Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Midweek update.

Well, well, well. Wednesday, you're finally here. So it's basically the beginning of summer, so that means a lot of tv shows aren't on or haven't started yet. Which in turn means, I have time for video game. I have been playing a lot of Battlefield Hardline. Well Monday night, I decided to break it up and put in Grand Theft Auto V. I haven't played GTA V in a long time, so long in fact I had to do a search on my blog about it. So the last time I played GTA V? August 20th 2014. I fired it up and the it was on the same damn Trevor mission I couldn't beat and that made me quit. So Monday night, I started playing it, reading through guide and went for it. I played it at least four times cause I was dying. The next time I played, I took out my silenced sniper rifle and popped those fuckers off. I causally walked around planting the sticky bombs, mission accomplished. Ha ha. I want to complete a lot of games this summer and I have ambitious goals. I was on Instagram and I saw this post:

 I looked at this and the light bulb clicked on. I want to do this, I want to be able to say I completed 10 games this summer. I need to get my ass in gear! I don't know what games I would wan to pick though? I want to finish Battlefield Hardline, GTA V, The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past and The Legend Of Zelda Link's Awakening. I have to see if I beat or finished Black Ops, Black Ops 2, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 3. I still have the digital GTA's that I bought and I have San Andreas I bought on Xbox. Am I supposed to finish two digital San Andreas'? This is where I start getting confused. I'm supposed to pick 10, but I have way more then 10 to choose from. I guess I will have to pick the funnest or the ones I'm closer to completing? I have a lot to think about, but I'll figure it out. I need to pop in each game and see where I am in the story, then choose my 10 for the summer. So I looked at a few games last night. Every single one of them needed an update, of course and I was surprised by the results. Battlefield 3 (2) missions left to do. Battlefield 4 (2) missions left to do. Black ops (1) mission left to do. Why did I stop playing Black Ops with 1 mission left? Black ops 2 (8) missions left to do. Holy crap! Did something else come out after or around Black Ops 2? 8 missions left? I need to get on this immediately. Now I'm scared to go through my other games. Ha ha. I will need at least an hour to go through my games I have left to see where I'm at.

 More video games I have been playing: I have been playing A Link To The Past a lot. I got to Mothula which I was dreading. Mothula was as hard as I remember though.

I beat this bastard Mothula without even having to use my golden bee!
 I got to the next boss after Mothula, Blind. I beat his ass with the Cane Of Byrna. I barely even swung my sword at him, it was amazing. I got the Titan's Mitt and the 4th Magic Bottle.

I was so excited for the 4th bottle, I took the screen shot too soon. Full hearts while battling a dungeon boss.
 I saved the sword smith, the tempered my sword and now it's even stronger.

 I started a 2nd play through of The Minish Cap. It's already amazing, I love everything about it.

 Computer stuff: I have been using the Hp stream for so many more things than I originally had thought. It's working amazingly well too.I need to work more on the emulator part of it. I need to see if there's apps I can download from the app store.

 Movies I'm watching, I finished watching Live Free Or Die Hard. I still really like that movie. I watched an interview with Kevin Smith and he said he actually had written a script for his character and Bruce Willis said no. Kevin also says Bruce kept changing what Kevin's character was going to say. I would like to see a directors cut with Kevin Smiths script. I watched Where The Wild Things Are, it still really doesn't make sense to me. I used to love the book, but I haven't read it in years, but I have a feeling, the movie isn't like the book. I am almost finished with Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. This is still one of my favorite movies.

 Random internet pictures:

Self Regulation. This is the furthest thing from the truth.

I said I would fight Brock Lesner. Ha ha, that would never, ever happen.

This is so true!

I don't E.T. is a Jedi, nut this is funny as hell.
 That's what I got for now, till next time.

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