Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Midweek update.

 So on Monday, I told you I was playing Black Ops II. Well I did beat it and it was amazing. It took some work and some of the missions seemed duplicates of themselves. The story line was actually pretty good. The choices you have to make affect the outcome of the game multiple ways. It was weird, but they also have this rewind feature. You pick a mission and select rewind, then you can replay the game and make a different decision and then see the outcome. I want to do it, but I make decisions for games like I am that character, even if they're bad, you have to live with the decisions you make. With Hernandez, I felt like Section, wanted to capture Hernandez alive, so I did. Battlefield 3 was actually pretty hard too. I had to keep replaying some parts in the missions because of the quick time events and me getting confused on the 360 button layout. I came up with a list of 10 games I wanted to beat this summer. I still don't have my list of 10 yet, but I have finished Black Ops 1 on 6/11/15. Black Ops 2 on 6/14/15. Advanced Warfare on 5/31/15.The Legend Of Zelda on 3/19/15. The Minish Cap on 5/6/15. I finished Battlefield 3 on 6/16/15. So That's 6 already beat. I know I'll finish A Link To The Past, Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4 soon if I keep having the time I have been having. So that's 9 games. I told Melissa about the 10 games this summer and she wants to add Captain Toad and Super Mario 3D World. Well whatever we choose to do, it will be fun. So I got to the Ice Palace in A Link To The Past. I beat Kholdstare with the Bombos Medallion and the Cane Of Byrna.

Kholdstare from the Ice Palace.
 I got tot he Misery Mire dungeon. I fought and won against Vitreous. At first a tried using the arrows, that was not working at all. Next, I used the Cane Of Byrna and only lost 2 hearts and the battle was over.

Vitreous in the Misery Mire dungeon.
 I got the gold sword and the silver arrows from the mysterious pond.

Mysterious Pond for the golden sword and silver arrows.
 I have two more missions left in A Link To The Past. I have Turtle Rock and then Ganon's Tower.

 Movies I'm watching. I finished Star Wars Episode 3. I really do like the duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan. I started watching The Legend Of Hercules. The one without the Rock.

 Computer stuff, so I love being stuck with this Windows 10 icon that won't go away, even if you say yes to the upgrade. I have tried multiple ways to get rid of it, but to no avail. Plus, it doesn't say for sure if the upgrade will be free completely, or for the year or what you'll have to pay. I know it says what the price is for the upgrade, but that doesn't help. On the Hp mini, it has Windows 8. It's not that bad, but I don't like how it won't stay Metro or Start bar desktop. Metro will work for what I do with the mini, but if I was using it as an actual desktop, it would be hard to use. I really truly hope that Windows 10 lets you choose what one you want to use. I need to figure out a way to hook the Hp mini up to the projector and the surround sound. I'll probably have to get a display port to vga and then a usb sound card out type thing. That's a lot of work to do, but even with the Raspberry Pi, I would need hdmi to vga and some kind of usb to toslink or optical. Oh well, that's for another day.

 I don't have any music, so on to random internet pictures.

Ain't that the truth.

They started filming Under The Dome again. I really want to know what is going on under the dome. See what I did there? Ha ha.

Yay, let's celebrate World Oceans Day with killing mass quantities of tuna.

 Well that's what I got for now, till next time.

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