Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend review for 12/6 - 7/14.

 Friday night we watched, Friday The 13th Part V A New Beginning. I have waited since around Halloween to watch this movie. It's actually pretty good, it picks up right after part 4. I still need the whole series on Blu-ray.

 Saturday, we had some Internet problems and my hard wired connections stopped working again. This is starting to be a really bad broken record. I start doing the unscrew the coaxial cable and pulling the power. I tried not unscrewing the coaxial and just the power and nothing happens. I call Comcast, tell them what's going and of course the modem starts working as I'm on hold. I finally get through to service, go through the normal steps and it seems to be working. I go downstairs and try my wired PS3 going. No Internet, I try wireless and of course that works, but not wired. I try doing some more trouble shooting. Anyways, a very long, many wasted hours later, my Ethernet switch was acting up again on top of Comcast not working. what kind of bullshit is that? Both at once? Damn, it's definitely time to buy a new switch. I also put my Comcast modem into bridge mode so I could use my own router. My D-Link DIR 655, used to be one of the best at time. Hence the words at the time. Now, it seems that it is too slow and actually not as robust as the Comcast modem/router, wow. So another thing to my list, a couple new Ethernet switches, a new router and some new crimping tools for my shitty wires I made my self. Saturday afternoon, we wrapped a few presents and tried to make the most of a pretty much ruined afternoon. Saturday night we watched a few shows and went to bed.

 Sunday, I turned off bridge mode on the Comcast router and quick few minutes later a few hours later, we were up and running again with the Comcast modem/router at them helm. We did a few house chores and knocked out some more shows. We made some cookies and I put a Hershey Hug on mine. Mm mm, so damn good.

 Sunday night, we made an amazing dinner, watched some more shows and I watched the Z Nation finale. What a weird damn ending. I don't even know how they will continue it next season. I guess I'll find out. Well, that 's what I got for now, till next time.

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