Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Midweek update.

 Man this cold, flu, whatever shit has me all sorts of sick. I totally forgot today was Wednesday and that I had a blog post to do. This is gonna be really short. I haven't played any games. I haven't worked on my Raspberry Pi. I haven't done anything with computers. I don't have any music. Movies I'm watching, I finally finished Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen. I started Dark Of The Moon. I started watching The Expendables. Random internet pictures,

Drita is hella funny. I love reading the stuff she says.

 This was the shortest post I think I've had. I will do better in the next post, till next time.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend review for 1/24 - 25/15.

 Friday night, we tried to watch Netflix. I say tried because, either our wireless wasn't working or Netflix was having problems. We tried watching another show. Same problem, we decided to go to sleep. Saturday, we ran up to Walmart for a few things. I needed to get a new filler for my toilet cause ours is broken and it's leaking. 

Water should not be pooled on the top of this.

There should not be water sprinkling the side of the tank.

 So I got the piece and we picked up a few movies. I saw a couple other things I wanted. They had an 500 gig external portable hard drive for $54 bucks. Amazon has a terabyte portable external hard drive for like $62 ish. We got some damn good movie deals. I got X-Men Origins Wolverine on dvd for $3.50. We got Ghostbusters, Batman double pack with, Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992) for $5, so $2.50 per movie and we got a triple pack for $5. That was some scores. In the Blu-ray bin, they had Roadhouse, Goonies and quite a few other ones. I looked for the Friday the 13th pack, but they were still completely sold out. Oh well, I will grab them around October, of course they had A Nightmare On Elm Street. We got home and I started working on the filler. I got it all setup and cleaned up.

It's hard to see, but just in the 20 or so minutes I was gone, the water lever dropped and the water was refilling.

 I noticed there was still leaking water sounds coming from the toilet. I pushed on the flapper and the sounds stopped. Of course I didn't buy a flapper the first time so I had to run back to Walmart and buy a flapper. It's kinda weird not seeing the float ball anymore.

The finished project. Let's see how it does for the next few years.

 After that whole ordeal, I went downstairs and we popped in Ghostbusters. It was so much fun watching a classic movie like that. We watched some shows and Saturday night we headed upstairs to watch some Netflix. The same issues were happening. Freezing, buffering for like two minutes and stopping and starting the stream again. Having had enough, I grabbed and ethernet cable and strung it from our modem and plugged it in to the Sony Blu-ray player. We fired up Netflix and what do you know? No buffering or freezing. So it's either my wifi or my Sony Blu-ray player's wifi. Who knows? I do know that a better wifi router is gonna cost around $200 plus. Late Saturday nigh, I went to use the bathroom and I noticed a leaking sound coming from the other toilet. What the hell. And the best part, I started feeling like shit, like I was getting sick. Yay.

 Sunday, we had our normal stuff to do. I finished what I had to and I headed back to Walmart for another new filler and flapper. I installed it and it seemed like it was good to go. Now completely feeling like shit, we watched some shows and we relaxed. Sunday night, we made an amazing homemade Manicotti. For dessert we had some strawberry shortcake. It's really crazy when you get sick. I was so tired, I took some NyQuil and I couldn't get to sleep for anything. I'm definitely feeling no sleep now. This is going to be a long Monday. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Midweek update.

 Let's see, I guess I'll start with the video games I'm playing. I have been playing Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone for PS1. I bought FPse on my Ouya and it actually works really well. I did read that there was still problems with the app even after you paid for it. Like the sound would still go out and the touch pad wouldn't touch stuff like that, but it didn't happen to me. On the Ouya controller, there's not a start or select button. On everything below PS1, that's not problem because you can map L3 and R3 as select and start. So what do you do with PS1 and above? You have to map the touch pad plus R1 for instance. It actually works well, so I'm glad I bought the app and helped the creator get a tiny bit of revenue. I just wish I was able to use that now paid app, on another device. In Google Play, your email address is used and can be used to re download the app. Since Ouya doesn't use Play, you can't at least from what I can tell. The second problem, these apps aren't interchangeable so you can't use FPse's saves on another app. So here in lies the problem, what console or device do I play what game on? So if I start The Grinch on my Nook, I can't continue on the Ouya. I don't want to re start each game and have different levels on each device. FWP (first world problems) right. On the Raspberry Pi, I got some emulators working. I got the PS1 emulator playing games and as far as I can tell, it runs really good. The problem I have seen is my Logitech wireless PS3 controller. It works and I have napped all the buttons, but some times L3 and R3 don't work to control the character. I have to push the D/Mode button, but then some of the other buttons don't work. I don't know if the PS1 really used L3 and R3 for character movement? It's been to long.

 Movies I'm watching, I watched Scrooged. I love that movie and it still holds up. I wish the guy from the sewer could have been saved though. I watched John Carter, I think it's a really good different movie. It deserves better feedback than what it originally got. What I was annoyed about, there was actually a movie Called John Carter as a B movie with the plot completely the same. How can they do that and not get sued? I still need to re watch Halloween 1978 so I can watch Halloween II 1981. I tried to watch Bambi, but I wasn't really paying attention, so I'm going to start it over. Why have all these movies if you're not going to watch them? I have to watch Spider-Man 3 still and a few others. It's hard for to keep track of the movies I have to watch, but not the story lines of up five different movies at a given time, how does that work?

 A new section I will try and remember next time, computer stuff. So I told you about me buying the sd card for the Raspberry Pi. well I still haven't touched it. I have been really tired and not really in the mood for programming and I have to figure out what OS I want to try. I could try OMV, UltimateRaspian, UltraSlim again, Raspbmc or whatever else is out there. Other computer news, I read that HP is coming out with mini computers that run Windows, not just Chrome OS. How cool is that? They have the HP Pavilion Mini Desktop and the HP Stream Mini Desktop. They both run Windows 8.1, which okay with me, since they brought back the start menu. But what's really cool, is the Stream Mini, it's under $200 bucks. It's almost comparable to the price of the Chroembox's. I would buy one and not have to worry about Linux programming and not knowing what I'm doing. Nothing against Linux at all. I have actually had good luck with quite a few different distros and I will always see what's new with Linux. The command line is what gives me the most problems in any OS. I can't really wrap my head around cd /root/config.cfg type of commands (Yes that command is gibberish). I want a small footprint, good power use, an easy to use interface and maybe be able to use a remote control for the whole OS, not just parts. I will wait and see what the reviews say and keep doing research on them. I can't afford one anyways, but I am interested to see how these mini desktops perform.

 I don't have music this time, but I do have some random internet pictures! Proceed and enjoy:

Me to a T. Seriously, I do need to keep my mouth shut more, but I'm working on it.

I have always love Christ The Redeemer. It's amazing.

I love science.

I would love to see this actually happen. I know Hulk would kill Baymax, but it would be cute. Could you imagine Hulk and Baymax doing a fist bump? Ha ha.

Washington state is very beautiful.

I have always loved the Devils Tower ever since Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

Very, very true words. I wish I would have done this years ago.

 I know I have posted the last picture before, but it needs to be repeated. You can't be successful at anything in life, if you don't focus on you and your stuff. I did not get as far as I have on my Raspberry Pi for instance, without out all the tips, tricks, blogs and research I did before hand. But MY work is what is making it what it is. All the blogs or whatever aren't physically building and programming, I am. You can't help anyone or anything that doesn't want help. We all know that, if you try and they don't want it, move on, focus on you. Till next time.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend review for 1/17 - 18/15.

 Friday night, we watched a couple shows and went to bed. We both were exhausted from the week. Saturday, we ran a couple errands. We headed out to the antique store to try and find some old measuring spoons. No luck there, but we headed out to Value Village. We didn't find anything there either. After that, we headed to Goodwill, I was checking out some video games. I entered the aisle and it was crop dusted with a horrid, rancid smell. Trying to hold my composure, I found a Hulk GameCube game. It was like $5 bucks, but kinda spendy so I passed. I headed over to the electronics section and I saw some Sega Genesis games. They were sports games, but i t was kinda cool seeing them. Looking further into the shelf, I found what I thought was a wireless adapter for an Xbox 360 controller. A little Googling, it was not, I kept looking and I found a Sega Genesis console. It didn't have any cords for power, a/v, or controllers and it was $10 bucks. I was kinda toying with getting it, not knowing if it worked or not and I decided that I wouldn't get it. I didn't want to spend money for the accessories and have it not work. Farther down the shelf I found an Original Xbox. Again nothing for it and I passed on it. After we left Goodwill, we headed on down the road to Henry Donuts and had some amazing tasting donuts.

 After Henry's, we headed to Big Lot's so we could find the elusive measuring spoons and an sd card for my Raspberry Pi. Well, no spoons or sd cards, we headed over to Albertson's. They had an 8 gig sd card for $12.99 I've seen a little better prices other places, but I wanted to get it, so I did. We found the elusive spoons and we headed home. I played some Advanced Warfare for a little bit, then we played some Super Mario 3D World. After a couple of shows we popped in The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo. I didn't like it too much and I didn't like the rape scenes either. There is a better way to convey a scene like that without showing what they did. It was gratuitous, just to be and there was need for them. A bed rocking or screaming would have conveyed the scene, better than the ones they showed.

 Sunday, we had our regular house stuff to do and our big game to watch. We tried to finish our house stuff and catch up with the game, but we were still really behind on the game. The first three and a half quarters of the game, were horrible. We played like a team that should not be playing for a super Bowl spot. The last two minutes of the game changed everything and the final nail in the coffin was the over time touchdown to win the game. The Seahawks or going to the Super Bowl again! We will be having a big Super Bowl party. Well I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Midweek update.

 It's time for the midweek update. So on the weekend review, I told you about my Raspberry Pi and how it corrupted the sd card after I transferred a lot of my toms over. So I had actually bought a new sd card just for messing around with different OSs for the Raspberry Pi. It finally showed up on Monday, I began the process of reinstalling everything again. This time I made a backup of my sd image though. While I was reinstalling it actually went quicker than before, but it still time consuming. So I tried a few of my MAME ROMs and none of them worked. My PS1 ROMs are huge files so I didn't want to fill the sd card with just those. I copied over some of my NES and SNES ROMs.

 I started up the NES, SNES and they both worked. Yay, now i have to figure out what all I want to play on the Raspberry Pi. Do I want every single ROM on it? Do I just want Nintendo emulation? Do I want a mixture like, Nintendo and PS1? I don't know yet. If I could, I would have a Raspberry Pi Nintendo like below, that only plays Nintendo ROMs up to N64. I would want to use usb SNES controllers, hence the no N64 ROMs.

How sweet is this case! I little bit a refinement and it would perfect.

 A Raspberry Pi in my PS1 that only plays PS1 games and one in my GameCube, to play all of the ROMs I could. In the GameCube and PS1, I would hook up an external hard drive and store the ROMs on it. Then with the GameCube controller I could play all ROMs with the controller and not worry about it. First world problems right. Ha ha. Eventually, I will make all these systems. First I need to figure out how to install and configure RetroPie. If that gets any better, I will write my own how to. Like I said, I use bits and pieces from up to five how to posts when I install a new a fresh copy of RetroPie. You really shouldn't have to do that.

 Movies I'm watching, I tried watching Stephen King's It, but something happened and it wouldn't play the last part of the movie. How sucky is that!?  I am watching Halloween II 1981. It actually had been so long since I have seen part 1, that I have to re-watch part 1 again. I'm still working on Transformers The Rise Of The Fallen. Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace.

 Video games I'm playing, I still have been playing The Grinch. It seems to be doing pretty good with the new emulator I found. I have been playing Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare. I think I might be close to the end of the story mode. Then I want to try and finish some other games. I still need to pick up The Minnish Cap, A Link To The Past and The Legend Of Zelda amongst others. I still have so many other games to finish on top of that list I just wrote. 2015 is going to be a busy year.

 I don't have any music or random internet pictures. I know, I know it's going to be long week till the next round of pictures I find. I hope your week is going by as well as it can, till next time.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend review for 1/10 - 11/15.

 Friday night we watched No Good Deed. It was a pretty good movie. It has Idris Elba, who plays Heimdall from Thor and Stacker Pentecost from Pacific Rim. It was weird seeing him as a psycho maniac. It actually had a big twist in it, that I wasn't expecting. I know how society is and I know there's assholes out there, but actually having guys like the husband she had to deal with, makes me sick! I can't believe, well I can believe that there is guys and women out there like that. Saying shit like, "Well this is what you wanted" "You, wanted kids." Dafuq? Since when did it take just a lady by herself to make a baby? Since when did cum become not needed? So you can fuck and not have to worry about the consequences, fuck you! These fucking assholes out there with that mentality, pisses me the fuck off to no end! Rant over, but not forgotten. 

 Saturday, we had some errands to run. Our friend gave us a new Costco membership gift card. We had a membership before, but we didn't use enough for the $55 membership fee. So we got the oil changed in Melissa's car. Then we headed over to Target. I was just looking around at what they had for the Raspberry Pi and I didn't really see anything. After that we headed over to Costco. We did the membership renewal and we started looking around. We had an amazing lunch with some foot long hot dog and we got a pizza to go for the football game. We checked the mail and went home. We unloaded the car and opened the mail. My Nyko Playpad showed up! Sweet, so I got out a charger and started charging it. I noticed all of the lights where blinking on and off in a sequence. I thought nothing of it and let it be. About five hours later, I try turning on the controller and it won't. I look up some forums real quick and they say only the battery led lights up when it's charging, then it blinks when it's done charging. I unplug the controller and try another charger, the lights still blink and I unplug it and plug it in again. Now the the battery led is steady, clearly I got a defective controller. The micro usb plug will not sit in properly and you have to wiggle the plug a little bit to make contact. Again, clearly it's defective. So I wasted all those hours on it charging and I'm going to return it and exchange it. I might buy it from a different store though. Saturday night we finished watching the game and we relaxed and watched some shows.

all of the lights shout not be lit up.

 Sunday, we had our regular house stuff to do. Melissa found some new decorations for our kitchen. so I hung those and it actually turned out pretty good. It's not 100 percent, but it's higher than 99 percent good. Ha ha. I took some quizzes and we watched some shows.

This is actually true. Like to a t, but I would say movies over tv.

  So while we were watching some shows, I decided to transfer my ROMs over to my Raspberry Pi RetroePie build. I didn't need to have the screen going for the transfer and I was able to use Windows network to do the transfer instead of having to use the lxde or Putty. A couple hours pass and it's time to reboot and play some games. I grab the controller, switched the tv input and I reboot from the Emulation Station menu. It starts rebooting and BAM! The sd card gets corrupted and the built in help function can't help it. I tried running the help command three times and nothing. Well that was eight to ten hours on the sd card image down the drain. The doesn't include all the other installs I tried before this. Bottom line, do an install, configure the controller, save the keyboard config file and make a back up of the image BEFORE transferring ROMs. That way at least I will have the configured image and I don't have to waste hours on setup to even get it working in the first place. The only good thing that comes out of this is, I know I can do it, I know it actually works, I know not to take the keyboard config file out and I know I can do it again on another sd card. It just makes me mad because I had to use like five different setup instructions to even begin to make sense of even how to do this. No single instruction website will have everything that I needed to make mine work. That means I will have to pick and choose the setup instructions again. Later Sunday night, I played some Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare and I went to bed. That's what I got for now, till next time.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Midweek update.

 So on Monday, I told you about my Raspberry Pi not recognizing my keyboards on UltraSlim. Well I did some research (like I should have before hand) and found out it was a common thing with Raspberry Pi B+. This OS image was originally written for B not B+. So I found the new B+ approved image and downloaded both variants. I finished writing the OS to the micro sd and voila, it works, it boots and all keyboards and mice are found. I even could use mu Rii keyboard, instead of the desktop keyboard I had. Now, I just have to figure out how to make everything else work. I copied over some ROMs from my external drive, that worked like it should have. I used the lxde file manager and I didn't even have to mount the hard drive, which was nice. I figured out after after I transferred the ROMs, I had to "update roms" because they didn't show up on Emulation Station. I tried configuring my Logitech wireless PS3 controller. I configured it, but it didn't work fully in the PSX emulator. I tried configuring the controller through the cfg, but I don't have a clue what I'm doing and needless to say, that got me nowhere with the controller working. I was able to ssh into the Raspberry Pi, I've never been able to ssh into anything before. So some wins and some more head scratching, to do list stuff.

 Video games, they only video games I have played is, a little bit of Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare, Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land. I hope to get some more time for playing. I just need to figure out what system to play first. First world problems right? Ha ha.

 Movies I'm watching, I started watching Elektra with Jennifer Garner. I think was supposed to be a quasi sequel for DareDevil, but I'm not sure. Either way it is still a good movie. I started watching Freddy Vs Jason again. It's always a kick ass movie. I started watching James Bond Die Another Day with Pierce Brosnan.

 Music, I don't know if I have posted this before, but if I have oh well. This song was stuck in my head as I was driving to work. Without further ado, Calvin Harris - Blame featuring John Newman.

 Random internet pictures,
This is an awesome Zelda SNES.

If this actually happens, it would funny as hell.

We watched the Victoria Secret show and I didn't notice this, but Melissa did.

This was posted on fb wall and it was funny ass hell. Ha ha.

This is absolutely 100 percent correct.

 Well another chapter in my week is done, till next time.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Weekend review for 1/3 - 4/15.

 Friday night we watched The Equalizer with Denzel Washington. It was a pretty good movie. I love the meticulousness he had. There needs to be an equalizer in every town actually. Denzel Washington, is an amazing actor. He deserves many of the accolades he gets for his skills.

 Saturday, was the big Christmas clean up. Melissa worked her ass off all week so we wouldn't have as much to do. I love Christmas and everything about it except, decorating and taking everything down. I hate it, the tree is beautiful, but not when its scraping your hands, wrists and arm while you're trying to squish all the branches so it can folded up and put away. I took another picture of my superhero tree.

 I can't wait till next year, so I can find more ornaments. After all day of cleaning and picking up we watched some shows, played some Super Mario 3D World. I really want to get Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. It looks like a lot of fun.

 Sunday, we had some more Christmas stuff to clean up and our regular chores to do. We started making our first attempt at homemade chili. A little side not warning: Remember to wash your hands after mixing spices in the pot. I guess I didn't and I rubbed my eye and it was instantly on fire. I tried water and Visine and nothing helped. man oh man did that hurt! After all the cleaning, we watched some New Years Eve shows, we didn't have time to watch. What was funny, we didn't even get the ball dropping or Seattle's Space Needle fireworks Oh well, maybe next year. It was finally time to eat the chili. Oh my god, it was amazing! Melissa did such a good job on it. We put some peppers, jalapenos, beans, meat and all sorts of spices in it. We both Sunday night, I tried a couple more operating systems for the Raspberry Pi, again, none of the keyboards I had would work. I could not get to the setup screen. I tried four different keyboards, with and without a powered usb hub. It makes no sense, so now what's going to happen when I get a new memory card, will it not work then too? It wouldn't be a waste of a card, but it would be disappointing. Well that's about it for my weekend, I hope yours was good, till next time.