Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend review for 8/20 - 21/16.

 Friday night, Melissa got home from grocery shopping and brought Taco Bell hike for dinner. We had our dinner and watched the Netflix series Stranger Things. It's interesting, but kinda slow. Slow has been the theme for some of the shows we have been watching. The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead are hella slow. We watched an episode and went to bed. 

 Saturday, we woke up and got ready for our day. We had an appointment at United Tint & Customs for the truck. We wanted to get the front grill emblem covered, the rear emblem removed and the front windows tinted. We got to the place and we sat and waited. All of a sudden three cars filled with dudes start rolling up and I was like oh shit what's about to happen. They parked and I got out and it was the owner and workers. The owner came over and we started talking about what we wanted to do. So the front he said no problem and asked if we wanted matte finish on it. We said yes. We walked around back and I said I wanted the red gmc lettering removed and if you can't then I wanted it debadged. He said that he couldn't remove the red or the badge. I said well I was looking for chrome on chrome. He said how about we wrap it. He went to get some chrome vinyl and put it over the red gmc and it was it. That was what I was looking for. He said what else do you want to do. We said we eventually wanted to debadge the rest of the truck, halo lights for the headlights, led lights for the fog lights, smoke or paint the tail lights and runs and tires. He said about $500 just to bake the head lights open before even installing the halo lights. I said okay well that would have to wait. He said lets look at the tail lights. He brought out some smoked vinyl and put it on the tail light. It was so smooth and we said yup that's it. So we agreed on the grill, tail gate, windows and tail lights. They took the keys and pulled it in. Melissa and I went inside and sat down. We waited for a teriyaki place next door to open so we could have lunch. We had lunch and it was amazing. We finished and headed back to the shop. They finished and we were amazed. 

 So they said it will take a few days for the air bubbles and everything to calm down and we are like okay. So after the shop, we headed down to get some gas and hit Walmart. We got home and we started noticing the edges of the tai lights looked really bad and there was a piece of the film coming up. 

 And as you can see, the edges don't lol very good. So I will be going back to get it fixed. No one else is going to put up with a crappy job on their Escalade or Benz so why do I have to? We had to do the Sunday stuff Saturday cause we were busy on Sunday. We got the laundry and other house stuff done. We started binge watching The Walking Dead in Netflix and we just relaxed. After awhile, we started watching Stranger Things. We had our dinner and watched more shows. We headed upstairs and watched more Netflix and we went to bed. 

 Sunday, we woke up and got ready to go to our great nephews birthday party. We picked up our neice and we went to the party. We got there and we relaxed. Our nephew was excited at everyone being there. We had our lunch and I went way overboard with calories and I was still coming down from the shock of gaining 1.2 pounds. I had all sorts of food and it felt like I was making up for lost time with my food obsession. Well this week I have kicked some ass for being working the range and not going over. I have cut my lunches down in calories so I'm good for dinner and al that. Sunday when we got home I had to mow the lawn so I got that done and we had some new light Mac and cheese dinner. It was super good. We watched some shows and we went to bed. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time. 

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