Monday, July 25, 2011

2nd chances.

So this weekend my wife and I, went to dinner with friends we haven't seen in over 2 years. I had a lot of nervousness about this meeting. The people we met with are a couple, so me and the woman get along great, she understands me, I understand her. We just clicked when we met. The guy, when we first met he had a personality that you basically liked or didn't, there was no in between. He reminds me a lot of my ex friend, he always has to out do you, for instance, I drove through a puddle, and it covered my car in water. His story, well I drove through a puddle and it covered my car, and I hydroplaned. He always has to out do you, and it gets really, really old. So the last time they came over to our house for a visit, he was trying to talk to me about a lawsuit I was involved in (long story that I might write about later). I was not legally allowed to discuss this with anyone, let alone him. He kinda got mad at me for not talking to him about this, but yet I had told him I wasn't allowed. This made me really mad, I'm telling you I legally can't discuss this, and yet he's still pushing me. I don't think people or friends should discuss money period, it's gonna start problems. So I get mad, and got up from the table, and started cleaning the house, I was just really mad and needed to blow off some steam. He didn't get the point that he pissed me off, and needed to leave. I'm am not a rude person, so I'm not going to tell them they need to leave. Finally they decided to leave. He came back like a couple weeks later? to show off his new truck to us, I couldn't care less, and I was actually still mad at that conversation we had previously. What a pompous asshole this guy was I thought, I left for work and hadn't talked to him for over 2 years.

So we were at the dinner and I was trying my hardest to move past that incident. So we were talking about our "friends" (you know them from previous post's) and I flat out told this guy "you know, you and me have had disagreements, and discussions, and little problems but we were able to move on, look at us now" And I could see in his eyes that he knew what I was talking about. So we moved on and I felt better but still weary, as anyone should be. This was a second chance for him, and he needed to prove to me that, he was different. He actually had changed, and was different but some of the old person was still there. So here's my dilemma, do I stop being friends with him which would include her? Or deal with him, so I could be friends with her? Well I think I'm going with option 2, the reason for this for me is the fact that me and the girl are really good friends, and we have a lot in common, I can't not be friends with her because of him.

Second chances are blessings, don't mess them up. If I can deal with someone that's kind of annoying to still be friends with someone I really get along with, so can you.

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