Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend review 2/15/14 - 2/16/14.

 Friday was Valentines day. I had to work, so we couldn't go out till Saturday. Friday afternoon, I bought some fresh bagels from Blazing Bagels. They even had a heart shaped bagel, of course I had to buy that. That night I stopped off and got some treats for Melissa, for Valentines day. Instead of going out on Friday night, Melissa got the Papa Murphy's heart shaped pizza and a salad for dinner. She rented a couple of movies for us, the first one was Riddick with Vin Diesel. It's actually the third movie of the series. And she rented Carrie (2013) with Chloe Grace Moretz. I think she did an amazing job in the portrayal of Carrie. That's pretty cool in itself. The effects were amazing. I feel it stayed true to the original. Riddick, I will buy for my collection. I guess I'm getting older, so I look at movies differently. Riddick was a really good movie and I think Vin Diesel is an amazing actor and is the epitome, of Riddick. My only kinda gripe is, Riddick is a ruthless killer. It's running through his veins. He had his eyes changed, so he can see in the dark. That means something. This movie is still bad ass Riddick but a little more mature Riddick. He has feelings and emotions, that was kinda weird to see but refreshing.

 Saturday, we had our fresh bagels from Blazing Bagels, then we went over to our friends house to visit her and see how she was doing after her surgery. We stopped at Redbox to drop off our movies and rented some more. Melissa wanted Don Jon with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I wanted Ender's Game. After that we headed to Ixtapa restaurant for some amazing Mexican food. After we ate too much Mexican food, we headed to the movie theater to see Endless Love. Yes, yes it is a chick flick but for our Valentines day dates, we try and see a love story movie. The movie was kinda slow but it was a really good movie. When actors and actresses, are actually good at acting, they can make the movie believable and that's what I love. It could a be "B" movie and if you believe what you are seeing, it will be an amazing movie. We had some stormy weather over the weekend. Melissa and I, have a bad weather curse for going to the theater. When there is bad weather, the theater normally loses power. so almost to the end of the movie, the power blinked or whatever it did and we lost the projector. Lights came on, so we sat there and waited for something to happen and they finally got the movie going. The restarted the movie for us and we got to see the end. After the movie, we went home to finish our date night. We popped in Don Jon and cuddled on the couch. Don Jon was, in my opinion stupid and a waste of time. Melissa took the movie and watched it herself as I watched Ender's Game. Ender's Game was really cool, weird, out there, wild, crazy, just weird. It was visually stunning, with a concept that has been done before but it did it in a new way. I'm glad, movie companies are trying new things, or at least trying a new direction for old movie plots. Melissa, actually ended up not liking don Jon either.

 Sunday, was a long chore filled day. We had some molehills to take care of.

Little bastard piles of dirt.

 We heard that pet feces, coffee grounds and dryer sheets repel moles and gophers. Earlier in the week I got some used coffee grounds from Starbucks. They give away bags full of them for people to take for free for gardening. I gathered up my supplies and headed out to conquer the hills. I scooped the excess dirt away and placed some cat bombs and coffee grounds in the holes then I would cover them up again. We had about 10 or so dirt piles. That was a lot of dirt to remove and holes to fill in. Well I was finally finished and started working on other chores. Melissa, noticed that there was a dirt pile again and asked if I had forgotten one. I looked over to where she was looking and the little bastard came back less than an hour after I was done working. we called our friend up and he brought over some traps to set up. We will see how it goes. Well as you can tell, this was a action packed weekend review. I hope you had a good weekend. Till next time.

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