Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend review for 8/27 - 28/16.

 Friday night, we had some dinner and headed upstairs and we finished Stranger Things on Netflix. All in all, it wasn't too bad. I didn't like the waning, but I know they left it open for another season. I'm wondering how they would even make another 8 episode season though. After that we went to bed. 

 Saturday, we woke up and got ready to leave. We got gas and hit the tint shop again to have them fix the wrap job on the tail lights. 

 So they did a way better job then before and I really like it. So if we saw it before the darker film it would have been like oh shit look at that, but since we saw the dark first and now it's lighter, there's a difference to us even though it looks better. 

  While we were waiting for the wrap job, we ate at Bento teriyaki again and it was amazing again. We got the truck back and we headed out to Melissa's friends, friends party so Melissa could take pictures. She was done with that and we got our neice, stopped by the house and we all went to IHOP for dinner. IHOP was really good too. After dinner, we headed home and we watched Inside Out. After that it was time for bed. We laid her down and when she fell asleep, we watched some Walking Dead and went to sleep. 

 Sunday, our neice got picked up and we started our house stuff. I vaccumed and we did laundry. We watched some shows, we made some good dinner and watched more shows. We watched Fear The Walking Dead and we went to bed. At least this episode wasn't just all about Nick, oh and why the fuck would you play the damn piano during the apocalypse!? I hope you had a good weekend, till next time. 

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