Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Midweek update.

 So today is Wednesday so it is time for the midweek update. Okay so let's start. The Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl. That's amazing. The city of Seattle threw a parade for the Seahawks. Both fields, Century Link and Safeco are sold out for viewings of it. That's pretty impressive. The running total of spectators is 500,000 and counting! Damn! I can't wait to watch it later. Of course I am at work while it's going on. Oh well. So I got more progress done on one story. I just want to write as good as I can. This story is really exciting for me. So stay tuned for that. I've decided since I resurrected one story I'm going to resurrect another. I wanted it to fit into a predetermined timeline and I just don't think that will happen. If I did that it would be a filler story and I don't like those, so I'm creating my own timeline break. That's how creativity thrives is by someone daring to be different. So all together I am working on five different short stories. I have one close to completion. Yay me. Other midweek news I found a couple new songs you should check out, the first is called: Diplo - Revolution and the second is called: A$AP Rocky - Wild for the night featuring Skrillex. Now I know these are probably older songs but they're new to me. I started playing a new game The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past. I know, I know you're like Ben that's 22 years old. And I will say, you're right, but I never played it when it came out. The power of emulators to relive childhood dreams is awesome. Well that's it for the midweek update. Till next time. 

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