Monday, December 29, 2014

Wekend review for 12/25,26,27 and 28/14.

 Well I got some much deserved and needed time off. I used the rest of my vacation for a nice four day weekend. This weekend was a blur, a nice one, but a blur no less. So Christmas Eve, Melissa went over to our friends house for a pre Christmas party. When I got home, I had a Christmas feast, after we ate, we opened a single present and we rented The Interview. After that went to bed. Thursday, Christmas, we woke up kinda early and we headed downstairs in search of coffee. We arranged our gifts to each other, sipped some coffee and opened some gifts. After presents, we relaxed on the couch still trying to wake up. We watched some shows and some movies.

 Friday morning, it was time for Christmas with Melissa's mom. We woke up early again and hustled to get things arranged before she showed up. I made some coffee and cocoa for us and we opened some gifts.After gifts, we sat and talked about the year and life in general. After another cup of coffee, we headed out to Golden Corral for some good food. After eating way to much, we headed home. I turned on a movie and we sat and relaxed. Friday night, I put together my Raspberry Pi and we streamed some movies.

 I still can't believe I finally got a Raspberry Pi.
 Saturday, we headed over to our friends house for Christmas and a dinner. We played some games, bet some money on a dice game and ate too much again. Saturday night we got home and we watched a movie.

 Sunday, we had our normal house chores to do and that took a good part of the day. Sunday night I tried installing Ultraslim on my Raspberry Pi. I didn't have any luck, the keyboard and mouse wouldn't work so I couldn't do anything after the first boot screen. Oh well, I will try something else later. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, till next time.

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