Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The weekend review for 11/27,28,29,30 - 12/1/14.

 Here's the extended version of the weekend review. I had my vacation, that I have been waiting for all damn year. So first up is thanksgiving. We headed out and braved the crowds and went shopping. We had to score some deals, so we went to Walmart. We picked up a few things. They had a deal for a 32 gig micro sd card for $10 bucks! The catch, it was for 8 pm, damn. Regular price was $22 bucks which isn't bad, but still. I didn't get it. Then we headed to Kmart, big mistake, I really don't like this store anymore. They opened their door at 7pm, we got there at 7:45 and it was basically dead. No deals, no organization at all and they didn't accept a coupon because they gave a $5 gift card back? Weird, after that we headed home. 

 We headed back out and went to Bath & Body Works. The Everett mall finally opened the doors before 12. There was actually quite a few stores that were open. Last year, we had to wait before we were let in. We grabbed our VIP totes, some soaps and we were out. Don't be jealous, but we saved $340 dollars and spent $159!! Damn! That's a good deal! 

 Friday, I started backing up our phones. I had gigs and gigs worth of pictures to back up. After that, we headed out to AT&T to see if we could get a deal on some new phones. We had our upgrade and we were okay with a new two year plan. We walked in, not getting any help and we just sat there waiting for help. Finally we had a worker approach us. We started talking to her about all of our options. She asked if we had backed up our phones, I said yes. She said, what about your notes. I was shocked and started feverishly emailing all my notes from my phone, then I had to backup Melissa's too. As I was backing up our notes, barely hearing what's going on, I get asked by Melissa how does $117 a month sound? Dafuq!? Huh? I said $117 for what, she said for our cellphone bill. I said how is that possible? The lady chimes in and says that's our new plans we have. I still couldn't believe it. So actually paying attention to the person, I asked what about our plan now? She said with the new plan and the payment plan our bill would be $117 before tax. I still couldn't believe it. She asked if I wanted a LG tablet. I asked how much was it, she said .99 cents. I said don't we have to add more data to our bill, she said yes. I said no thanks. We were being up sold the whole time. She asked what kind of phones we wanted. We said the iPhone 6. She said she would go check in the back. She walked out with a space gray and gold. They didn't have any silver, but Melissa was okay with gold. The lady started asking about phone insurance, but we said no. We finally had a lower bill and wanted to keep it. 

 Now the fun part, we asked about our trade in for our iPhone 4S. She looked it up and it was $70 bucks. We were happy with that, but we weren't expecting what she said next. She said there was a promotion going on for customers and they would add extra money for a gift card. We were hesitant, but we went along with it. So the deal was $70 and $130 so $200 all together. The lady said we could buy speakers or cases or whatever we wanted. We decided to get some screen protectors and some cases. We were really excited, then she added my trade in, it was another $200 bucks! What the hell? The lady said go get a speaker or something. We headed over to the Bluetooth speakers. I saw a Bose for $60, the lady said you have more money, pick something else. The lights showed down and the Beats pill was bathed in lights. We grabbed it and headed back to the counter. 

 She started ringing everything up. Two phones, two screen protectors for $35 a piece, two cases at $50 a piece and a Beats Pill for $200. With our payment plan and trade ins, the only amount do was $2.73 cents!! We saved over $1600 dollars. I still can't even believe it. And we have a lower cellphone bill. That's a score of I have ever heard of one. And the thing is, we would have never gotten that deal online. It would have added the $21.25 on top of our bill. It would have been close to $200 bucks for our bill. After shopping and catching our breath, we came home and made out thanksgiving dinner.

 After dinner, I went through all of our cellphone bags to get chargers and restore our phones from iTunes.

 I noticed something different when I saw Melissa's wall plug. Hers is a European version! Ha ha. Well I guess we always wanted to travel internationally and now we can. Ha ha.

 Melissa and I (mostly Melissa) have always wanted a Beats Pill. It actually sounds amazing. And being free, you can't beat it.

 Friday night, we got like 3 inches of snow. Why? We headed out to Value Village and I scored a 24 inch tree for $3 bucks. We headed to Big Lots, Bartel's and then we headed back home and started decorating. I got to finally setup my Starbucks tree! This year they released 6 new ones. Holy shit. My old metal ornament stand, won't stand anymore cause there's too many ornaments on it.

 Another new addition is our Starbucks advent calendar.

 The obligatory artsy shot.

 Bartel's we scored this sweet metal sign.

 We got the battery operated led lights for $3 bucks and it looks amazing. 

 Sunday, we headed to Golden Coral for our buffet date. We had way too much to eat and the food was enjoyed by all. After the buffet, we headed home and finished decorating our tree.

 Monday, was our Sunday, so we had to do our regular house stuff. With the tree I scored from Value Village, I made my Star Wars m&m ornament tree.

 I have had these ornaments since 2006 and I finally get to use them. By today's standards, these are retro. Now I need to find some more. I didn't take any pictures of outside, but we did that all up too. This vacation flew by, but the time I had with Melissa was amazing. Well that's what I got for now, I hope you had a good weekend, till next time. 

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