Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Midweek update.

  Updated 12/31/14. I didn't have time to finish this before the Christmas vacation I had, but I won't waste a post so enjoy time traveling. And this will be the last post of 2014. Well, it's Christmas Eve, it's Wednesday and it's time for the midweek update. So many years ago, Melissa and I, played a PS1 game called The Grinch.

 It was very hard and very glitchy. We took turns trying to do everything and we just couldn't get it and it was frustrating. Well back to Blockbuster it went without a second thought. Well I came across a rom for it that my friend made. When I downloaded a PS1 emulator when I got the Ouya. I tried a few games on it and it works, but there are glitches and this is the free version. I loaded up The Grinch and was off trying to play it. On the Ouya, there is no start or select buttons. You have to map buttons like R3 and L3 which is fine, but on the PS1, you need to use those buttons. Wii got to play Super Mario 3D World. That was a blast. Trying to learn all the new suits and ability's was a lot of fun. Melissa had a lot of fun too. 

 I told you I got a Raspberry Pi computer for Christmas. This mini computer is amazing! I love everything about it. Now I actually want another one so I can have one in each room. I know, I know, be happy with what you have. Well, I read that constant plugging and unplugging is bad for it, so having one in the major rooms would be sweet. So I have been dreaming about the day I got a Raspberry Pi, I have been downloading a lot of different OS's for it. The Canakit I got had an 8gig micro sd card with like eight OS's on it? I chose OpenELEC and it ran butter smooth. I had all the default things on it. I did some research and it says to turn off the RSS, big fan art, background video playing and few other things. What this does is, save system resources for just streaming. If you have all this other stuff turned on, it still runs good, but not as good as it could. So I turned all those off and the background video still played, which is weird but it was really smooth and slick. I even got Airplay to work from my iPhone. That's so cool. After doing the research, I need to do that on all my platforms running Xbmc. If it helps the Raspberry Pi, it will help other machines too. Another sweet thing about OpenELEC, it auto updates. When I installed it the first time, it was running Gotham 13.1, now it updated to Gotham 13.2. That's sweet, the more and more I use this Raspberry Pi, I'm loving it even more. And I got the Rii mini wireless keyboard. I plugged it in for the first time turned it on and it was off and running. It was actually very responsive and intuitive.

  My next OS I want to try is, Ultimate Raspian. It has Retroepie and Xbmc built in. I will report back when I get time to actually do this and have time to write the post. I did install Retroepie, set up everything, got my controller working, updated the Raspberry Pi and then ran out of time to add any ROMS. One thing I did notice is when it was updating, it downloaded Xbmc, but it was not on the Emulation Station home page. It was me probably doing something wrong, as this was my actual first time using Retroepie. That's part of the fun in playing though. It was easy to setup OpenELEC because I had done it numerous times before. I also found some other interesting things. I downloaded an OS image, tried writing it to the SD card and it wouldn't work. The file type was .img, but it also had gz on it. I don't know what gz is, but I opened up 7zip and it extracted the image. So now it's (file).img. Learning as I go I guess. Retroepie was the first time I actually got to use sudo command. I tried Xbmcubuntu and I never could get sudo to work or getting back to lxde. I figured it was me having problems.

 Music, I don't have any music.

 Movies I'm watching. I started the Transformers anthology again. I am watching Revenge Of The Fallen. I actually started watching some anime off of Netflix again. I finished Spider-Man 1 with Tobey Maguire, now I'm on to part two. I want to Start Star Wars and Die Hard again.

 Random internet pictures.

One day I will get a Sphinx cat.

 Well Happy New Year! I hope you a had a great 2014, I know I did. Now it's the past and as we look to the future, it is what you make it. Deal with it as it comes, not before. Live in the moment, cause once it's gone, it's gone. A new year, a fresh start. My resolutions are going to be: I need to listen more. I need to breath more. I need to focus on doing my job and not let little things get to me. I need to regrow that rubber skin people talk about so I won't take things so personally. I need to work on being nicer when it's required. I need to enjoy the moments I do get. I need to beat some video games. What? You think this was all gonna be sappy, self help stuff? Ha ha. Till next year.

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