Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Midweek update.

 Well it's time for the midweek update. Yes I haven't done one of these in awhile, but here we go. I found a new throw away computer in the recycle bin. It was an HP Media Center PC. It had two tv tuners, built in wifi, built in ir blaster, built in hard drive dock, card reader and graphics card. It retailed when new for, $2500 plus. I wanted this to be a OpenELEC client, but it would constantly crash when I was changing the settings. I loaded up Windows on it so it could a Xbmc client, a Plex client and a PS3 Media server. Well that didn't work either. The lan drivers failed even though I got them from HP. Basically, I wasted a couple hours, but I'm still annoyed. So I fired up my Game Room Server pc and it was alive and well. I'm going to try to add some emulators and maybe try Retroarch on it. I tried using Retroarch on my Ouya, but it wouldn't configure the controller input correctly. I'm hoping that a Windows based install of Retroarch will be easier to configure and set up. Also, I got my HP infrared media remote receiver to actually work! I did some quick research on these receivers and other people couldn't get them to work at all either. What they ended up doing was hooking up a pair of headphone jacks to each of the 3.5 mm jacks on the back and it started working. I still had an actual ir extension cable, I plugged it in and it worked. It worked amazingly. I tried Windows Media Center first, then Xbmc. My six dollar investment paid off. Now the key is to try the infrared receiver without the extension plugged in and see if it still works. The usb cord on the receiver is like nine feet long, so adding a two foot extension to it makes no sense. We will see.

 So I talked a little about my Ouya on the weekend review. I said I would elaborate on the apps and stuff for it. So I am all for buying apps when I know they work and work well. I do not want to pay for an app twice. The Ouya has it's own app store and it doesn't use Google Play. You can root the Ouya, but I refuse. I will never root anything, I will side load apps or apk's, but I will never root. I tried using a launcher on my Nook tablet, but that made things worse. So on my Nook I use an app called Supergnes. It works very well for my needs, it starts my game up and I can continue where I left off. What it can't do while it's the "lite" version is load games. You can play a game, save a game, continue a game, but you can't load. Which is fine for now, but now that I have my Ouya, I want to continue my A Link To The Past Game on the big screen and I can't because Supergnes lite won't load games. I damn sure am not going to start all over either. I want to be able to switch to either device and pick up where I left off, exactly on both devices. I can save the save file to Dropbox and always keep it updated. So on the Play store it's $3.99 and on the Ouya store it's, I think the same. Devolopers needs to be paid for their time and effort, let me be upfront about that right now. I just wish I could buy it one time and use it on other devices like the Ouya. On the Nook I also have tried the apps from the John emulators. Each of those are $2.99 a piece. The John emulators have the lite versions too, but they don't have Ouya apps and the apk's don't work on Ouya. John emulators have NES, SNES, GBA and GBC. It's an all encompassing emulator package, but who do I purchase from? John emulators work extremely well on my Nook but they don't have Ouya apps. Supergnes works well on my Ouya and my Nook, I'm kinda stuck deciding. I'll have to figure something out soon, or both devices are just sitting there with my games not being played.

I haven't heard any new music lately that I thought was a buy.

 Video games
I haven't actually played any games lately other than to test the controller and emulators.

 Random internet pictures.

I'm still trying to figure out if I like American Horror Story Freak Show or not.

Ha ha, this was funny as hell. Pumpkin spice errthang!

This guy is an amazing artist. I love seeing his new pictures.
 Side rant
So I saw a new superhero movie release schedule until 2020. Links or it didn't happen, I know, I know I can't find the one I saw, but I do not want to wait until 2016 or 2017 for X-Men or Wolverine movies! Okay I found a link, but it's not the exact one I saw, but here it is. It's like how old am I going to be when these movies finally get released? Whatever, I guess I should be happy at all that they are making them at, but still. Also Hugh Jackman, the epitome of Wolverine, was talking about not playing him anymore. It just sucks waiting so long for these movies and then the possibility of the amazing actors and actresses won't play the character again!? C'mon, like Christian Bale, being an amazing Batman, then not being Batman in a new movie? And they pick Ben Affleck? He did play a really good DareDevil, but in my opinion, I don't know if he can play a good Batman against Henry Cavill as an amazing Superman. I love movies and I love seeing my favorite characters come to life, especially when you have high caliber actors who really, truly get the characters and play them more than well. And what's up with timeline shit in Days Of Future Past?! I just don't get it and it it's really annoying. Side rant over, till next time.

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