Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Midweek update.

 Let's see, I really haven't played any video games since last week. What I did do was, forget to post more pictures for my Zelda centric post. I even talked about the magic rock!? Ha ha. Without further ado

A Link To The Past, magic rock? The sparkling rock?

Now I don't remember what boss this was, but I'm a baller with 999 rupees.

 It was kind of funny this morning as I was thinking to myself. I was like I wish I had an Android based video game machine that I could play my Nook emulators on. The not dawned on me, what is one of the greatest Android consoles to come out in my opinion? The Ouya, and I own it. I really need more time to play my games and I wouldn't have had the lapse in memory. I also haven't been feeling good again. This has been one of the worst sickness seasons I can remember. Monday morning I work up and it felt like I barely got any sleep. Tuesday night, was a little better, but I felt kinda dizzy. Just crazy shit. I haven't even played any of the digital GTA's I bought. Anyways, on to computer stuff. I haven't done anything with computers lately either. I have either been too tired or not interested in it. I know during the summer, I will want to work on these things more. Well at least Petrockblog is still on Retropie Beta 2. I'm not that far behind yet.

 Movies I'm watching. I finished with Star Wars Episode II. I love Star Wars, I love all the movies and I love the story and how it unfolds. Episode II, kinda, just a little bit, lost it's shimmer for me. I used to defend episode II from everyone cause they hated Hayden Christensen. I still really do love episode II. Well now I'm on to episode III. I started watching The Minority Report with Tom Cruise. For a 13 year old movie, this is actually holding up quite well. If there ever is pre cogs, we're all fucked. This society is going down the tubes with the quickness. I started watching Blade II again. You might already know, but Blade is actually a Marvel character. Yes that Marvel, which is responsible for Avengers, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man to name a very few. Now I wish they could throw Blade into one of the movies, at least a cameo or something. Wishful thinking I know, but they got Spider-Man so anything could happen. I'm still working on finishing Die Hard 1. That's really all I got for movies.

 I have a song that Melissa and I like and I'll download it soon. Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money. It's funny, we actually saw this on an awards show and we were like what the fuck! So over the weekend (another thing I forgot to write about) we were headed down to the Dollar Store and this guy in a hybrid was bumping this song as loud as his stock speakers could go. Ha ha. We were dying laughing. So just picture this when you listen to it.

 Random internet pictures,

69 isn't bad.

 Well that's about it for this post, till next time.

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