Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Midweek update 7/22/15.

 Wednesday, where have you been? Video games, Monday I told you, that I played a few missions on Grand Theft Auto 3. I don't know how many missions total it has, but that's okay. I still haven't picked my 10th game in my, 10 games for summer. I really have been slacking on playing A Link To The Past. I haven't played it in a few weeks, but I have tried some new to me games which are: The Sword Of Mana, The Chronicles Of Narnia The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and SD Gundam. All for the Game Boy Advance. I'm slowly getting my ROMs in order for these games. I like playing the GBA games on my Nook, it makes it easier. I shouldn't be neglecting the 10 games for summer, but I had to check the games out. I have also been redoing a lot of my movies, so I have been using a lot of my time seeing if the movies look okay or if I have to re do them again. I'll get into that more later though. It's interesting to see how well some video games are made. Some of these new to me GBA games are 12 years old. They have good graphics for what it is and they have good soundtracks. I have two missions left in Battlefield Hardline and I know I'm pretty close to finishing A Link To The Past. I'll keep working at it and try and get re motivated for ALTTP.

 Movies I'm watching, So I have been re doing the Alien Anthology, (Side note, my DVD set discs still say, quadrilogy. My Blu-ray set says anthology, basically I have even more of a collectors edition.) so the anthology isn't the remastered version, it's basically just a film to DVD transfer. So I get all sorts of artifacts and pops on screen. I don't have an issue with that, until it blurs scenes while I'm trying to watch it. So when I originally made the digital file, I used mp4, which is fine, but I've noticed on my use and equipment, m4v works better. I normally do older movies in m4v and newer in mp4 anyways. Like I said, the tears and blurs get old, that's why I am re doing them in m4v to see if it helps. I was watching Batman Begins and there was a part where the movie just froze. I'll have to figure that out, but I might be re doing the file again. I am going to re watch the Predator trilogy again. I'm watching The Expendables again. I really, really want to get Days Of Futures Past Rogue Cut! I am so mad I don't have it already and I want The Wolverine Unleashed Extended Cut. Each movie adds more to the story. I probably said it already, but I want the Interstellar Directors Cut if they come out with it. I need to get a Blu-ray drive for my computer too.

 TV shows I'm watching. So The Zoo is staying about the same for me. It is still interesting and I'm looking forward tot he next episode, that's saying a lot. I like end of the world scenarios and this is definitely fitting the description. Under the Dome as of right now, is still holding my interest. I have heard a couple people say that they are done watching the show permanently. Next month, is Fear The Walking Dead, which I can't wait for. I need my zombie fix already. I recorded a mini series called Tut, I am very interested in this show. I watched other period shows and it was fine for me.

 Computer stuff, so re doing movies might go into the computer section, but oh well. I need to work on the Hp mini and get the Windows 10 upgrade going really soon. I need to actually fire up the Raspberry Pi and try out the new RetroPie beta. I need more time to do stuff I want to do, said everyone all the time.

 Random internet pictures, 

Okay, this pisses me off to no end. I hate how Apocalypse looks in the new X-Men movie! There is nothing against Oscar Isaac, but he does not fit the character and suit and makeup sucks!

All the time.

Every damn day!

I'd wear this.

This will happen, these baby g Nikes will be mine!

 So I have been following this guy on Instagram and his dioramas are amazing!! I don't know when or how, but I will attempt to do at least one of these. I have my sweet Link Melissa bought for me and I can take screen grabs from The Legend of Zelda... you can see where this is going. I would have to get all the supplies and patients, but I think this would be amazing! Maybe I could put my Predator in there and chase after toon Link? Maybe I can put Mario in there against, who knows? The point is it would be endless fun. Well that's what I got for now, till next time.

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