Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Midweek update.

 This is the mid week update, let's get straight into it. On the weekend review I hinted on some Raspberry retro game action, well here it is. I tried Lakka first and it booted, the controller was setup and I just needed to move some ROMs over to it. I copied over a few ROMs and fired them up. They seem to work but I couldn't test the sound output and the same problem I run into with Retropie with the GBA BIOS pops up here too. Lakka won't even play a game it just black screens and goes back to the menu. More things I need to work on. Side note, I was going to try and configure Retropie 2.5, but as it turned out they released 2.6 so I wanted to try the latest and greatest. I turned off Lakka and popped in the Retropie 2.6 sd card. It started right up and configured my PS3 oem controller. Next was to FileZilla some ROMs over and drop off the BIOS to the PSX emulator. I found the BIOS folder and placed my PS1 and GBA BIOS.

 I copied over some ROMS and delted some other stuff I didn't want on the menu. I rebooted and I played some games. It all seemed to be working really good. Having pre configured controllers really helps someone like me. So the only problem I ever run into with all Raspberry Pi game playing OSs is the BIOS. PS1 can read the BIOS from the BIOS folder, Gpsp cannot. Yuo need to actually put the BIOS file into Gpsp's folder, not ROM folder. I started searching around on the net and found a supposed new location for said Gpsp folder. I started FileZilla back up and started hunting around. I found the pi/home/ and I thought I was close. I saw emulators and then Gpsp. Holy shit I think I found it. I put the BIOS in there and disconnected FileZilla. I rebooted the Raspberry Pi and selected GBA. I selected my ROM and... it worked! My game turned on. This is only the second time I have ever gotten Gpsp to work on Retropie. The first was 2.3 and now 2.6. After my amazement, I pushed F10 on my keyboard and got to the controller setup screen! I actually got to configure the controller and play my game! Even in 2.3, I was not able to configure my controller and Gpsp does not use the universal controller configuration. Holy shit, it worked, it really worked. Now what do I do? Ha ha, that is the story of my life, what's next to do? So I will copy over more of my ROMs and plug it into a tv instead of monitor and see how each emulator works, see how the game play is and see if the sound is good.

 I know you have been waiting with bated breath about the iTunes debacle. Okay so here's what happened, the day I was purchasing and downloading a new song, I was simultaneously downloading my digital copy of Dracula Untold. I started the song after I had started the movie. The movie stuttered while downloading and caused my song to stop downloading. I though nothing of it and refreshed the song download and was done with iTunes. I turned off the computer and went about my day. The next day, I came back and tried to create an mp3 version of that song. Nothing was happening. It popped up with unknown error -3. Google search after Google sear and nothing. I found an entry about uninstalling iTunes and re installing and I did that about three times. I tried the old 11.2 and the new 12. 64 bit and the same thing about the unknown error -3. When I tried installing iTunes 11.2, it said can't read libr. something file because it was written by a new version of iTunes. Are you kidding me!? Cut to Sunday, I was like this is some bullshit. I reinstalled 12. 64 bit for older graphic cards (Another thing that pisses me off. How are they writing two types of software. Write one and make it work for all, right?) and tried my file again, no go. I was so pissed off, I almost deleted iTunes completely, then an epiphany, this happened to me before, but what the hell did I do? I tried playing the music file and it would work, but would stop less than half way. Then I remembered I deleted the file, re downloaded it and created an mp3 version, voila it worked! So the stutter of the movie, created a dead spot in the song and of course it can't create an mp3 version of a non completed file! The unknown error is even explained by this. How can the error know that your download was interrupted and you have a corrupted file? All is okay in the land of iTunes and I for now. I guess I will file all of that under video games and computers.

 Movies I'm watching, so I started watching High School Of The Dead again. I have watched it numerous times and I still love it. I really want season 2 to come out now. I have been watching Die Hard 1. Yippe Ki Yi Yay Motherfucker! It's so interesting to see Alan Rickman in it as he was Professor Snape. Speaking af Alan Rickman, I'm also watching Galaxy Quest. I love that movie. I'm trying to finish The Transporter 1 with Jason Statham. I really, truly hope they come out with Transporter 4. I'm still working on Star Wars episode 1. People give episodes 1, 2 and 3 a lot of shit cause it's not like 4, 5 and 6, but you can't have a story without a beginning. And all the movies tell a story and show why things happen the way they do.

 Music, I really don't have any music especially after the iTunes debacle.

 Random internet pictures. 

I bought Big Hero 6 and I can't wait to re watch it.

Very soon these Baymax Funko Pops will be mine.

I never watched The Walking Dead, I want to, but I am going to buy some zombie Funko Pops.

 Well that's what I got for this midweek update, till next time.

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