and the emissions paper. Damn, what a way to start the day, anyways we got the car done and the guy hooked us up with a discount. After that, we headed to emissions. I have been stressed out so bad over it passing or not. So her check engine light came on a few months ago. We checked the code and it was for the coolant sensor. Okay, fine, we got the part and it was time for me to do it. Got my tools out and I didn't have the correct socket. So I now had to drive the car I was working on that needed to be cold, awesome. I got the socket and now I had to let it cool down. I finally got to work on it. I dropped the tools, I dropped the socket. I thought I had to take the lower engine cover off, al of this. Finally got the old sensor out and more fluid poured out then I thought would have. Got the new one in and the check engine light never went off, damn! So now it's  Google time, we found you have to in hook the battery, okay, I did, no good, still on. I had to unhook it again and let it sit longer. Well it worked and the light went out. After the oil change we went to the emissions test and after a little bit, it passed. I was so relieved and the stress went away. Now it was time for lunch. We went to Ajs Burgers and it was amazing. We got home ate some lunch and watched some shows. Later, we streamed some movies and went to bed. 

 Sunday, we woke up and it was time to start some house work. I mowed the lawn and power edged. My Fitbit said that I was active for 76 minutes. Holy shit that's a long time. After working my ass off, I got to order Batman bs Superman cause we had a Barnes And Noble credit. That was sweet and I got a Dobby Funko pop. So 4 bucks for a pop and a movie, hell yeah. I was trying to fix one of our garage door openers and that was a no go, it was legit broken. I had to order a new one from Amazon. I got to move my game saves and ROMs from my Nook to a jump drive for my Ouya. I finally got to install my Bluetooth adapter on the laptop and try the Wii U pro controller and it didn't work. I have no clue what that's about, but whatever. I tried the pro controller on my Nook and it worked awesome. We watched some shows and then we made dinner. It was amazing, we made pulled bbq chicken burgers with corn on the cob and salad. Oh my god was it so good, we are definite making that again. It was only 1000 calories which is what I'm shooting for at dinner and lunches. We went upstairs, watched some more shows and went to bed. 

 Monday was the fourth so we went to Walmart and grabbed some stuff then we went to see The Purge 3. It was really good. 1 and 2 were more detailed and a little better, but 3 held its own. I am definitely going to buy it when it comes out. After the movie we headed to our friends house for their party. I told Melissa that this was my chest day and I was going to eat whatever I wanted and how much I wanted and she was like go for it. I had three burgers, three small pieces of cake and a cookie. I was so full and I didn't eat all of that in the same sitting, but man was I full. We hung out and it was nice relaxing. We didn't even have dinner cause we were both still so full. We got home and it was time for bed. I hope you had a good weekend. Till next time. 

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