Friday, October 28, 2011

Beautiful Clear Fall Night.

A beautiful clear Fall night. Serenity at it's greatest. No people, no problems, just breath taking beauty in a normal night.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cellphone pic Thursday 10-27-11

So I have been feeling like shit lately. I have had a cold for like 2 weeks. That's why I haven't been posting. It's not like people are really worried if I post or not ha ha. Oh well. Enjoy the picture. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

I can't be crazy, I just can't be, can I?

So obviously, I am not going crazy per se, but I am seeing more of this. These "smart" cars, and their stalking of me. Why in the hell are you singling me out! Huh?! I have done nothing to you, and your kind. If anything, I was supportive of you, and the people that drive you. For the love of god, leave me alone!

Haha, no really I don't have a problem. It's just funny as hell, to see these cars in your review mirrors.

Were not gonna have a zombie apocalypse, were gonna have a small car infestation.

Happy Friday, enjoy the weekend. 

Monday, October 17, 2011


I hope everyone had a good weekend. Here we are again on a Monday. I don't really know what to write. So I'm going to write about decorating, and carving pumpkins. Not how to do it, but that we did it. And it was fun. Beware the evil pumpkin, with the innocent eyes! Enjoy the picture's below. Hopefully my next post will actually have something in it.

I'm Soo gonna get you! Don't let the eyes fool you!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Beautiful Fall sunset.

Being in the Pacific Northwest has it's benefits. This is one of them.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I hate computers!

I cannot stand computers, and all the bullshit associated with said computers. We had a Trojan, on our laptop. OK, whatever. I got it booted up and copied all 40 gigs worth of pictures, videos, and docs. I copied all that to an external hard drive, 2 hours later! I wipe the laptop, and reinstall through the recovery sub system. I hate recovery sub systems. I like to clean install, it saves time and problems later. I love how computer manufacturers, don't include re installation DVDs. We paid for this fucking expensive ass laptop, and you wanting to save a couple bucks, can't include a re installation DVD!? Really!? So when I first booted this new laptop it says to make a "recovery"  DVD. So 2 DVDs later, I figure I'm good. Cut to Sunday fucking night, when all this Trojan this, virus that started. I start the "recovery" method and it formats, and re installs the OS. I boot up and of course it's all different. It's not the new shiny different, it's the "you just fucked this up, and now you have to make it pretty again, different" so it installed all the factory bloat ware, that I forgot was on there in the first place. I start uninstalling all this shit. Then you have to remember, not only do you have to uninstall, you have to delete the file folders too. Then on top of all that it's a 64 bit environment, so that means that there is two different file systems, x86, and x64. If you use 64 bit versions you know what I'm talking about. So I go into both 64 bit, and 32 bit, file systems and start deleting the programs folders. then I start installing like the important stuff. This over a four day period mind you, and I'm still not done. I removed the crap ass Office 2010 trial shit, and I install my Office CD and guess what? The file associations don't fucking associate! You are a goddamn Word doc, why will you not associate? So I have Word docs that don't know what they are! (Don't even get me started on the move from .doc to .docx Really!?) Anyways I have to delete the file folder in the systems properties of the different X crap, uninstall my Office, and reinstall, finally it works. The Word files are finally associated. I downloaded Picasa, and I still had my external drive hooked up, so it decided hey I'm gonna grab these pics too, k. So now I have to uninstall, and delete the file folder in the X environments. Re download Picasa and have it find just what I want it to. Then I load Picasa, and it fucks up all the file folder dates! Really!? I do not have folders from 2006 on my laptop Picasa! Stop saying I do!  So I move on, whatever with 2006 and Picasa. I download iTunes, and it downloads great, but I see that it's 10.5, not 10.4.3 or whatever the fuck it was. So I download the update on my desktop, I figure might as fucking well, while I'm here. It downloads, I copy over my movies, and TV shows from the laptops backup, to the iTunes folder. Guess what? It doesn't recognize the new shit I put in there. So I drag and drop them into iTunes,(can I just say that when you're pissed off typing, and have to put a lower case"i"in front of an upper case "T" it pisses me off even more!) it finally recognizes the shit, but now it's like I can't even click movies, or TV shows. What the fuck! I'm running out of time, I'm doing this in the morning before I have to go to work. So basically I have no clue what the fuck is going on with two computers. I still have more fucking shit to put on the laptop, and now figure out what's going on with the desktop. At least I got the printer shared. Victory is mine!

I still have no clue what this Trojan, and Virus was? It killed the Windows fire wall completely, and left it open. It would replicate itself even after multiple virus scans, and three different removal programs. I just have no fucking clue!

What I do know, is I need a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device. And I need to backup my shit to multiple locations. And I need some RAID-1 love too. So if one fails, I have a redundant back up for the backup, for the original backup. I wish I had an Amazon, or Google, server farm at my disposal.

Till next time, make a backup, of your backup, to save time when you need it.

Subtitle hilarity.

So I was watching Scary Movie, with the subtitles on. When I saw this, I was laughing so hard. I hope you can see what was so funny to me.

Chi chi chi, aw aw aw. Halloween's Michael Myers' sound. Haha. How would a def person know what this meant? I still don't understand.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wedding memorie bliss.

Yesterday was my one year wedding anniversary. I was flooded with all those happy, wonderful memories. I will always remember that day. Happy anniversary babe, you are what makes life worth living. I love you.

The cake on our wedding day.
The cake a year later.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A year ago...

A year ago today I married my best friend. My best friend has been there for me, when no one else was. My best friend means the world to me, and is my world. Lately I have really been thinking about the meaning of finding the person who was meant for you. I have come to the conclusion, Melissa was made for me.

My life would not be complete if you were not in it. I thank you, for being a part of my life. We have come so far in one year. Most people in our shoes would not have been able to make it. We are a team, we complete each other. I am proud of the girlfriend, turned wife you have become.

Melissa, I love you more than words can say. Happy One Year Anniversary, I love you, and cherish you. To many more years to come. Thank you for being you.


I thought it was pretty cool how all the decorations looked at night.  It's a bad picture but you, get the point.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Redbox misadventure.

So this morning Melissa, and I were talking and we wanted to rent some movies. I remembered that we got a Redbox machine closer to our house, yay. I went to created an account, and setup my favorites machines including the new one closer to my house. I click that machine and start browsing. I found the 2 movies we wanted, X-Men First Class, and Scream 4. Cool, I put them in my cart checked out, I'm good to go. I leave for work, and stop by the machine to get the movies. I select reservation, it says swipe my card, I do, and nothing. An error message pops up. What the fuck! I try this 11 more times, and nothing. I call the customer service (very nice and helpful by the way, and in English) I tell the lady what's going on, give her my info, and she says, "Sir, I'm sorry your reservations are at another machine" I'm like what the hell (to myself, I'm not going to yell at this lady for my mistake) I said, "OK, thank you" She says, "They are in machine "A" at this location" I say, "Thank you, again" I go to the machine "A" swipe my card, and guess what? Nothing, fucking happens! I swipe my card 3 more times, and nothing. I go to machine "B" swipe my card, voila got my movies. I am so pissed off at this point, it's raining, it's windy, oh and that's right, I AM HEADING TO WORK! I have a 50 minute drive.

Moral of the story? double check what machine you reserved from! No ones to blame for this but myself. I am not blaming Redbox in any kind of way. Redbox is a really good service, and we have not had any problems with them at all. Customer service was the best I have had in YEARS!

Till next time. 

I don't even know what to call this?

So my wife, Melissa, has been under the weather lately. Her mom came over to visit on Saturday. We all hung out just tried to catch up. Monday comes, and they're talking on the phone and in the middle of the conversation:

Melissa: Sometimes I freak out.

Mom: Well honey, maybe you need some anxiety pills? I have some you can have.

Melissa: How would I be able to get them from you?

Mom: Well honey, I can mail them to you?

Melissa: Mom! No that's illegal!

Mom: Well honey, it might help you? I will tape them to a card for you. 

Melissa: No that's illegal! Do not tape them to a card!

Mom: OK honey.

Cut to last night

We get a package in the mail from her mom. This would be the most obvious package to be inspected too lol.

I was like holy shit! She actually sent you this? What the fuck!

A get well card. Not pills.

Nope just a get well card ha ha. That made me and Melissa laugh, we really needed that.

Feel better babe, I love you.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stuck behind the Death Trailer from Hell!

So last night when I was driving home from my traumatic experience of being stalked by the Smart Car. I was being toyed with, by another car. I am really not sure of what to make of this. Why are these cars messing with me? I have like a 50 minute drive home. so I see a lot of crap ass drivers. Some drunk, some swerving, and just plain bad drivers. Nothing new to me, but when it comes to this Death Trailer from Hell! I have some issues. I switched lanes, and I am in the middle lane. I see this thing in the corner of my eye, and it switches lanes too. Right in front of my eyes, it's the Death Trailer from Hell. I see this bullshit ass trailer, and this shits leaning, and sagging lower then it supposed to. I don't see sparks or anything, (I think I probably would have drove on the shoulder at that point). I can't switch lanes because it's a cluster fuck of cars around me. Dammit, just dammit, so miles, upon miles, I am stuck behind this Death Trailer from Hell. I decided to take pictures of it on my phone, so at least they would have proof of this Death Trailer hitting me if it had happened. I know the driver (insert demigod name here) wouldn't have had stopped anyways. So below is my attempt of taking pictures of the Death Trailer. The pictures are blurry because I believe the trailer had powers to thwart my attempts at taking it's picture, to identify it later. Well you know Mr. Trailer from Hell, I did it, I have the proof. Blurriness be damned!

My first attempt, thwarted by supernatural powers. Or by me taking a picture while driving?
Last attempt, all the proof I needed. I got you Death Trailer from Hell!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Insert witty title here.

So it's Tuesday, what really would one say about Tuesday? Some people have taco Tuesday. Some people have "titty" Tuesday (I was going to post a link to Coco's Twitter page, but I didn't want to get in trouble.). And some have plain old Tuesday. Well today for me at least, is better than Monday. So I'm already doing better. I really didn't have anything to write about today, but the picture below made me laugh all the way to the parking garage. So I had to write a post to incorporate the picture, ha ha. 

So when I first saw this, I was thinking to myself, "You know this is kinda intimidating" and it made me laugh even more. Enjoy, hopefully Wednesday, will have something to actually talk about.

It's really not intimidating, but if you tell people it is, it builds the reaction up better for a laugh. The stalking of the smart car.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday, Monday.

Man, sometimes I wish there were no weekends, then you wouldn't have to deal with Monday's. Did I seriously just write that? No weekends, are you kidding me?! I guess I haven't had enough coffee yet or something. I just hate Monday's, it's hard getting back to the grind. Well I am glad to say that we were successfully able to decorate for Halloween. Below are some pictures that I took during this process. I am so glad it's done, and I don't have to decorate anymore. I love decorating but it's a lot of work. I still have to find something to put on my front door, to scare the shit out of those kids. I will find something, it's my goal, I just have to. Start decorating now, because you only have 28 more days to enjoy it.

So I used this cool effect called "grunge" It look's spook-tacular to me. (You know. for Halloween)
We didn't end up using the blood but I thought it looked cool, so here ya go.

Everday I'm shufflin'. Updated.

Have you ever just been driving and you cannot find the song you want to listen to? Then all of a sudden a song comes on you're like hell ya! and start dancing and signing in the car! Everyday for me it's a fight to find just the right song. I will shuffle through a 100 songs to find the one I want. Then I'm like yup, and turn it up and start jamming. I start dancing, and singing, people driving around me are like what the fuck is that? Ha ha, I'm like whatever, I'm having fun. I remember one time I was at a red light, and Groovin - by the Rascals came on, I turned it up, and people that were crossing the street, stopped and stared, and then started smiling. I was making everyone's day just a little bit better. Then some days you're just like, why did I even get outta bed? So I try to find some pissed off music to make me feel better. My latest song for a pissed off pep talk of sorts is Korn featuring Skrillex - Get up. That is a bad ass song, it gets you going. I start yelling the lyrics, and be all sorts of pissed off, and then I feel better.

Update: I'm adding some of the lyrics to Korn featuring Skrillex - Get Up, song because I feel that it is such a good song, and needs to be heard. Just in case you haven't heard it, you can get a feeling of it here. 

I am clearly broken
And no one knows what to do
Pieces of the puzzles don't fit so I pound them into you

Times are looking grim these days
Holding on to everything
It's hard to draw the line

Shut the fuck up, get up!
Shut the fuck up, get up!
Shut the fuck up, get up! 

I can't wait to rip my eyes out and look at you
Peace through pain is precious
'specially when it's done by you

Times are looking grim these days
Holding on to everything
It's hard to draw the line
And I, I'm hiding in this empty space
Tortured by my memories

Of what I left behind 

Shut the fuck up, get up!
Shut the fuck up, get up!
Shut the fuck up, get up! 

This is an extremely good song to me, and has such raw emotions.

Music can be the support, or the release you need. I have always loved music. I remember as a kid, my mom would blast this cabinet stereo she had. She would turn on 99.9 KISW, and like AC/DC would be blaring out of the cabinet. It is some of the best memories I have of back then. When I was older, I started purchasing stereo equipment. I bought a receiver, and some speakers. I started my own ritual of blaring my music. Well one day, I guess I had it louder than what I thought because, I had a pounding at my door. I turned down the music, and the cops were there. Luckily I got a warning, but these instances would keep happening. I actually had to go to court for these "disturbances". Everything turned out fine but that would be the end of my loud stereo sessions. I won't ever forget the fun, I had.

Basically, music has a meaning, and a feeling to it. I will always love finding the new "it" song to have new memories.