Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Midweek update.

 Let's see, I actually don't have much for this update. I told you about my four and half hour ordeal for my Comcast modem and that is actually didn't really help the wifi speed.

 Video games
I have been kinda playing around with some ROMs and emulators.I came across this website that only works for Safari, where you can play your NES ROMs in the browser. You have to have a Dropbox account and ROMs inside your Dropbox for it to work. The catch, yes there is always a catch. It is slow as hell and very glitchy. See the pic below for proof of concept.

 That's all I really have for video games. I do want to rent Destiny and see what all the hype is about.

No music updates.

Here's some random pics from the internet. The iPhone pictures are not my iPhone, I was looking for size comparison pictures.

iPhone 6 plus is massive.
The iPhone 6 looks like a good upgrade from the 4S.

 Well that 's what I got for this update, till next time.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend review for 9/20/14 - 9/21/14.

 Friday night we watched some Big Brother After Dark then we popped in our Netflix movie. It had Anne Hathaway in it. Horrible movie, with horrible accents. We actually fast forwarded it and didn't look back.

I woke up and had to call Comcast because of our slow ass Internet. So after no joke, 4 1/2 hours, I was finished setting up a new modem cause the other one went bad. I was so pissed I wasted that many hours and my wifi was better but still not amazing. Whatever. So after this hours of waste, I had to start downloading the iOS 8 update for Melissa's phone. It didn't take too long, but ti should have been faster. I then downloaded the update for Melissa's iPad mini. All in all I'm glad that my wifi and internet was back up and running. Saturday night, we just watched some shows and went to bed. 

We had our normal stuff to do. Yard work sucks ass. After we were all done, I decided to re download the file that was taking over and hour to download. After halfway there was an "network error" and my download canceled itself. Okay, fine whatever, I retry it and what do you know it failed again now this was all on wifi that was supposed to be fixed. I plugged in an Ethernet cable and re downloaded it again for the third time and it finally worked. I hate paying for something that doesn't work like it should. That's about it, i hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

Friday, September 19, 2014

End of the week midweek update.

 Midweek update. I actually forgot today was Wednesday and that I had the midweek update to do. Let's see today iOS8 was released onto the masses and like everyone else I wanted to download and install it on my iPhone 4S. I cleared some space, made two backups of my phone and used iTunes to download it. We're set to go, after a little bit my phone was ready. First thing I noticed was it is definitely made for bigger screens. My pictures in text messages are huge. Next thing I noticed was the row of predictive text. I do have an Android tablet so I'm used to that but on a small screen its really weird. It works well though. 

 The next thing I saw was the Emoji button icon changed to a smiley face.

 I'm still digging into it, but there is quite a few changes. The screen size will be an issue and it will take some time getting used to it. So obviously this post is late, but now I have more time to add more about iOS 8 update. One of the biggest features missing is the camera roll! It's gone and it might not be back. I read a couple forums and they are pissed too. One of the work arounds are creating a new folder and adding every picture to it and calling it camera roll. Here in lies the problem, every new picture wouldn't show up. Maybe Apple will release an update for it? Other news, my iPhone 4S got the time lapse camera option. I can now send pictures from the lock screen which I couldn't before. It was actually really annoying when you had to take a picture then close the app, go to the camera roll and then send the picture. Battery life is a little worse than before, but it's to be expected. I still haven't dove into all of the features, but I soon enough. 

 Video games 
I have been trying to try some mame roms and I have had no luck with them. My internet has been absolute shit so downloading different roms and emulators is extremely difficult to do. It should not take over an hour for one gig! So needless to say, video games are off the table for awhile and I'm not happy. 

Nothing here either. 

Enjoy what I found on the Internet.

 Side note, I forgot to put this in my weekend review. What noise from a dryer can make a grown man almost cry?

 A metal clanging noises coming from the dryer and you think it's the heating coil going out. Luckily it was only this bobby pin. Well that's it for now, till next time.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend review for 9/13/14 - 9/14/14.

 Friday night
We watched a little Big Brother After Dark, then I popped in Captain America The Winter Soldier. Melissa started talking shit about Chris Evans and I wasn't having it. I turned the movie up louder and commenced my movie experience. So there has been other Marvel movies come out, but the last Marvel movie, with Avenger characters in it was Thor The Dark World. Obviously I have re-watched movies again, but I don't remember seeing the teaser for Captain America in the credits. I try and not read plot lines, or summaries of movies I really want to see, so I will be genuinely surprised or pissed off. Captain America, was not really one of my favorites, but Chris Evans and both movies, really make me like and look forward to seeing the movies. Chris Evans, I thought did very well as Johnny Storm in the Fantastic 4 remakes, so seeing him in another superhero movie  was very cool. Anyways, I'm getting away from Winter Soldier. I won't give anything away from the movie, but why can't they throw in another character besides Black Widow? Tony Stark's tower is shown in the movie. Where's a Iron Man suit cameo? Where's Bruce Banner? Where's Thor? They don't have to play huge roles, but lot's of stuff is going down and they're nowhere to be found. It get's kinda annoying when they're best buds in one movie, then complete strangers in the next.

 Side rant, why do we have to wait four goddamn years for a X-Men sequel? Why does X-Men get put on the back burner? Why does some obscure out of nowhere comic get a movie? (Scroll down to development for the obscure reference.) So in 2018 we will get an new X-Men movie after wading through obscure comics? Really!? Whatever, rant over, back to Winter Soldier. When I watch Captain America it kinda feels a little thrown together. The story doesn't really flow in parts and some stuff it feels like, hey let's throw this in for the fun of it. It was a good movie and I will buy it for my collection, but some stuff feels lacking for me. There's a scene when Fury and Steve Rogers talk about Tony Stark building repulsors for the helicarriers that feels kinda out of place. The weird quasi relationship between Romanoff and Steve feels weird. It was a good movie, but I don't know how it will continue the storyline?

We got to relax again, I transferred over the rest of my movies and ROMs from my office computer to the game room server. Saturday night, we watched After Earth with Will and Jaden Smith. Melissa and I, both thought it was a good movie and we couldn't see why it got bad reviews. The only thing I didn't like was Jaden's voice and the way he talked kinda got to me after awhile.

we had our normal house stuff to do. I found in my ROM collection, a game that Melissa used to play all the time, so I fired it up and we played for a little bit. I screwed up the save state a few times, so we had to start the level over again.I thought it was very cool that she got into it like she did. I know I have an in for either an Ouya or a Raspberry Pi with emulators and my ROMs on them. It's awesome how something like that can bring back better days like when you were a kid. Well I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Midweek update.

 Okay I have big news, I built the Windows XP computer that I am going to turn into a Plex server. The good news, the 35 dollar terabyte hard drive I bought at that yard sale worked flawlessly. It was actually RAW and never been touched, double score for me. I installed my Windows XP I bought years ago and we were good to go. Bad news, the first couple nights I was trying to update it, the updates wouldn't work and it wouldn't let me register it. The good news, It finally registered and I didn't have to do some registry hack or something. So after 135 or so updates, I have a stable build of windows XP Media Center Edition, with a terabyte 960 gig hard drive, just waiting for movies, tv shows, ROMs, emulators and pictures. The bad news, Plex media server would not install. It said the Windows installer wouldn't work. (I can't remember what it exactly said.) So now what the hell do I do? I installed Xbmc Frodo RC2. It works and it is the only recent build of Xbmc that supports XP. I'm still running into the scraper problem, but I thinks it's because of my naming structure. Either way, I'm going to try and install Plex again, but if that doesn't work, I will just use Xbmc. I got the C drive shared and I got sub-folders shared and I can see the "server" from my office computer and from my Ps3. I got limited trial time, but again I'm going to try more and more programs on it.

 I think it will be cool to have a Windows based server with everything on it. I can play movies from either Xbmc, Windows media center or VLC. All of my emulators will work and all of my ROMs will work. I still have nothing against OpenELEC, Xbmx, or any other OS's I've tried. I have had my fair share of problems with all of the OS installs and making programs work. I'm just gonna try this for awhile and see how it goes. So the newly christened computer will be know as Game Room Server.

 Video games
I haven't touched any type of video game in a while. I'm still trying to completely set up the new game room server, then I can try some games. 

I don't have any new music and last week's midweek update music section crashed an burned so oh well. 

Like always, these are random pics from wherever I see them.

I'm not making fun of Xbox, but this is kinda funny.

This would be the PS4 I would buy if I could.

Land Of The Giants.

This is the props I was telling you about in Land Of The Giants.

 I hope you enjoyed the midweek update, hopefully I will have some more info later on the game room server, cause I know you're waiting with bated breath. Ha ha, till next time. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend review for 9/6/14 - 9/7/14.

 Friday night we watched Big Bother After Dark and then we watched a documentary on water use by Nestle, it was very interesting. They load up like 35 thousand gallons of water and pay maybe 10 dollars for it. That's insane and these little county's are basically helpless against them. It is insane that the CEO of Nestle doesn't think the worlds fresh water isn't a right, it's a commodity. Definitely check it out.

We had some unexpected visitors that stayed for a couple hours. That always drives me crazy. Every time we show up somewhere we ask before we come over. I mean I guess it was nice for company, but not for that long and you could have sent a fucking text in the five minutes it takes to get from your house to mine. Whatever. After they left we watched some shows and relaxed. Saturday night we watched more Big Brother After Dark and the rest of the Nestle documentary.

 Sunday I wanted to transfer over some movie files on the newly installed Windows XP server I built. I'll update more on the midweek update, but moving hundreds of gigs takes some hours. So while I was transferring files over my incredible slow network, I did my normal house stuff. Sunday night we made a great dinner and watched some shows. I know, I know, this was an incredibly boring weekend review, but hey, it's worth the read. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Midweek update.

 Well this midweek update is happening right now. Let's begin then. Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me? En garde, I'll let you try my Wu-Tang style. Clang clang. Ha ha.

Anyways, so over my weekend we watched a movie at Melissa's brothers house. He was streaming it from his server to his Raspberry Pi running what I gathered was Rasplex. He said it was all running on Plex. Anyways, I did some more research on Plex and it's not a standalone OS, it's just a program you run on top of for instance Windows. The only stand alone OS is Rasplex. So here in lies the problem for me. One, do I reinstall my copy of Windows XP and run the Plex server program? XP, is very vulnerable now that Microsoft isn't supporting it anymore. I don't want to have my office computer running all the time, hence the need for another computer that I can keep running. OpenELEC is running pretty well on my game room PC. Xbmc is running very well on my office PC and my laptop. Oh speaking of the laptop, I forgot to mention it in my weekend review. I got the add on Rom Browser Collection up and running on my Windows 7 laptop. I was amazed, so now I do know that is only for Windows installs of Xbmc. I was stuck on trying to get some Game Genie codes working, but oh well. That's another problem for another time.

 Back to the game room PC. If I install Plex on that machine on top of Windows, all the apps for iOS or Android cost about five bucks, but I would be able to stream from that computer to my tablet. And I found an Xbmc add on that acts like a Plex client. It kinda sounds like the best of both worlds. I guess I can install Windows, install Plex and if I don't like it, go back to what I was using before. The big benefit to Windows is it's easier to share folders and files with each computer and I still have that bare terabyte hard drive I bought at the garage sale I need to use for something. It kinda sounds like a win, win. I have doing more research on how to name your movies and tv shows and it sounds like I will need to make a separate folder for my tv shows and then maybe, Xbmc could scrape them better. They say to name your tv show like. Land Of The Giants S01E01, i.e, Land Of The Giants Season 01 Episode 01.  I have mine like Land Of The Giants D1S1E1, i.e., Disc 1 Season 1 Episode 1. You can check it out here for Plex and here for Xbmc. I like to think I have a good naming structure in place for my media files, but according to Plex and Xbmc, the way I set mine up, it sucks. Mine is set like Movies folder - Charmed folder - Charmed Season 1folder - Charmed Episode files. Oh well, another to add to the list.

 Video games
At PAX I got to play a new Sonic game. It was pretty cool, but I liked the Wii U controller better than the game itself. Like I said in my weekend review, I will be buying a Wii U when animal Crossing comes out for it. I got to play a few minutes of NES Zelda and a few minutes of NES Excitebike. That was fun. I really wish I could have found the game cartridges I was looking for at PAX though. That makes me bummed.

Here's a damn good song Fuel - Hemorrhage (In My Hands).

Here's another classic, Spice 1 - I'm The Fuckin' Murder.

I don't have any pictures this time, but that's okay, that means they will be that much better when I do have some. So enjoy some old classics. Till next time.

Well I was trying to embed these videos on they wouldn't embed so fuckem.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend review for 8/30 - 31 - 9/1/14.

 Well the title says it all. I got a three day weekend. A yay, yay. There was a lot that happened this weekend and hopefully I remember it all. Ha ha. Let's get into it. Friday night we watched some Big Brother After Dark and went to bed.

We headed out to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe. Now normally, we would avoid this all together like the plague. We do not like this fair and we have gone maybe twice in almost 14 years. Anyways, Melissa being the amazing photographer she is, entered the photo contest at the fair. I am extremely proud of her for not only taking amazing pictures, but stepping out of her comfort zone and putting her self out there where everyone is critiquing her in every minute detail.

 I am so proud to say Melissa got three first place ribbons and an award in excellence. These Award Of Excellence ribbons aren't just handed out to everyone. I actually think I am going to enter next year. I feel like I have a good couple pictures and it would be fun. After the surprise, we got some fair food. We got some fresh made scones, some crispy corn dogs, funnel cake and an elephant ear. The elephant ear was really good.

 What kills the fun for me is the price of everything. The elephant ear was $6.50, parking was $10, each entry fee would have been $10 a piece if we wouldn't have gotten a buy one get one free. All together we spent like close to 60 bucks. two pops for the road was another 6 bucks. It's just too expensive to really enjoy it. I'm glad Melissa and I got some time together.

 Saturday night
we were invited over to Melissa's brother's house for dinner and a movie. Free food and a movie, I'm there. after the awkwardness kinda, sorta went away, it was time to watch Godzilla. We watched it on a 100 plus inch, high def, projection screen. What amazed me even more then that, he was playing it from his Raspberry Pi computer! That has sealed the deal on me building mine. I am definitely going to build both Raspberry Pi's I want to and it will be worth it. He was running Plex though and it seemed to be running really good. The only snafu was a picture slide show was playing, then all of a sudden Star Wars was playing in the background. But there was still no stutter coming from the Raspberry Pi. After the movie, we headed home and watched some more Big Brother After Dark.

we had our normal house stuff to do. Sunday night we got to relax and watch some shows. Monday morning after a long night of trying to get sleep. We woke early to get ready for PAX Prime. We got our Starbucks Coffee and some McDonald's breakfast and we were on the road. We got to Seattle about 10:15 ish and we had to try and find parking. Obviously we knew parking was going to suck, but we had to circle the block to find parking. We finally found parking and it was 15 bucks okay fine we're parked. Now we have to try and find the convention center. We have no clue where we are at and luckily we saw some other people with PAX badges and we followed them. We crossed the street and entered in the convention center. My anxiety shoots through the roof. I have been tot he convention center numerous times for work, but I just felt so overwhelmed. Our friends got there before us, so now we had to try and find them. We were on the fourth floor and they were on either level two or three. Well somehow they thought they were on three so Melissa and I, went to the third floor, then all of a sudden they're on the fourth floor and we pass each other anyways after a couple of useless escalator rides we found them. They wanted to check out the fourth floor and we just followed them.

 When we were walking on the sky bridge, I almost passed out cause of my anxiety. I literally felt like I was going to faint and I couldn't breath. It took a couple of minutes before the fainting feeling left and that I fully aught my breath. That is some scary shit. I couldn't even imagine if I would have passed out. I was questioning my sanity at that point and I wanted to push everyone over to get out of there as fast as I could. The crowds were way bigger then what I thought and saw online. It was so stuffy and claustrophobic. We could barley hear each other and it took so long to move like 10 feet. We walked over to a couple of booths and were checking everything out. We saw a couple of huge swag bags and we wanted to get them. I was finally calming all the way down and was on the hunt for swag. We saw the bags at the Nintendo Wii U Sonic booth and we found out you had to play the game before getting the swag bag. We decided we were gonna checked it out and get this bag. An hour later, no lie it was finally our time to play the game. My back and feet are already killing me, Melissa is feeling it and we just got to the convention. I sat down at the game and this was the first time I played a Wii U. I will say I will buy a Wii U when Animal Crossing comes out for it. I will charge that on a credit card so damn fast the cashier with think I was in fast forward.

 I loved the feel and control of the game pad controller (as Nintendo calls it). It actually is way lighter then it looks, I would have to get used tot he button layout, but that's on every new console. I played for like five minutes and I was set on getting my bag. After Sonic I'm actually drawing a blank, but I do know there were crowds and lines. One of our friends wanted to play WOW and we decided to split off. We finished roving around the fourth floor. Tucked in the back there was a video game booth that was selling used video games. This took my mind off off crowds and anxiety and everything. I started searching for some old gems. I was searching for some NES Zelda or SNES Zelda or some GBA Zelda and no go. I asked the guy if he had any gold cartridge NES Zelda. The smirk/laugh kinda answered it for me, but he said they sold out in 10 minutes of being open on day one. I did have fun looking for things though and they had import games too, but I don't have consoles other then PAL so I wouldn't be able to play any of them. I looked on the cluster fuck of the map they provided and we decided to check out the sixth floor. I saw the OUYA booth and we were on the way.

 We got the sixth floor and what do you know, the layout didn't match up to the map. We wondered aimlessly. We checked out a couple of booths and saw things we wanted to buy, but it wouldn't have been worth it later. We kinda bumped into the OUYA booth. I'm glad we checked it out and played one of the games they had. The controllers actually feel really good and nice weight to me. Now I do really feel like buying an OUYA would be worth it. After the sixth floor, we headed down to the Cards Against Humanity area. In here you could have a personalized card made, buy expansion packs and have the creators sign your stuff. Our friend got a card made and I bought an expansion pack. We scored some buttons and some condoms that say Condoms Against Humanity. After we found our way back into the convention center from the crazy Cards Against Humanity exit, we headed back up the fourth floor to find our friend who wanted to play WOW. He still hadn't played yet. He waited two and a half hours to play that game. He was done playing and wanted to check out the sixth floor. I felt sorry for our friend cause she was already there with us and now her boyfriend wanted to check it out.

 I saw the Hyrule Warriors demo and plopped my ass in line. I saw Alien Isolation and I wanted to try that also. Melissa said she would go sit in that line for me while I sat in my line. Over an hour passes and I move two spots. Two fucking spots in over an hour!! Really!! I looked over at Melissa and walked out of my line. I had enough, I got her and we walked out of that line too. We both were tired and sore. We called our friends and said we're out. They went back to get their customized card. Melissa and I, headed to the Paramount for the swag bag. We started walking back to meet our friends. I don't know how we were roped into it, but we stood in line for our friends custom card while they left. Another hour passes and we finally have the card, we are finally leaving this convention and what do you know, some asshole is standing on the street, asked me how the card turned out, I said fine and he handed me card that said "go fuck off!". Thanks Seattle, I will fuck off and you too. That was the icing on the cake. If I wouldn't have been in so much pain and been so tired, I really think I would have said something to that guy.

 So all in all I'm glad I went to PAX, I am not glad I went to PAX for the crowds, people and waiting in line. I will never go back to PAX or another convention in my life. Seattle can fuck off. If I ever see Seattle again it will be too soon. I feel bad because Melissa didn't even want to go and she went for me, but I hated it. I can't help it, I hate PAX and I hate the convention center and Seattle.

Waiting in Hyrule Warriors line I got this random video game fact.

This was the only picture I took.

 The last thing I will say about PAX is, if you go bring patients and a chair. But what I will really tell you. Do not ever spend your money for PAX or any other convention, it is not worth it. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.