Friday, July 29, 2011

Beautiful people and their problems... Ya right!

So I was watching this show the other night, and one of the people was complaining about how she is beautiful but has so many problems because of it. I call bullshit! In my opinion I believe the "beautiful" people have so many alleged problems is because, their attitude, their persona, the way the convey themselves, to many other reasons to name as to describe their "problems". If you are ugly on the inside, but beautiful on the outside, people will only see the ugly side of you. Just because you were born with beauty, it doesn't mean that you are better then anyone else. I have known some people that in fact could have been models if they really wanted to be, but they were some of the coolest people I've known. They knew they were blessed with looks but never held it over mine or other peoples heads.

My friend, Tyrone, he was a very well maintained person, he always dressed extremely nice, went to the barber shop constantly, but wasn't vain or self centered, he just maintained a level of dressing and taking care of himself higher than other people do. He would always ask me how I was doing, see if I was ok or whatever. He was a genuine good person. I was never good at talking to girls or approaching them, basically I was socially awkward before the term was coined, and that's ok, I knew I was. I confided in him that I wasn't very good at talking to girls, so he gave me "player" pointers. This made me laugh, when he was teaching me these things I could totally see how the girls liked him and his game. So after a couple of lessons he told me I should try them out, again I laughed as he said this, he said, "Dude you have to be confident" "if you're not confident they can see it". So he showed me this nodding move, I saw this girl I had been watching for awhile, I walked past her as confidently as I could, and did this nod, she saw me and my nod and smiled. This was the first actual reaction or her noticing me I had ever seen! as soon as I was out of range of her I ran over to Tyrone, and told him what I did, he congratulated me and said, "There ya go dude" he asked, "So what are you gonna do next?" What? What do you mean next? I thought this was a one time deal? I told Tyrone, "I don't think I can do a next time!" He said, "Yes you can, where's the confidence you just had?" I said, "It's gone" he laughed, and told me that he had big plans for me.

The next night at work Tyrone came up to me and said, "Dude you're getting her number!" I said, "Absolutely not!" "no way". He said, "Dude you already have an in, you nodded at her, and she likes you" I said, "Alright I will try it" I finally got my confidence back up and said to myself, "I'm gonna do this!" So I saw her and started walking up to her, she saw me coming, and pretended to be working. I looked at her and she looked at me and I nodded again, that's all I could remember to do. She smiles again and I'm like, "Ok I can do this" I walked right up to her and asked her, "How are you tonight?" she said, "Good" I asked her, "What she was doing after work?" she said, "Going home" I'm starting to lose this conversation, and I can tell she's losing interest, so I ask her, "Well if you don't mind, I was wondering if I could call you sometime?" she said, "Well, you have to have my number first" so I asked her, "Can I have your number?" she knew I was nervous, and that I liked her. So she said, "I'm gonna have to think about it" oh man I was crushed I said, "Ok cool, just let me know" and I walked away from her. A few minutes later she comes up to me and says, "You forgot this" it was her number.

The next day I decided to call her. It actually turns out she was one of these "beautiful" people, and she turned out to be a huge bitch with an attitude, ehh whatever nothing new to me. These "beautiful" people are given way too much credit, time, and effort. It's up to them to change their own outlook and attitude. I wish my only problem was being too "beautiful".

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Just remember the toes you step on today, might be attached to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow.

I really hate being treated like shit! This is one of the biggest things that just gets to me. Why do I continually get treated this way?

I work in a place that is mostly customer service based, OK I get that, and I accept that. I have been working here for 8 years, this concept is nothing new. I have policy's, and procedures that I must follow, or risk losing my job. Now one thing that's constantly hanging over my head is, anyone, any day, anytime, can get me fired. So I have to tread extremely lightly, with these people I deal with. I have some people that I do talk to, some people I just say "hi" in passing, and some that wouldn't even know I exist, unless they need my help. This is where it gets interesting. Let's say they are locked out of their office, they now have to come and talk to me, for me to let them in. I have a very, very strict procedure to do this. This day and age, you can't be too careful when it comes to, proprietary products or info, or personal info, like ID's, or credit cards. Everyone needs to think of this. So when I do this procedure there's steps involved, if one of these steps isn't followed, its now on me. If I let someone into this office that is not supposed to be there, I can get fired, no ifs, and or buts about it. I have to rely on the information that is given to me, and by the procedures I am supposed to follow. It is NOT my goddamn fault you forgot your keys and are locked out! So when you start screaming, and yelling at me for the procedures you, your company, and my company, asked me to follow, fuck you! I don't go to your office and scream, and yell at you for doing your job do I? I would love to see how that plays out just fucking once! I would pay to do this, just for someone else to having to be in my shoes! If your asking for help and I am helping you, be polite, don't be mad, and pissed. It's your mistake and you are taking it out on me! Then say I was harassing you, to help you out! Give me a fucking break! Fuck you, and I don't forget!

My wife...The love of my life...

I have been with my wife for 10 years, we have been married for 9 months. I truly believe we are meant, and made for each other. My wife came into my life at the time I really needed her. I can never truly say thank you enough to her for how she helped me at that point in my life. Thank you babe, I love you. At this point I was truly at rock bottom, and her being as she is, she helped me by not only just being her, but being a friend that knew nothing about me, and didn't judge me for anything in my past. It was refreshing, it was new, it was exciting, it was just what I needed. I actually had a reason to get up in the morning now, just so I could hopefully see her, and her smile. That smile always melts my heart. Until her I really was having a hard time justifying living, to me, there really was no reason to. We began seeing each other more and more everyday. Just talking, just getting to know each other. She didn't know at the time that she was actually saving my life. I thought I would try and impress her, I would wear my "fanciest" clothes, always being shaved and clean cut, wear my jewelery. I don't know if this impressed her or not, but what I do know is she kept coming back over to see me. 

It was getting more serious now, we were becoming best friends, we couldn't wait to see each other. We would talk on the phone for hours. I would write her love letters, (I looked back at these letters now, jeez what was I thinking? Ha ha) she would write me love letters. I finally got the nerve up to ask her out, to be my girlfriend, I had it all planned out:
It was October, on Friday the 13th, one of my most favorite days, I drove us to a fast food restaurant, ordered some food, and I took her to my favorite park. I don't know if she had any idea of what was going to happen? Well we got to the park, and it was a torrential down pour. I couldn't even see out of the windshield, I was so pissed, this was my moment, everything was going so good, dammit!  I couldn't continue the night, it was ruined, we left the park, went back to my friends house, and that was it. The next day, October 14th, since my plans to ask her out were ruined, I decided to ask her out that day, she said yes, and we have been together ever since. How cool would it have been to have Friday the 13th, as your anniversary?

10-10-10, is a day that changed my life, and it is the best day of my life! I married my best friend, my beautiful girlfriend, that was now my beautiful wife. I couldn't have asked for any better weather either! We were on the ocean, in October, notoriously bad weather here. Well we had a bright sun shining day, blue sky's, it was like someone was watching over us and made it be a beautiful day. 

We have had a very long, tough road. We stuck by each other, and we made it work. I am so proud to say "this is my wife". Babe, I am proud of you, and us, I love you with all my heart. Thank you.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

About me.

Well it is finally time for me to write something about myself. If you have read my blog up to this point, thank you. If you haven't read until this post, welcome aboard. There is some kind of method to this mad babbling of a blog. I just have a lot to say, without a "proper" structure. I think if you read more about me through my blog, you might be able to understand me a little bit more, and what I have, and am going through. 

I am a 31 year old male. I live near Seattle, Washington. Yes it does rain, and yes I do drink coffee. Ok so now that's out of the way. I am just a normal guy, with normal thoughts, and feelings. I am trying to understand, and figure out what to do with my life. I have been working at my job for 8 years now. To me this is a huge accomplishment. My longest job before this was 8 months at most. I feel that there is a greater purpose for me, and my life, and that's why I am still here today. I am still trying to figure out what that purpose is, but I think I'm doing ok finding this out.

I am married to the love of my life, (blog on that coming soon) we have been married for 9 months, but together for 10 years. We have a lot going on in our lives right now, and we are just trying to figure it all out. Our eyes are finally open to what's going on around us. We hate change, and this is a whole lot of change for us. 

I grew up with just my mom, and sister. My dad was never really around, and that's probably a good thing. I don't think I would be the man I am today, with him in my life. I am able to see things a little different then most people. I'm not saying I wish my dad hadn't been around, believe me. His broken promises, made me not take everyone for their word alone.

So that is a brief history, and about me. I might go into more later? Till next time.

Monday, July 25, 2011

2nd chances.

So this weekend my wife and I, went to dinner with friends we haven't seen in over 2 years. I had a lot of nervousness about this meeting. The people we met with are a couple, so me and the woman get along great, she understands me, I understand her. We just clicked when we met. The guy, when we first met he had a personality that you basically liked or didn't, there was no in between. He reminds me a lot of my ex friend, he always has to out do you, for instance, I drove through a puddle, and it covered my car in water. His story, well I drove through a puddle and it covered my car, and I hydroplaned. He always has to out do you, and it gets really, really old. So the last time they came over to our house for a visit, he was trying to talk to me about a lawsuit I was involved in (long story that I might write about later). I was not legally allowed to discuss this with anyone, let alone him. He kinda got mad at me for not talking to him about this, but yet I had told him I wasn't allowed. This made me really mad, I'm telling you I legally can't discuss this, and yet he's still pushing me. I don't think people or friends should discuss money period, it's gonna start problems. So I get mad, and got up from the table, and started cleaning the house, I was just really mad and needed to blow off some steam. He didn't get the point that he pissed me off, and needed to leave. I'm am not a rude person, so I'm not going to tell them they need to leave. Finally they decided to leave. He came back like a couple weeks later? to show off his new truck to us, I couldn't care less, and I was actually still mad at that conversation we had previously. What a pompous asshole this guy was I thought, I left for work and hadn't talked to him for over 2 years.

So we were at the dinner and I was trying my hardest to move past that incident. So we were talking about our "friends" (you know them from previous post's) and I flat out told this guy "you know, you and me have had disagreements, and discussions, and little problems but we were able to move on, look at us now" And I could see in his eyes that he knew what I was talking about. So we moved on and I felt better but still weary, as anyone should be. This was a second chance for him, and he needed to prove to me that, he was different. He actually had changed, and was different but some of the old person was still there. So here's my dilemma, do I stop being friends with him which would include her? Or deal with him, so I could be friends with her? Well I think I'm going with option 2, the reason for this for me is the fact that me and the girl are really good friends, and we have a lot in common, I can't not be friends with her because of him.

Second chances are blessings, don't mess them up. If I can deal with someone that's kind of annoying to still be friends with someone I really get along with, so can you.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Why do assholes prevail?

Why is it that the asshole people always seem like they are getting ahead in life over good people? Why can't the good guy, the little guy get ahead? I watch movies and I see how the hero always wins over bad. I wish I could see this in real life, at least once. Why do people tolerate assholes? I for one am trying my damnedest to not let assholes ruin, and or control my life. I am slowly but surely moving on away from their grip on me. Obviously I am still going to have assholes or rude, and mean people in my life, and I totally understand that. Like if I have a boss or a superior being rude to me there's nothing I can do, because I can't and won't jeopardize my job, but I'm gonna talk mad shit after they leave and I'm gonna feel good while doing it. I just want people to not think of just themselves so much and give a little thought to other people and their feelings. I'm not trying to say that I am perfect or that I give total thought to peoples feelings all the time. But I try, that's all I'm asking, if people try harder it might make a difference. I know this all sounds preachy or whatever you want to call it, but I remember how society as a whole used to be. Walking down the street you could actually say "hi" to someone or smile at them without them thinking you're crazy or you're trying to do something to them. I don't think we will get back to that point but it still is worth giving an effort towards the greater good.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random irritants.

I live in a state that rains often. So one would assume (you should never assume, because it make an ass out of you and me) that people that live here should be able to drive in the rain? Well that's absolutely not the case. When it's just sprinkling, people here freak out and start doing dumb shit! For example I'm driving on the freeway and we're having a wind storm. My car is bouncing around almost like I'm in a bumper car or something. So the driver behind me seeing this as the opportune time as any, starts tailgating me. Now everyone around me is swerving in reaction to the wind gusts. We all are hitting the brakes, swerving, just trying to maintain our lanes. I am just waiting for this guy to rear end my car or something. Luckily that day nothing bad happened (knock on wood).

Why do people try and jump in the elevator before people get out? I cannot stand when people do this! And the thing is everyone else hates this too. Why do people do this! Please just take a extra couple seconds and let people out.

Why do people think it is OK to bring pets to your place of work? Pets are not allowed! Service animals yes pets no! And don't get mad when you are asked to leave the building with your pet. Even if your pet is the nicest, friendliest pet some people have fears, and or allergies. It's not only about you and your precious pet.

I think it's amazing that people can be rude to you constantly, then as soon as they need your help, it's hi how are you? I need some help. Ya well you should at least be courteous the days before you need help. Not the day of. You don't need to be best friends but common courtesy goes a long way.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A different perspective.

We see the same thing's constantly. We take them for granted. What we need to do is try to appreciate what we see everyday, because one day it's not gonna be here.

I have worked at my job for 8 years now. I have seen this building thousand's of times. It's nothing new, its actually pretty old compared to whats around it, but my building has beauty in it that few people see.

When I look at my building say from this angle. It has a style all its own. you won't find another building that looks like this. (yes I know I am writing about a building)

But we can take this writing and use it towards our normal everyday life. Look at something from a different perspective and it will help you see the whole picture. It will help you reevaluate what you thought you were seeing.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A walk down memory lane…

I remember back when I was younger and the summer time was the best time. I would wake up, walk out of my bedroom, and go the kitchen. I would find a couple bucks on the counter for me from my mom. I knew it was going to be an awesome day, this meant I could go to the corner store get some candy and a pop for the day. I took a shower and got ready to leave the house. I grabbed my bike and started riding to the corner store. When I go to the corner store I would walk in and my jaw would drop with the overwhelming selection of candy they had. Walking up to the candy shelf’s I would scan row by row looking for my favorites.

After my candy selection I would walk back towards the pop coolers. Again I would scan row by row picking out my favorite. Walking up to the counter to pay I felt invincible this was me buying my own candy and pop. I walked out of the store accomplished. I rode my bike over to my friends house and I pulled out my bag of candy and he was jealous of me and my candy. He asked, “Where did you get that?” I said, “the corner store” with a smile, he asked, “can you go there with me?” I said, “sure”. So we both grabbed our bikes and rode back to the store, the whole time I was telling him about the selection they had with all the candy and just the goodness.

We both left the store with a smile on our face and goodies in our bags, we went back to his house and just sat on the porch and ate our candy.

The simple pleasures in life is what makes it worth it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Part 2's

Random Movie Thought.

Why do people hate part 2’s? Part 2’s for movies help tell more of the story, the plot, and the characters. For example in Episode 2, I heard people saying they couldn’t stand the love story and the slow marriage. Me however I really enjoyed it and brought the character’s love for eachother to the forefront. It explains what Padme means to Anakin, why he would do what he thought he had to do for his love of her. I don’t know about you but I would do anything and everything for the love of my life, even if that means going to the Darkside.

Another example of people not liking or hating part 2’s. In Revenge of the Fallen, people said that they thought it was too long, and the robotic sounds were annoying. Well to me Revenge of the Fallen had to again explain the back story, and further advance the characters. If there were no robotic sounds people would have complained about it. You can’t have mechanical machines moving around without robotic sounds, it’s just not possible, especially if they’re on concrete. Maybe the movie was a little long but I loved this movie and I’m so glad I got to enjoy it. I can’t wait until I can see Dark of the Moon. My question about the name what’s up with it? Why couldn’t they call it Darkside of the Moon? Was it copyrighted? Trademarked? To me it’s just kind of weird, but I am still excited to see it.

Everybody has opinions, which is great, but try and give part 2’s a chance atleast.
Until next time.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Love Blossom's

This weekend I got to go to our friends wedding. I have been to weddings before but this one was different for me. I actually got to see this relationship from the beginning. It was very cool. So I was over at a party one night like 3, 3 and half years ago and I knew both of these people through mutual friends. I watched the first glances they gave eachother. Then I got to watch the awkward first introduction, they both really didn't know what to say. But I got to hear what they really felt about the other person. It still brings a smile to my face. Fast forward some years. The couple are now boyfriend / girlfriend. They take a trip to Vegas and I tell my wife "he's gonna ask her to marry him". What do you know? he posts a post and says "she said yes" or something like that. I go tell my wife "he did it" and I smile I am very happy for them. Fast forward some months and the couple asks my wife if she will take their engagement photos, she says yes. I go with my wife and this couple for the photo shoot, and I can see the love they have for eachother. A big step forward from the awkward introduction years earlier. Fast forward to Saturday. It was all good and perfect, I got to see them get married. All I can say is I am very happy for them and they do make a really good couple.

The lesson from all this? Love is still alive and it's still out there.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Crazy Dreams

Last night I had a crazy dream. I had a Zombie outbreak dream. Now I do have to tell you I have had these types of dreams before, so I wasn't shocked that I had another one.

So in my dream I woke up, but I was already dressed and in the city. (weird I know) so me and my wife are walking around town watching all these zombies attack people, people attacking them. There was slow and stupid zombies like the old brain wanting ones. Then there was smart and fast ones like Dawn of the Dead.

So we walked and we went into a walk in clinic type place. We were trying to find like penicillin or antibiotics, just medical supplies. We found a doctor who was laying on the ground he had been attacked but not yet changed, he started talking to us saying "we made this virus for the zombies!" we looked at each other and were like what? "what does it do?" the doctor says "its a bone degeneration virus, you inject it the zombies so their bones get weak and you can kill them faster and easier" I asked "have you tried it?" the doctor says "no I was trying to when I got attacked"  he said "just take and try it!" so I took the syringe and injected the doctor with it and we walked out of the room.

We decided to steal a car so we could get around the town faster. We stole a truck but it was a manual transmission, I don't know how to drive a stick! what am I supposed to do? Well I said let's go we need to go. We hopped in the truck and I started grinding gears and we were moving. We started talking to each other. "we need to get more supplies" my wife says. I said "ya we do, lets got to the grocery store!" We drove to a grocery store and parking lot was full of the slow brain wanting zombies. my wife has a 12 gauge shotgun and starts picking them off left and right we run into the store. We see other people walking around grabbing what they needed. We started grabbing supplies (this is where it kinda got weird) I had some pencils and I needed to sharpen them, I found a pencil sharpener and started sharpening them. All of a sudden a zombie pops up from behind the counter, I take my now sharp pencil and stab the zombie in the head up through the jaw, it drops on the floor. I see a lady and say "check to see if its dead!" she bends down and it's dead. I run around the counter and stick the zombie with this syringe and walk away. I figured to myself that if another zombies eats this one it will spread the virus.

We left the store with our supplies and were like we need to get away from the city. (now for some reason I'm in my regular car) So I start driving and I head to the freeway. Everyone says don't take the freeway it's a death trap. Well my car was armored so I said screw it, i floor it and were speeding down the freeway. I start seeing zombies dropping off from the over passes cars abandoned in the middle of the road. I'm swerving missing cars, missing zombies. I see a wonder bread truck driving, there's a clown zombie on the top of it, hes dancing and waving like a clown. He looks at me and smiles, I punch the gas again and were gone.

Then I woke up.
Holy crap what the hell was that! That was one of my crazy zombie dreams, till next time

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Random Movie Thought.

I will every once in awhile make Random Movie Thought's.

Today mine is about Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I think Harry Potter should have taken Dumbledore's wand when he had a chance. I know the other teacher walked in on him but I think he should have went back later and taken it. He knew how strong of wand it was and what he was going up against. Oh well. That's my Random Movie Thought.

Why do I let what my friends do bother me?

I was asked today:
"Why do I let what our friends do bother me?
That made me really sit back and think for a minute. What makes me so mad when our "friends" do what they do? 

And I came up with this conclusion. Because to them its a competition. It always has been with them. For instance. We bought a DSLR camera. It was a nice beginner but with advanced function SLR. We have been wanting this type of SLR for awhile ever since we were able to use one of our friends'. It was so fast and took amazing pictures. But the down fall was this particular model costs like 1200 for the body alone, then between 4 and 500 for the lens. Obviously this would have to wait for a long time. 

So our camera we saved and we started doing a ton of research. One of our friends just recently bought a new DSLR and was taking amazing pictures. So I began asking him questions about his camera and he had nothing but great things to say about it. So we found the one that we really liked. But it happened to be the one our friend just bought. Would we be ridiculed for "copying" him? We didn't care we bought it and have enjoyed it ever since. It was the 4th of July when we took our camera out to really use it for the first time. Our "friends" were like "oh you got one of those cameras too" We were like "ya we did". Our "friends" were using a point and shoot camera. I was trying to take pictures of the fireworks as they exploded. Our "friend" asked "does your camera have the firework setting?" I should have laughed in her face but I just let it go like normal. These people think they know everything so trying to tell them different is not worth our time anymore, it always ends up in a huffy puffy "friend". One of our friends parent came up to us and said "is that one of those good cameras"? We said "ya it was". She said "we would love for you to take our pictures sometime". We laughed and said "sure". Well one of our "friends" overheard this and walked up to us and said "why wouldn't my mom ask me to take pictures of them"? So it begins again the competition. So our "friends" decided later on they had to get a "bigger and better" camera than us, then "anyone" they said.

I could go on about these "friends" and this so called competition but out it will be loong and booring. Basically what I think is there shouldn't be a competition between friends or anyone. Someone will always! have the better bigger tricked out edition than you. Its a fact. Its technology. As long as you do your research and buy the best you can at the time it will last you for a long time.

So when we see what are "friends" are doing or posting, we get that feeling all over again of it getting thrown in our face that what we posted or did isn't good enough according to them. You might be sitting there thinking "why do you let these people bother you" I fully understand that. But it has been thrown in our face constantly and its getting old.